International Women's Day

We sat down with nine women to listen to the ways in which they're using photography to capture what matters most.

The Uprising

We set out to ensure our future selves would write a different answer when asked ‘what are we leaving behind?’ And so Artifact Uprising was born.

The Photographer In Everyone

And it hit me: If the photos you take move you, you are a photographer. I raised my camera up again to snap the photograph.

The Stories We Tell

We are all storytellers with an eye & experiences uniquely our own. We explore how we take photos to recall those experiences that have shaped us.

On Legacy

Meet Joe. His conviction, charm and love leave a lasting impression and inspire in each of us just one question – What legacy will you live?

If Your Job Is All You Do

You can't do a good job if your job is all you do. Knowing the best ideas are sparked outside of a desk, our team believes in getting out there.

Frame By Frame

Imagine the world without photography. In 1996, that became all too easy in Afghanistan – where taking a photograph became a crime.

What is Ephemeral

Think about all the photographs in your possession. Where are they stored? And more importantly, how? Your answer likely depends...

The Important Places

Filmmaker & photographer Forest Woodward rediscovers a poem his father had written for him. This motivates him to reunite his Father with the river.

Under the Same Sun

Eager to learn more about the places and people that have shaped her, native New-Yorker Mimi McCormick ventures to China to reunite with her relatives.

Small But Mighty

Meet Cosette. Stroke by stroke, this four-year-old abstract painter is doing her part to alleviate poverty for people around the globe.

Have iPhone, Will Travel

Kevin Russ abandoned everyday life for a solo road trip up and down the Pacific coast. He outlines his best tips for documenting with your phone.