Prints 101

A Guide to Types of Photo Prints

Different types of photo prints offered by Artifact Uprising strewn on table

You've taken your photo. You've applied your edits. Now, you're ready for the most exciting part of the process: It's time to bring the image to life, giving all those intangible feelings it represents a tangible home in print.

But just how do you go about deciding which print is right for you? Well, as paper people, we pride ourselves on helping others pair the photos they love with the sizes, styles, and finishes that give them their due. Which is exactly why we took it upon ourselves to create a simple guide to navigating types of photo prints.

Here, we'll highlight what makes each of our prints unique, offering up creative display ideas and some of the many features we love about each. May it be exactly what you need to turn the moments that make an impact into displays that leave an impression.

Mapped Out

Finding the Perfect Print

Flow chart for choosing photo prints

When you talk about prints, most people's minds immediately go to the many photos that line the pages of old family albums. And that makes our Square and Everyday Prints the perfect place to start. Available as small as 3.25 x 3.25" or as large as 5 x 7", these classic prints recreate color in crisp, clear detail for unrivaled quality that captures the moment.

Plus, they're available in three different types of photo paper finishes. (Don't worry, we'll talk about that in just a bit.)

A Can't-Wait-to-Display Classic

Everyday Prints

Artifact Uprising Photo Prints attached to the wall using washi tape

It's the classic photo print that helped put us on the map. The Everyday Print Set is press printed on the same set of finishes as our Square Prints, but in a variety of sizes that cater to every occasion. Also available in sets of 10, 25, or 50.

Perfect For: Use the blank back as cards, stick them on gifts for that little something extra, or mix up sizes in a scrapbook album to document your days.

Pro Tip: Digital-press printing, renders your images in a series of small dots. This is why the DPI (dots per inch) that you export your image at is so important!

Display Inspiration: Who says you need a frame? Mix up sizes and stick your Everyday Prints to the wall to create a captivating collage that suits your style. The sky's the limit!

Prints on white brick wall next to lamp
Eggshell matte paper detail

All Things Equal

Square Prints

Diagonally rotated square prints hanging from lit up string lights

Whether you're looking to put your Instagram feed in print or it's simply that a square crop suits your photos best, look no further than the Square Print Set. Press printed with your choice of border or full-bleed image, each set includes a choice of 10, 25, or 50 prints.

Perfect For: Printing your favorite Instagram, VSCO images, or iPhone photos

Pro Tip: Want to make things easy? Connect your Instagram account when you're in our photo editor to instantly upload photos from your feed.

Display Inspiration: One of our favorite print display ideas is to rotate images 45 degrees when creating a square set (do this in your native computer or smartphone editing app). It gives you a unique diagonal display that will have anyone who visits asking how you pulled it off.

Hand picking up square print from pile
Square prints arranged in a large grid on the wall

It's Your Choice

Three Types of Photo Paper Finishes

You asked, we listened. Our Everyday Prints and Square Prints now come in your choice of three finishes, giving you three different ways to create a look and feel you love.

Comparison of matte, double-thick, and satin types of photo paper finishes

Matte: Our Matte finish produces softer color tones on paper with a traditional feel. This finish is printed on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell paper, a Forest Stewardship Council certified option renowned for its quality, consistency, and uniformity. Best of all, 100% of the electricity required to mill this paper is offset by wind energy — just one small part of Mohawk's commitment to sustainability.

Double-Thick Matte: Everything we love about our matte finish, but with double the thickness. This benchmark in digital printing adds to the durability, integrity, and luxury of prints without compromising on quality. The electricity required for production is offset by wind energy for this paper too!

Satin: Softer color tones not for you? Our Satin print gives you a glossy finish that keeps color saturation in tact, all while using quality Verso Blazer Digital paper that's a significant step up from your average drug store print.

All in the Details

Signature Prints

Signature prints on shelves resting against wall

A quality print that stands on its own. Our Signature Prints were custom-tailored for those statement-piece shots, and are printed on ultra-thick four-ply paper with a similar texture to our matte prints. Featuring a strong border, this series is a museum-quality mat and premium print all in one. Choose between four frame-ready sizes: 5 x 7", 8 x 8", 8 x 10", and 11 x 14".

Perfect For: Framed portraits, special events, signed prints, or reliving your biggest days

Pro Tip: Matte paper absorbs ink differently than you might expect. We recommend viewing your image on your computer with the brightness lowered down to 50% — adjust the brightness of your image as needed.

Display Inspiration: Since these prints are ultra-thick, choose your favorite shelf and let it stand on its own! Or, skip the frame for a photo holder.

Signature print of baby and older sibling held up by photo holder on shelf
Zoomed in comparison of Square Print and Signature print thickness
Square Print vs. Signature Print

For Life's Big Moments

Large Format Prints

Baby sitting in front of large format print of its own portrait

Life's biggest moments deserve to be treated accordingly — so we created a large print that lives up to the quality of the days you want to remember. Our Large Format Prints are inkjet printed on archival paper, resulting in museum-quality giclée prints that recreate the scene in true-to-life color and impeccable detail. This allows you to print your phone photos at larger sizes without losing quality. (Hint: It's the print that comes included in every one of our frames!)

Perfect For: Landscape photos, portraits of little ones — let your imagination run wild!

Pro Tip: Although high quality, this paper is thinner than our other prints. So be extra careful when framing and mounting your image.

Display Inspiration: This one's for the standalone statement piece, so display it accordingly (just like our friend @heyitsmarni_ in the photo above).

Feet standing in front of Large Format Print on the floor
Zoomed in view of the paper used for Large Format Prints