Anna addressing holiday cards at her dining table
Things to Do

With so many to-do's in the hectic pace of the holidays, is sending cards just another? Anna's story reminds us what cards really say when we put them in the mail.

Woman holds her hair up as she gazes into the distance in an empty rooftop parking lot
The Stories in Our Everyday Photos

If stopping to take a photo makes time stand still, does it break us free from "going through the motions?" Photographer Laura Schmalstieg says yes.

Woman's hand pulling back tissue paper to reveal cover of honeycomb Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album titled Us Before Us
Notes on Nostalgia

In indulging her four-year-old's unending curiosity about "life before Hank," April revisited her stories with a renewed sense of intention — and in doing so, found reason to look forward.

Young woman holding up Artifact Uprising Brass & Wood Display Box featuring family photo
For the Ones Who Matter Most

Liz Bell Young reflects on what the gift of photo truly means, as she tells the story of a unique gift she created for her college-bound niece.

On Pausing to Remember

Writer and photographer Heather Hall sorted through nine years of photos to tell the story of her family. Here, she reflects on the importance of looking back on those photos — and the power of putting them in print.

family with two moms and two kids snuggling in bed
The Many Meanings of "Mom"

These are heartfelt stories of motherhood — words from moms and for moms, shared by our community — glimpses into some of the many meanings of "mom."

Woman throwing pottery cross-legged at the wheel
Into the Mud

When a pandemic turned Michelle's world upside down, she found her way through pottery — and now, she's honoring the journey through print.

Little girl playing in coastal waters as the tide rolls in
Gratitude Found

These are the stories of gratitude you shared and printed in a year unlike any — tales of resilience from our community when we needed them most.

Photo by Daeja Fallas of a single tulip in the sun
On Creating a Time Capsule

Right now, the path may not be clear — but four of our favorite photographers document today's uncertainty with the hope that it will bring tomorrow's perspective.

Photo by Andre L. Perry of two Black women laying side by side in water
The Stories Behind "Black In America"

Five Black photographers speak to the stories & symbolism behind their images — each of which are included in a new curation from the See In Black collective.

Photo of rock formations off the coast at golden hour
Why We #TellOn

Eight years from our origin, we pause to celebrate a community born in photo and bound by experience — looking back at the simple call to share your moments and the collective narrative of over 400,000 it has become.

Our CEO Brad with his family
Lessons From Fatherhood

Recalling moments with his own father and lessons learned from being a dad, our CEO Brad shares meaningful stories of how parenthood helps us grow.

Creative photo take by Artifact Uprising community member of a quaint café
On Being Creative

We're sharing 15 photos that capture our community’s courage to pick up the camera — may they inspire you to do the same.

Cover of Signature Layflat Photo Album
A Look Inside the Signature Layflat

New to our photo book family, the Signature Layflat Album is our most premium and personalized option, complete with a story all its own.

old photos in a photo book
A Life Relived: Making a Memoriam Photo Book

When Barrett's Grandmother passed away, he created a photo book for his entire family that celebrated her life. Here's an inside look at how he approached this act of healing.

Family with children sitting on the couch
A Day Away

366 days this year, as if by some miracle of sun and moon. We'll be spending our extra Saturday stepping away from the ordinary... will you join us?

Little boy laughing with head turned to the side
Lessons in Hope

A nonprofit founder shares her stories of philanthropy — giving meaningful lessons in hope, humanity, and the true power of photo.

Sun shining through windshield of car
The Art of Marking the Moment

Globetrotter Liz Young reflects on her most recent journey, offering tips for heartfelt travel photos that mark the meaning in those little moments.

Lessons From Leaving Your Desk

Knowing the best ideas are sparked outside the four corners of our desk, we believe in getting out there to see, explore, move, create and become. Tag along here with the travels of four people from our team – four different lenses that illustrate what can be gained when we have the courage to step away.

Motherhood Through Another Lens

Mother, photographer, and writer Nicki Sebastian lifts a veil on the reality of motherhood and how she navigated tougher times by focusing on others' beauty and truth.

Photographing Love

We sat down with three photographers for a look at what they've learned witnessing, documenting and celebrating love over the years spent in their craft.

Words To Live By

To put our best foot forward in this new year, we’re holding onto a few guiding words that mean a little something to us. Follow the links below to download, print, and share our favorite photos from the year, paired with a few inspiring words.

Lessons From A Year of Thanks

Gina Hamadey's spent her past year writing thank you notes, one per day. We think her journey of finding gratitude in everything will inspire you to put a little pen to paper yourself.

Blurry Is Beautiful

A blurry photo communicates feeling in a language that perfection never will. Read more about why you should think twice before pressing your delete button.

The Many Miles of Fatherhood

Tyson Wheatley, father of four, spends the majority of his days 8,000 miles away from his kids. And while the distance can be daunting, it doesn’t stop him from making the most of the time they get together — as witnessed in their cross-country road trip last summer.

Framing Life

An essay by Liz Bell Young on the intersection of motherhood and possibility.

Photographing What Matters

Amidst the professional photos he captures each day, photographer and dad Tim Coulson wouldn't trade anything for the joyous family selfies he takes on his iPhone. Follow along with his journey of finding out what matters most.

What We're Gifting

Still looking for a few holiday gifts this year? Take a peek into our lists — below, find a handful of gifts our team is giving this year, straight from the brands we love.

The Studio Everywhere: Laura Pritchett

She paints what she photographs. She photographs what she wants to paint. Meet Laura Pritchett, constant creator of art that goes beyond the familiar.

Meet the Moms We Admire

There's no denying it: Moms make our world go 'round. Join us in showing gratitude to eight inspiring moms that have played a part in our journey.

Our Story

Their photography gave tangible permanence to stories past. And in the pursuit of permanence, Artifact Uprising was born. Read on...

Details in the Everyday: A 365 Photo Project

When Katherine Heise started her 365 photo project, the goal was to take one photo daily — documenting the transition from one child to two. Hear about it in her own words.

What Matters Most?

Between the holiday tunes and bright lights, we ask just one question this season — what if we gave fewer gifts that mattered more?

International Women's Day

We sat down with nine women to listen to the ways in which they're using photography to capture what matters most.

The Uprising

We set out to ensure our future selves would write a different answer when asked ‘what are we leaving behind?’ And so Artifact Uprising was born.

The Photographer In Everyone

And it hit me: If the photos you take move you, you are a photographer. I raised my camera up again to snap the photograph.

The Stories We Tell

We are all storytellers with an eye & experiences uniquely our own. We explore how we take photos to recall those experiences that have shaped us.

On Legacy

Meet Joe. His conviction, charm and love leave a lasting impression and inspire in each of us just one question – What legacy will you live?

If Your Job Is All You Do

You can't do a good job if your job is all you do. Knowing the best ideas are sparked outside of a desk, our team believes in getting out there.

Frame By Frame

Imagine the world without photography. In 1996, that became all too easy in Afghanistan – where taking a photograph became a crime.

What is Ephemeral

Think about all the photographs in your possession. Where are they stored? And more importantly, how? Your answer likely depends...

The Important Places

Filmmaker & photographer Forest Woodward rediscovers a poem his father had written for him. This motivates him to reunite his Father with the river.

Under the Same Sun

Eager to learn more about the places and people that have shaped her, native New-Yorker Mimi McCormick ventures to China to reunite with her relatives.

Small But Mighty

Meet Cosette. Stroke by stroke, this four-year-old abstract painter is doing her part to alleviate poverty for people around the globe.