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Where To Take Your Holiday Card Photo


This year's holiday card photo may already exist on your camera roll, but if you are looking for a location to snap a new photo — we've got the guide for you. We've identified six spots in six cities for you to adventure with your loved ones for a photo that will stay on the fridge for months to come. Follow along!


The Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge, one of the most iconic bridges in The Big Apple, provides the perfect backdrop to your photo together. Try and time your visit so that it lands on an overcast day — the water will reflect the light in a softer way, so that all of the focus is on you.


Mountain Creek Tree Farm

Okay, this one is a few miles out of Seattle... but it's entirely worth the drive! With an endless amount of Christmas trees set against the gloomy Washington mountains, there's no better place to capture every last seasonal vibe. Give that nearby stranger a shoulder tap to see if they'll take a photo of the entire family (you'll be happy to get everyone in the frame!).


Promontory Point Park

Located against the jet-blue water that is Lake Michigan, this peninsula is the perfect spot with a variety of places to post up at. Our favorite is right near the water — those tones! When cropping in on the photo, make sure that the water is the only element in the background. This will make for a clear and focused image that is sure to shine on your card.


Sutro Baths

Head a little bit outside of San Francisco to Lands End, and you'll find yourself at the seaside ruins known as Sutro Baths. This historical landmark is not only great for a day of exploration, but offers a serene and unique background for a holiday card photo. Have your photographer stand on the opposite side of the baths so that they capture your reflection through the pond (bonus points if it's an overcast day — the reflection will be even stronger!).


Union Station

Located in the heart of Denver, Union Station sits as a must-visit spot to strike a pose in front of. With neutral tones around every corner, you'll walk away with both indoor and outdoor opportunities to take your photo. Have your photographer angle their camera a bit below waist-level to get a unique vantage point of you in front of the Union Station sign.



Skip red and green and opt for a splash of color with a background like the one here at Disney Land. You'll have no trouble finding pops of color to pose in front of (like the blue wall pictured here!). Pro tip: to get your little ones to stay put in hopes of a snap, enlist the help of the Disney characters to stand behind you to get them to smile or laugh. (It works every time, we promise!).

Signed, sealed, delivered.

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