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11 DIY Postcard Ideas to Make Their Mail Day

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Hands holding DIY postcard with photo of family laughing and lounging on bed

Whether it's the miles or the moment that are keeping us apart, we find solace and celebration in the little, thoughtful gestures that keep connections alive. At the top of that list? Postcards, of course. And while the act of sending a postcard is in itself meaningful, we've dreamed up nearly a dozen DIY postcard ideas that can help bring a personal, creative touch to any mail day. From fridge-worthy design ideas to out-of-the-box postcards, read on for a list that's stick-a-stamp-on-it good.

Note: For a majority of these ideas, we use our Design Your Own Flat Cards. They let you add any image to the front and back to create a completely custom postcard. (Don't worry, we even created a free template you can use for the back!)

Idea 01

Turn Prints Into Postcards

Hands holding DIY postcard with photo of family laughing and lounging on bed
Pictured: Everyday Prints

Let's start simple. Perhaps the easiest way to take a break from the digital is by keeping Everyday Prints on hand to use as postcards. Just write a little note on the back and send it off via snail mail, pairing familiar handwriting with a much-needed friendly face. It's the perfect touch of intention, inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible.

Pro tip: Our 5 x 3.5" and 6 x 4" Everyday Print sizes can be sent with a postcard stamp, or you can send any other rectangular size with first-class postage. Square prints sent in envelopes will require additional postage.

Idea 02

Let Words Say It All

Hand holding DIY postcard with words Honor That Which is Meaningful on front
Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

Creative postcard ideas aren't all about the photos. One of our favorites is as simple as coming up with a funny or warm greeting that can be stylized and put in the spotlight. Just make sure to save your words as a .jpg or .png image so that you can upload the greeting when creating your project. Then, use it for the front of your Design Your Own Flat Card, while placing our downloadable postcard template (you'll find it at the end of this article!) on the back.

Pro tip: You can use a free tool like Canva to give your words a little design love. Or, keep it simple by choosing your favorite font, writing it up in a Google Doc, and taking a screenshot.

Idea 03

Look to the Coloring Book

DIY postcard of black and white sketch of flowers that has been colored in by recipient
Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

Do you have a flair for illustration? Use your gift to prompt momentary peace and escape by creating postcards that friends and family can color in. Much like meditation, coloring can help us switch off our brains, fully and mindfully immersing ourselves in the task at hand. So draw something up, scan it, and create a stack of homemade postcards sure to bring zen (and smiles) to everyone's faces.

Pro tip: Our guide to scanning old photos has some simple tips to help you digitize your drawing.

Idea 04

Relive Your Travels, Together

DIY postcard featuring travel photo of friends walking along the beach
Pictured: Everyday Prints

Look back on old adventures with those who lived them with you. All it takes is your favorite photo together from your travels. Sending a print of the scene is the perfect way to reminisce on times shared, while letting them know you can't wait for those to come.

Pro tip: If you use an Everyday Print, don't forget our postage guidelines from idea 01!

Idea 05

Embrace Your Postcard Picasso

DIY postcard printed with the words you make life more colorful and painted in watercolor
Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

Here's a fun way to give those DIY postcards a personal touch, while adding onto idea 02 (just make sure you have a blank background behind your words!). Once you have the postcards in hand, add watercolors, paint, stickers, doodles, or whatever speaks to your mood and creativity in the moment. You might just love making them as much as your recipients love receiving them.

Pro tip: If you use watercolor or other paint, make sure not to saturate the card too much, so as to avoid warping.

Idea 06

Please Their Palates

DIY postcard featuring photo of shrimp stir fry on the front
Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

This most palate pleasing of creative postcard ideas celebrates a tradition that's as time-honored as any: sharing recipes. After all, nothing speaks to our connection with friends and family quite like food. There are even a few postcards layout ideas you can use to bring this one to life. You can skip the envelope by placing recipe directions on the front and our downloadable postcard template on the back — or, add a visual element by placing photos of the meal on the front and the recipe on the back.

Pro tip: You'll need to save your recipe directions as an image to add them to your card. The easiest way to do so is to type them up and take a screenshot.

Idea 07

Celebrate Your Monet-in-the-Making

DIY postcard featuring children's art
Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

Family members at a distance are surely curious about what the kiddo has been up to. Why not show off their latest and greatest creations by turning them into DIY postcards? Their grandma, grandpa, aunt, and beyond are all going to love seeing how the little one has been keeping busy. Plus, it's something you can add to your list of fun family activities.

Pro tip: For an extra touch, send along a thoughtfully-selected magnet that recipients can use to display their postcard on the fridge proudly.

Idea 08

Share Fun Facts

DIY postcard with the words sea otters hold hands while they sleep
Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

Everyone loves an obscure fact, now and again. Be the friend that brings niche and sometimes silly knowledge into people's lives with postcards that put the facts front and center. There's no telling what you can find with a simple Google search for "interesting facts." One thing's for sure: they will have never received anything in the mail quite like it.

Pro tip: The same guidance from idea 02 applies here.

Idea 09

Connect With a Quote

DIY postcard featuring famous Dr. Seuss quote on the front
Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

We all have those quotes from mentors, authors, or even celebrities that are near and dear to our outlooks on life. Using these sayings for the front of your creation is a thoughtful means of bringing intention to homemade postcards. The silly-but-profound words of Dr. Seuss, the sage wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr., the comedic quips of a cousin… find your spark and use it to create joy.

Pro tip: Don't forget to add the name of the speaker to give credit where credit is due!

Idea 10

Make It Interactive

DIY postcard with story that leaves certain words blank for recipient to fill in
Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

Bring a fun, interactive element to your DIY postcards by turning them into makeshift Mad Libs. If you're not familiar, Mad Libs are usually short two- to three-sentence stories that leave certain words blank, to be filled in by the recipient. If you're not sure how to set yours up, use the example in the photo above to guide you.

Pro tip: Leave adequate space between your lines so that whoever is filling it out has room to write their words in.

Idea 11

Announce the Little Things

Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

As far as we're concerned, the little things in life should be celebrated. What you deem meaningful, and how you honor it, is all up to you — and we could all take a little more time for the small moments that create joy. Sure, something like adopting a rescue kitten may not quite be the same as announcing a wedding, but it's still plenty of reason for a good mail day in our book.

Pro tip: From pets to people, we have plenty of photography tips to help you make an image for your postcard.

How to Make It In

Five Simple Steps

Hand holding up card with DIY postcard template on back
Pictured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

If you're planning on using a print, no need to read on. But if you plan to use our Design Your Own Flat card for your project, here are the simple steps you'll need to follow.


Download our free postcard back template. (Tap "Download," right-click on the image, and save it to your computer or camera roll.)


Start your project by visiting Design Your Own Flat Cards and tapping "Customize This Card."


Upload the postcard template and a .png or .jpg file of your front image to the editor by creating a gallery.


Place your image on the front and the postcard template on the back.


Get ready for your own good mail day!

Create. Stamp. Send.

Bring Your Postcard Ideas to Life

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