12 Ways to Display Photos Without Frames

No frame? No problem.

Sometimes giving your favorite photos the spotlight they deserve requires thinking outside the frame. That’s why we’ve rounded up 12 fresh ways to display photos without one. All you need is a set of Photo Prints, common household items you might already have, and some imagination.


Clip Them

What you’ll need:
Bulldog clips
The beauty of using clips to display print lies in your ability to experiment with what looks best to you. There aren’t rules, so try different things until you feel like it’s just right — perhaps overlapping prints or opting for all black and white images like the display pictured here.


Oversize and Overlap

What you’ll need:
Large Format Prints
This is a great option if you have a larger wall you’re looking to fill. Create an eye-catching display by adhering large format prints to the wall and layering them in different ways. When printing, consider using a combination of photos with borders and without to create visual interest.


Repurpose Your Hangers

What you’ll need:
pant hangers
Finding a one-of-a-kind way to display your photos might be as simple as stepping inside your closet. Give unused pants hangers a new purpose by using them to hold prints. Bonus: It’s sure to be a conversation-starter for guests who will inevitably ask, “Wait, are those hangers?”


Put A Pin In It

What you’ll need:
Push Pins
Make your Pinterest board tangible by pinning a collage of printed photos to the wall. Have fun with it by printing a mix of happy moments, inspiring landscapes, and favorite memories. This is one of our favorite options for making an otherwise-plain office wall feel more inspiring.


Use Binder Clips

What you’ll need:
Binder clips
Consider using binder clips as a simple, but interesting way to put favorite photos on display. Standard black clips work for any style of decor, but you could also opt for patterned or metallic clips to make a subtle statement.


Consider a Photo Easel

What you’ll need:
Brass Easel
Need new ways to display photos on a table or desk? A small easel is a unique alternative to a tabletop frame and makes it easy to swap out photos. Just place a stack of your favorite prints on the ledge and change the featured print as often as you like.


Don’t Be Afraid to Use Tape

What you’ll need:
Gentle tape of your choice
There can be a stigma against using tape to hang photos for fear that it comes off as amateur or tacky, but when used the right away, it’s a simple and tasteful shortcut to getting your prints on the wall. Tip: Keep things classic and refined by using parchment tape and scissors for clean edges.


Skip the Frame for a Display Box

What you’ll need:
 Brass & Wood Display Box
A welcome twist on a classic tabletop frame, this display box allows you to showcase your photos while storing additional prints for easy rotation. Use the back slot to keep loved prints on-hand and swap out the featured photo as often as you want. Pro tip: It also makes an ideal bookend.


Get Creative With a Canvas

What you’ll need: A canvas,Everyday Print Set, push pins of your choice
For a one-of-a-kind artistic display, use the back of a canvas to pin photos to. You could purchase one at a local art store or repurpose one you already have. Channel your creativity to display the prints in a way that matches your aesthetic — clean and curated or whimsical and unexpected.


Try a Triptych

What you’ll need:
Everyday Print Set
They say good things come in threes and that’s certainly the case when it comes to creating an artful photo display. Split a single photo into 3 Everyday Prints, then display them side-by-side. To add even more visual interest, consider printing them in various sizes, as pictured here.


Line Your Prints On a Photo Ledge

What you’ll need:
Wooden photo ledge
Sturdy, beautiful, and simple to install, a wooden photo ledge is a timeless way to put your photos on display. Consider mixing and matching different print sizes and ledge lengths to keep things from looking too uniform.


Truly Think Outside the Frame

What you’ll need: A framed photo, tape
Add a layer of story to existing framed photos by taping additional printed photos to the outside of the frame. You might tape photos from the same timeframe as pictured here, or you could add historic photos as a wordless way of storytelling.

More Inspiration, This Way

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