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A Guide to Photo Album Title Ideas

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Photo book cover with image of father and son and one of our photo album title ideas, days together

So, you're stuck on your photo book title? Whether it's a step you choose to start with or something you save for last, your album cover sets the tone for all the pages that follow. And since we know we can each use a little wordsmithing inspiration now and again, we've compiled lists of photo album title ideas, arranged by book theme, to serve as thought-starters for your creation.


Photo books about travel are some of our favorites to name. The places you go can so easily supply you with inspiration, from incorporating a phrase in the local language (think: "Aloha") to simply calling a spade a spade by naming it after the city. The cover title can go a long way to prime your reader for the adventure that lies inside.

Hardcover Travel Photo Album titled Here and There 2019
Pictured: Hardcover Travel Photo Album

Thought-starter: What made this trip unique? Was it the modes of transportation, your first time with a passport, the lack of a solid plan? Think through what made it most memorable to encapsulate that quality in a few words.

Travel Photo Album Title Ideas

  • The Road Best Traveled
  • By the Seaside
  • A Summer Spent Seaside
  • Adventures With Mia
  • The Wild Places
  • Wherever We Go
  • On the Road
  • See the World
  • Lessons From a Passport
  • A Weekend in Colorado
  • Along the Way…
  • Here & There
  • Favorite Adventures
  • Mountain Majesty
  • Without a Map
  • (Last Name) Family Vacation 2024
  • Our Iceland Honeymoon
  • Adventure, Found
  • In the Sun


We see these albums ranging from annual recaps of immediate family members to album titles for bonding moments with extended family or friends. An easy and common route for photo book title ideas involves any variation of your family's last name and the year(s) pictured within. But for a more expressive cover, we recommend going a step further to convey the binding connection that your book represents!

Father and son on cover of family photo album titled days together
Pictured: Hardcover Photo Book

Thought-starter: What relationships are featured throughout your book? Does it cover a broad span of time (e.g., a generation, a decade) or does it hold smaller, everyday moments that defined a single season? Family albums might be among the ones pulled out and paged through the most, so choose a title that reflects that same timelessness.

Family Photo Album Title Ideas

  • Better Together
  • Generations
  • Days Together
  • Moment By Moment
  • Gather Together
  • Home is with you
  • Family is Forever
  • Days at Home
  • Together as Family
  • A Love Like Ours
  • The (Last Name) Family
  • 2024 with the Wolfes
  • This Is Us
  • Days with Dad
  • Moments with Mom
  • Celebrating Sisterhood
  • Siblings & Forever Friends
  • My Brother and Me
  • Two of a Kind (great for siblings)
  • Ties That Bind
  • Adventures with (Pet Name)


Your wedding album is one that'll bring joy (and maybe a tear to your eye!) for decades to come. There are so many defining qualities of a relationship and all that goes into a wedding that it can be hard to summarize it in just a few words. That's why we tend to lean toward traditional, enduring phrases that signify the start of something equal parts strong and sentimental.

Wedding Layflat Photo Album titled Our Best Day
Pictured: Wedding Layflat Photo Album

Thought-starter: This is a perfect place to incorporate a key phrase from your vows, or maybe even the title of the song played during your first dance. While the ideas below skew more conventional, there are many other ways to customize yours to feel more abstract or uniquely you.

Wedding Album Title Ideas

  • On This Day
  • To Have and to Hold
  • Where We Begin
  • Our Best Day
  • Established 2021
  • From This Day Forward
  • Bound to Be
  • (First Name) & (First Name)
  • (First Name) & (First Name) (Last Name)
  • The Story of Us
  • You and I
  • We Do
  • Beginning Our Forever
  • The (Last Names) — Est. 2023
  • Our Love
  • From Now Until Forever


Anniversary photo albums are a timepiece through which we can admire all that a couple has endured, created, and explored together. It could be after one year of marriage, or maybe 50, but what these all have in common is a retrospective and appreciative lens to view their experiences. That's why we suggest a title evoking reflection and a special connection.

Anniversary photo album titled Over the Years
Pictured: Everyday Photo Book

Thought-starter: What type of photos will compose this book — a wide-ranging chronological timeline or a recap of recent years? One simple way to give the album a personalized feel with an all-encompassing title is to include the number of years celebrated together.

Anniversary Photo Book Title Ideas

  • Our Time Together
  • Looking Back on Love
  • Ten Years Together
  • Our Story So Far
  • A Love Like Ours
  • Growing Old
  • Over the Years
  • Side by Side
  • Just the Two of Us
  • P.S. I love you
  • A Love Story
  • Through the Years
  • Love, Our Legacy
  • Our First Five Years
  • To Infinity...
  • So Far


Photos of our little ones are never hard to come by — in fact, they fill most parents' camera rolls. But finding a perfect title for your baby's photo album may be more of a task. There are so many stories and family structures a child may be brought into, so use yours as a springboard for ideation!

Baby photo album titled When We Became Three
Pictured: Softcover Photo Book

Thought-starter: Is this baby number one — or two or three? Is adoption part of your parenting journey? It's these key details that lend themselves to a title most fitting for your family.

Baby Photo Book Title Ideas

  • When We Met You
  • Your First Years
  • Welcome to the World
  • Baby Luca (First Name)
  • Our Little to Love
  • When We Became Three
  • Becoming a Big Brother
  • From Three to Four
  • A Year of Firsts
  • Our Bundle of Joy
  • Worth the Wait
  • Our Adoption Story
  • The Greatest Gift
  • Welcome Home

Year-in-Review and Beyond

We might be biased, but photo books are the easiest and most tangible way to recollect a period of time and experiences shared. Whether it's on an annual basis or whenever-you-can basis, your titles can be both descriptive and even serial in nature.

Three photo books arranged in wooden bowl
Pictured: Color Series Photo Book

Thought-starter: Think through the time frame your album covers — is it a single season, a year, or a broader assortment? Base the book's name around that period to give readers an idea of the contents inside.

Memory Book Title Ideas

  • Days Well Spent
  • A Year to Remember
  • Our Best Times Together
  • Remember When
  • Little Joys in Life
  • A Trip Around the Sun
  • 2023: Our Year in Review
  • A Year for the Books
  • Easy Living
  • Simplicity in Springtime
  • In Bloom
  • A Look Back
  • Celebrating the Everyday
  • Two Thousand Twenty
  • Best of Times
  • Making the Most of It
  • A New Chapter
  • Favorite Moments of (Year)

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