Hardcover Photo Book

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Featuring 100% recycled interior pages and editorial cover designs, the Hardcover Photo Book touts classic appeal and archival quality. Just add your photos to make it your own.

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Base price includes fabric hardcover book and partial or full dust jacket with a smooth matte finish

50 pages: starts between $69 and $89 – min. page count: 40, max. page count: 100
100 pages: starts between $119 and $139 – min. page count: 50, max. page count: 140
150 pages: starts between $169 and $189 – min. page count: 100, max. page count: 200
Additional price per page: $1.00 - $1.50 *
Pages can only be added in 2-page increments *

Book and dust jacket size cannot be changed once project is started.

Choose from 8 unique cover designs within the editor

Printed Page Stock: Mohawk Options 100% PC White (100% recycled with matte finish)

Gift wrap available. Learn more here >

Need a new dust jacket? ORDER A REPLACEMENT HERE >


Production Time: 5 business days + ship time


Looking to gift a photo book, but don't have the photos on hand?

Send them a Gift Card Box Set

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