Contemporary Meets Classic

The Walnut Desktop Calendar

The Details: Our signature Wood Calendar received an upgrade with the all-new Walnut Desktop Calendar. Comprised of solid walnut wood, it features a brass clip and stand for a modern, elevated look. As with all of our photo calendars, choose 12 of your favorite images to showcase on monthly calendar sheets. Best yet? Start your calendar at any month of the year — no need to wait until January to order.

Perfect For: An artful tabletop or desk display.

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A Display That Shines

The Brass Easel & Calendar

The Details: Not just for keeping dates straight, our bestselling Brass Easel & Calendar features two solid brass pieces that slide together for a sleek, decorative look. Plus it's weighted by nature, making it a substantial addition to any tabletop. For a metallic pop of color, pair your easel with our foil-stamped calendar sheets, printed with premium gold foil.

Perfect For: Wow-ing your colleagues; this is a favorite for desktop office decor.

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A Reclaimed Classic

The Wood Calendar

The Details: As the signature calendar to our product line (since our launch in 2012!), the Wood Calendar is comprised of reclaimed pine wood and is community favorite we are proud to still offer all these years later. The simple, clean design withstands the tests of time, making it a staple in households everywhere.

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A Sustainable Choice

The Solidwool Calendar

The Details: A long-loved collaboration piece, the Solidwool Calendar was created using fleece from UK sheep. Our friends at Solidwool™ have created a composite material that is equal parts beautiful and sustainable — and we’re thrilled to offer it as a clipboard calendar. This calendar includes a matte black clip and magnetic backing.

Perfect For: Gifting a product with purpose — these are thoughtfully sourced materials you can feel great about sharing with those you love.

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For The Calendar Enthusiast

The Calendar Refill Pack

The Details: Already purchased a calendar and need to update your sheets to ring in a new year? Cue the Calendar Refill Pack, which includes 12 calendar sheets of your choice. Our current collection includes 3 varied designs, available with black ink, gold foil, or silver foil.

Perfect For: Making the most of your previously purchased calendar.

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