Our Photo Book Comparison Guide

Which Photo Book is Right for You?

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Four Artifact Uprising albums in a visual photo book comparison

Every photo book tells a story, but no two stories are ever told quite the same. So when we search for the right album, we look to the details, matching nuance to narrative in an exercise that's all-too-important — but not always simple. That's why we've created an approachable side-by-side photo book comparison to guide you through the journey. We hope it helps you preserve your story... and tell it your way.

Note: As you compare photo books, keep in mind that every album in our line is printed in the USA, using only materials sourced with an eye for sustainability. Many of these books are crafted by hand, and each is designed with intention to honor that which is meaningful to you.

  1. At a Glance Comparison
  2. Hardcover Photo Book
  3. Photo-Wrapped Layflat
  4. Layflat Photo Album
  5. Signature Layflat Album
  6. Photo-Wrapped Hardcover
  7. Everyday Photo Book
  8. Softcover Photo Books
  9. Color Series Photo Book
  10. Baby Board Book

At a Glance

A Quick Photo Book Comparison

Artifact Uprising photo book comparison chart

Our Flagship Album

The Hardcover

Hardcover Photo Book with full dust jacket featuring photo of dad and baby on beach and digital foil title
40 to 210 Pages · Starting at $59

Where to begin our photo book comparison but the book that started it all? The Hardcover Photo Book is our flagship album, thoughtfully designed to relive your best days. Press printed on premium paper (incuding a 100% recycled matte paper option!), each book is personalized with your choice of fabric color and a photo-centric, full or partial dust jacket that's soft to the touch.

A Look in the Book

✓ Assembled by hand — by real humans — in the USA

✓ Add up to 210 pages of photos (or as few as 40)

✓ Plant-based linen cover and 100% recycled paper option

✓ Choice of Recycled Matte or semi-gloss Lustre for interior pages

✓ Over 90 curated layout templates to simplify design

✓ Full or partial dust jacket with eight layout options

✓ Digital foil available on cover and spine of dust jacket

Stories and Occasions

A unique mix of archival quality and versatile customization makes the Hardcover an adaptable, enduring choice for timeless wedding albums, family albums, year-in-review albums, milestone books, and beyond. (Hint: It's the perfect gift album!)

Quick Tip

We've created Travel, Wedding, Milestone, and Annual versions of this elevated album to help you tailor your book to the nuances of life's many narratives.


The Photo-Wrapped Layflat

Photo-Wrapped Layflat Album featuring a panoramic image cover and unique layflat page layout
20 to 100 Pages · Starting at $129

ThePhoto-Wrapped Layflat is a design-forward photo album that combines the most essential elements from our standard Layflats, but features a full-color, matte-texture cover that puts your favorite moments front and center. This album offers the most interior pages out of our entire layflat line and is perfect for displaying all your panoramic images. In this photo book, we paired a premium textured paper cover with slim, unbendable pages, to create unmatched quality and durability.

A Look in the Book

✓ Matte Textured Paper Cover

✓ Lustre and Matte Interior Paper Offerings

✓ Six curated cover designs to choose from

✓ Multiple panoramic photo-spread options

✓ 100-page offering

Stories and Occasions

The Photo-Wrapped Layflat was carefully curated to honor every meaningful moment at an approachable price point all while keeping quality a top priority. Deliver your memories in the most dying-to-be-displayed way. Use this album to capture special family moments giving you the opportunity to relive them time and time again.

Quick Tip

Pick from one of our six curated cover designs to create the most timeless display cover.

Heirloom in Every Way

The Layflat

Layflat album opened to two-page photo of bride and groom
20 to 90 Pages · Starting at $165

Handcrafted to hand down, the Layflat Photo Album is a flush-mount photo book that creates panoramic continuity by lying completely flat when opened. Its ultra-thick, press-printed pages ensure true-to-life color will stand the test of time, while a foil-stamped linen exterior brings a premium shell to the story preserved inside. (Fun fact: The 16 linen colors we offer were voted on and selected by our community!)

