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Printing Your Phone Photos

How many photos are on your camera roll? We ask ourselves this question frequently, and our answers never fail to leave us astonished. Our days become marked by the shutter: documenting surprise reactions, quiet mornings, and long-awaited trips. And photo by photo, our camera rolls fill up while our storied lives stay put. In celebration of moving these images off our devices, we asked a few folks in our community to put their camera rolls to the ultimate test — and put them into print.

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Olivia Metzger

Photos on her camera roll: 18,076

Printed: 8 x 8" Softcover Photo Book

I probably take 100 photos a day on average, so I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when I actually take the time to print them. Digital files are convenient, but there’s something extra special about having a tangible copy too. I’m always pleasantly surprised at how nicely my phone photos have printed and how easy the whole process has been.

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Erin Holmes

Photos on her camera roll: 450

Printed: 30 x 20" Gallery Frame

For quite some time now, I’ve been wanting to scan this tiny 4 x 6 image of my mother and me that was printed back in 1986. I have to admit I was nervous to see what quality would be produced from an old photograph that I took a picture of on my phone. It turned out BEYOND beautiful.

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Kristy Benzer

Photos on her camera roll: 2,500

Printed: 8.5 x 8.5" Hardcover Photo Book

My photos always come out looking just like the photo in the phone. To be able to have them printed so easily and in good quality is just so awesome. I also love that my kids have all of these prints and albums of our favorite memories to always look back at.

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Kate Arends

Photos on her camera roll: 24,524

Printed: 12 x 14" and 17 x 20" Float Frames

We had a phone full of photos, but wanted to explore a unique and beautiful way to display these moments in our home. I spent hours going through our photos looking for the perfect selects that held sentimental meaning but still added an artful feeling to our walls. These frames a great option for both your iPhone snaps and high-res files.

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Tyson Wheatley

Photos on his camera roll: 32,922

Printed: 8.5 x 11" Hardcover Photo Book

I realized that there’s a lot of thought that goes into making a book — and it’s so nice to finally get my images in order, printed, and neatly displayed on a shelf.

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Rebecca Caridad

Photos on her camera roll: 10,024

Printed: Brass Easel & Prints

While I love the freedom and the infinite quality that comes with digital photography, I do think there is something special about printing photos. It feels like the last step to the process, and when I hold a printed photo, I feel like I am holding something that feels timeless and complete.

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