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8 Wedding Guest Book Ideas and Alternatives

wedding guest book ideas and alternatives

When it comes to remembering the details of your big day, you'll find that it's most often the people who surround you that make it most unforgettable. There's no better way to include and look back on friends and family than by featuring one of these wedding guest book ideas for them to sign, leaving a little piece of wisdom or a well wish for your future together. We've seen many unique wedding guest book alternatives and uses for our own product collection and more — so here, we share some for your inspiration.

Idea 01

Framed Canvas Print for Signing

Wedding Canvas Print featuring image of loving couple with sentimental notes written on canvas

Greeting your guests at the entrance of your ceremony or reception, a Framed Canvas Print can serve as a both a statement piece and a welcoming surface to sign — not to mention, it lets them visually know they've arrived to the right place! With the canvas displayed on an easel or laid flat on a table, attendees may use a fine-point marker to write their names and a short message in the white border around your featured photo. Once the wedding day is passed, there will always be a reminder of those who shared it with you, hung right before your eyes.

Idea 02

Display-Worthy Wedding Advice Box

Brass & Wood Display Box featuring photo prints with sentimental note written on back of photo print

Great for a bridal shower, pre-party, or the reception, this take on a wedding advice box is easy and extra display worthy. Create up to 50 matte or satin Everyday Prints and set them out with a Brass & Wood Display Box corresponding in size. Guests can pull a print from the stack and write a piece of advice on the back for you to flip through in the future. Once their words are written, they'll slip the print into the box for you to cycle through each as they sit up on the shelf for years to come. Bonus tip, kindly ask your guests to share a photo of themselves with you and your partner when they RSVP. It will be extra special to see their faces in print alongside their note to you.

Idea 03

Custom Wedding Guest Book

Woman signing Wedding Guest Book that features unique page image layouts and room for custom sentimental notes to be written

If you prefer the more traditional route, that doesn't mean your wedding guest book has to look like everyone else's. Our photo album guest book features ultra-thick, layflat page spreads that stay open for guests to sign and skim through. Among the two paper types you may select, we favor the Superfine option with a matte texture, which is ideal for both your photos and the handwritten notes beside them. Customize yours with a linen cover fabric color and foil stamped title to match your big day, plus your favorite photos as a couple on each page (hello, engagement shoot!). This guest book is built for both beauty and durability to last as long as your legacy together.

Looking for help with customizing? See our tips for creating a custom wedding guest book for a step-by-step guide.

Idea 04

Date Idea Box

notes from wedding guests dropped into customized storage box

Think of all the photos you and your partner have together — selfies, travel shots, your engagement shoot — and create a photo print set with each one over the years. These tangible prints can serve as the notes your guests sign with their best date ideas, dropping them into a Wooden Quote Box for you to periodically pull them out at random. This is a great way to not only let your friends and family get creative, but for you to think of them fondly when you later recreate their suggested date idea (...and who said sushi and a waterpark don't mix?).

Idea 05

Table-by-Table Signed Books

Softcover photo books used as guest books for each table

While you may have seen photos or ice-breaker activities at each reception table before, we believe this is one of the more unique guest book ideas. Once you know the seating chart, create a Softcover Photo Book for each table, filled with moments you and those specific guests have spent together. Whether it's your high school friends sitting together or maybe your mom's side of the family, each book will look unique to the people flipping through it. Don't forget to leave plenty of white space for them to sign the interior pages, and use the cover page to invite them to write inside! Think of it like a year book, but also a way to incorporate photos of each person into your celebration.

Idea 06

Instax Guest Book

Open Photo Strip Guest Book featuring custom Polaroid photos pasted in Photo Strip Guest Book with handwritten notes

Another fun way to incorporate photos and include the friendly faces at your wedding is to provide an instant camera (like the Fujifilm Instax) for guests to snap a shot of themselves on the spot. Once their photo develops before their eyes, they can add them into the Photo Strip Guest Book with the tape provided and write a message alongside. A great way to store those candid photos and even match your wedding album – creating a set that holds all the moments from your big day.

Idea 07

Guest-Addressed Postcards

Print addressed by wedding guests as a postcard

Among our wedding guest sign in ideas, this serves not one, but two handy purposes. Think: postcards turned thank you cards — pre-stamped and pre-addressed by guests right at your reception. Start by creating a set of 4 x 6" Everyday Prints or 5 x 7" Design Your Own Flat Cards, if you're going for a more custom look. Set up a welcome station for guests to stop by, stamp a "postcard," and sign it with their mailing address. When it comes time to send thank you notes to each of your attendees, you'll already have the stationery ready to write your note and pop in the mail.

Note: 4 x 6" prints will take a 35¢ postcard stamp, while the 5 x 7" cards will require regular first class postage.

Idea 08

Framed Print With Signed Mat

framed print with mat used as wedding guest book

For those having a smaller wedding, one of our favorite non-traditional guest book ideas isn’t a book at all. Create a framed print of your favorite shot together, and invite your guests to sign the mat around the photo. Simply choose a frame and mat size fitting for your guest list, remove the photo and mat from the frame, and lay it flat on a welcome table for attendees to pen their signatures and well wishes. This makes for a heartening housewarming gift to yourselves in your new (or refreshed!) home together.

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Which Wedding Guest Book Ideas Are For You?

No matter which option you choose, let your creativity come through. You may prefer wedding guest book alternatives that are more casual, or a classic you’ll want to look back on for years to come. Either way, it’s an opportunity to engage those who show up to make your day what you’ve always imagined it to be.