4 Ways to Surprise Them With Square Prints

A golden retriever with a square print attached to his collar

Step aside, sticky notes. We believe gifting your photos inspires a kind of thoughtfulness that belongs to any (and every!) day of the year. Driven by the mission of sweet surprise, we've put our Square Prints to the test. The result? Four ideas for showing your love in the most unexpected of ways (hint hint: prints are not just for framing...).

Idea #1: 25 Prints, 25 Days...

Have them pop up in the most unexpected of places and include a new note on each print.

An Artifact Uprising square print discovered in cabinet with plates A genuine note found on the back of an Artifact Uprising square print

Idea #2: A little surprise goes a long way...

Especially with the little ones. Add a Square Print note to their lunchbox or backpack and make every school day a great day.

A square print found in a lunch box A square print in a lunch box with a note on the back from Mom and Dad

Idea #3: When they can't speak for themselves...

Say it for them! Surprise your favorite someone with a note delivered by your 4-legged friend.

A Golden Retriever with a mountain photo on a square print The reverse side of a square print found with a note on the back

Idea #4: Friend to friend notes for the win.

When they least expect it, deliver a homemade treat + Square Print note right to their doorstep.

Woman's feet on door step with square print Square print with a note on the back

Ready to get started?

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