Photos? Check. Everyday Prints? Check. Now for displaying them in your home. We tested dozens of print display ideas – narrowing down our 7 favorites to share with you here. Ready, set...

Idea 1: Match, Made

Print of small child with baby sibling held by wooden block photo holder

Prints, meet your best match. Display your photos with our go-to print accessory, the Walnut Print Block. This print stand is handcrafted from reclaimed black walnut, creating a unique desk accessory to display your photos.

Idea 2: Create a Clip Display

Brass binder clips holding up prints lined up on bookshelf

Looking to switch up a shelf or countertop display? One of our favorite ways to display photos without frames is also one of the simplest! Metal paper clips are the perfect stand for your prints — just clip the bottom of the print and align the flat edge of the clip along your surface.

Idea 3: Display & Store

Brass and wood photo display box on marble countertop

Say farewell to the shoe box, and hello to the Brass & Wood Display Box. Holding up to 50 of our 5 x 5" Square Prints, this box crafted from brass and real hardwood allows you to simultaneously display and store your photos that matter most.

Idea 4: Frame It

Brass frames of two different sizes next to one another on tabletop

Framing your photos has never looked better than with our Tabletop Frames. Designed with flexi-point backing, this frame allows for easy rotation of your Everyday Prints.

Idea 5: Utilize Accent Tape

Photo prints stuck to wall with washi tape

Patterned or colored art tape is a no-fuss way to add an element of design to your print display. We love a mix of copper, striped, and silver Washi Tape, pictured here.

Idea 6: Layer Your Favorites

Photo prints of different sizes lined up on two offset wooden photo ledges

Let us introduce our new handcrafted Wooden Photo Ledge. This timeless display, comprised of real walnut wood, works nicely on a mantle or as a shelf display. Best part? The ledge allows you to layer your Everyday Prints with the option to easily rotate between your favorites.

Idea 7: Make a Grid

Grid of photo prints on wall above couch

Bare walls, be gone. Tape up a 5-by-5 photo grid that tells your best stories (plus, your walls will thank you for leaving them unmarked).