A Look in the Book

✓ Custom foil stamping in copper, gold, silver, or white

✓ Hand assembled with flush-mount binding in the USA

✓ Ultra-thick interior pages in a Matte or Lustre finish

✓ 100+ tasteful layouts let you customize with cohesion

✓ Lies completely flat when open to erase center crease

✓ Two-page panoramic photo layouts for larger-than-life moments

Stories and Occasions

The Layflat Album was thoughtfully designed for those photo books that beg to be handed down — from wedding albums to milestone birthdays and everything in between. In fact, this heirloom album is available as the Wedding Layflat Album, complete with pre-designed titles for a bespoke touch to your best day remembered.

Quick Tip

Since this album lies flat to eliminate the center crease in every spread, give your favorite photo the spotlight treatment with a seamless two-page panorama.

Our Most Premium Album

The Signature Layflat

Four different Signature Layflat Albums in different colors
20 to 90 Pages · Starting at $259

The Signature Layflat is the most premium and personalized album in our photo book family. Thoughtfully designed to honor those most meaningful moments, this heirloom-quality time capsule answers the call of countless customer requests with recycled leather options, an inlaid photo on the cover, and more.

A Look in the Book

✓ Includes all of the features of the Layflat Photo Album

✓ Choice of linen or recycled leather cover with inlaid photo

✓ Elevated features like bookmark ribbon and hand-marbled endsheets

✓ Your book is designed, hand-bound, and press printed in the USA

✓ Optional engraved Walnut Box to protect your album for years

Stories and Occasions

Every facet of this album was conceived to preserve what matters most, in a way that feels beautifully personalized. Let it be a home where weddings and family legacies can live on.

Quick Tip

Adding the engraved Walnut Box can help ensure that this heirloom is kept safe for generations to come.

Customized, Cover to Cover

The Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Book

Artifact Uprising Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Book titled Morning Walks featuring photo of picturesque patio on the cover
30 to 210 Pages · Starting at $49

The Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Book is the stuff of coffee table dreams, featuring a full-color, matte-texture binding that puts your favorite photo in the spotlight — without a dust jacket. New to our Hardcover family, this eye-catching book touts 100% recycled interior pages, time-tested construction, and ample cover and interior layouts that let you bring any story to the page, any way you like.

A Look in the Book

✓ Sustainably sourced with 100% recycled interior pages

✓ Premium buckram cover material with must-feel matte texture

✓ Full-photo cover with choice of six pre-designed templates

✓ Nearly 90 curated interior page layouts to choose from

✓ Designed, press printed, and assembled by real humans in the USA

Stories and Occasions

Touting ample coffee-table appeal, the Photo-Wrapped Hardcover was made for family albums, cookbooks, lookbooks, portfolios, and any book that simply begs to be displayed. It’s so classic, we made it available as the Wedding Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Book, perfect for showcasing and celebrating all the special moments from your big day.

Quick Tip

Have more photos than you know how to sort through? The Photo-Wrapped Hardcover can hold the most photos out of all our premium hardback books!

Honor the Everyday

The Everyday Photo Book

Zoomed in on Everyday Photo Book opened to image of mother holding little boy
30 to 50 Pages · Starting at $49

The Everyday Photo Book, with its simple, one-photo layouts, makes building an album in mere minutes more than just a possibility. At 7 x 7", this smaller, flush-mount book brings some of our favorite features of the Layflat into an approachable format — giving an elevated touch to those everyday moments.

A Look in the Book

✓ Compact size fits on any display shelf or surface

✓ Simplified, quick-to-build templates mean albums in minutes

✓ Archival, unbending pages lie completely flat (and are 100% recycled!)

✓ Plant-based linen cover available in choice of six colors

✓ Custom gold, silver, or copper foil stamping on cover and spine

Stories and Occasions

The Everyday Photo Book was designed to celebrate the magic of day-to-day moments: weekend getaways, family get-togethers, and the just-because-its-Tuesdays.

Quick Tip

On your phone, create a "favorites" album you can add to as you go. You'll already have all of your photos selected to make a book in no time.

Every Shape, Size, & Story

Our Softcover Books

Artifact Uprising Softcover Photo Book featuring digital foil title and photo of three little kids on the beach
Softcover Photo Book · 30 to 400 Pages · Starting at $19
Instagram Friendly Books featuring photo of baby and little dog
Instagram Friendly Books
Many different Mini Photo Books lined in a grid
Mini Photo Book

Easily customized, lightweight, and versatile, our Softcover series offers a wide range of sizes and page counts — so you can archive your camera roll with ease. Its minimalist, artful aesthetic sets it apart, while plentiful layout options make it ideal for pairing photos with text. Choose the Softcover Photo Book for a beautiful blank canvas, the Mini Photo Book for pocket-size printing, or the Instagram-Friendly Book to take it off your feed and into your life.

(Fun fact: Occasionally, you’ll find a storied spec of this paper’s past in the recycled fiber of the matte-finished pages. Think of them as the beauty marks of a better choice for the environment!)

A Look in the Books

✓ Softcover Photo Book holds the most pages of our entire line!

✓ All three books are press printed on 100% recycled paper

✓ 8 customizable cover templates and nearly 50 for the inside

✓ Option of digital foil titling available on cover

✓ Easily print your feed by importing photos from Facebook or Dropbox

✓ Thick, uncoated papers with a matte feel and delicate aesthetic

Stories and Occasions

Our Softcover series was made for the many ways we share photos — from printing your feed to gifting bridesmaids and stuffing stockings.

Quick Tip

Matte paper absorbs ink differently than you might expect. To get the best idea of how your image will print, we recommend viewing your image on your computer with the brightness lowered down to 50%.

Love At First Touch

The Color Series

Three Color Series Photo Books featuring different cover hues and die-cut shapes
30 to 200 Pages · Starting at $22

A uniquely modern sister to our Softcovers, the Color Series Photo Book lends itself to lively volumes fit for shelves and coffee tables alike. This book makes a big impact with its vibrant, die-cut cover design — printed on invitingly smooth stock that brings tactile appeal to match.

A Look in the Book

✓ Die-cut, peek-through cover showcases your first-page photo

✓ Peek-through cover available as circle, square, or landscape cut-out

✓ Press printed on 100% recycled interior pages in the USA

✓ Foil titling on one-of-a-kind velvet-soft cover

✓ Vibrant colors and cover make it our most playful photo book

✓ A series-friendly book designed to make printing a habit

Stories and Occasions

The Color Series Photo Book was designed with intention to be a series-in-the-making. Use it to print seasons, trips, or even baby's first months.

Quick Tip

Choose a first page photo that matches or complements the color of your cover. Since it displays through the die-cut, it's an easy way to give your book that little something extra.

Designed With Littles in Mind

The Baby Board Book

Mother and child reading baby board book opened to a page with the word smiles
20 to 40 Pages · Starting at $45

The perfect way to kick off a lifelong love of reading, the Baby Board Book jumpstarts learning with thick, durable pages ready to handle thrills and spills. Line your 5.75" x 5.75" book with photos of familiar faces and places using any one of three pre-designed themes: My Favorite People, My Favorite Places, or My Thankful Book. Or, opt for a totally custom book and fill it with a story all your own.

A Look in the Book

✓ Small size and rounded corners were made for tiny hands

✓ Modern, pre-designed themes make it easy to customize in minutes

My Favorite People theme familiarizes littles with far-away family

✓ Pre-written poems included for the beginning of each design theme

✓ Durable, baby-tested pages stand up to being their favorite book

Stories and Occasions

This book was designed with intention to help build familiarity with words and objects in those first, most important years. (It also makes a great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or even as a "push present.")

Quick Tip

Have a flair for illustration or storytelling? Choose the "Custom" theme and fill it with your own drawings, paintings, and words.

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