Grid of iPhones performing different editing functions on different photos
Simple Edits for Print-Worthy Photos

Nothing should get in the way of printing the moments that mean something. Follow along as we break down how to fix a photo you want to print, right on your phone, so you can feel confident giving it the permanence it deserves.

hand on edge of layflat photography portfolio book opened to image of woman in striped dress laying in shallow water
How to Create a Photography Portfolio Book

Find guidance and inspiration that can help your dream portfolio to life — from advice for laying it all out to a full-length example from our Lead Photographer to flip through.

Zihuatanejo, Mexico — Taken on Nikon N65 35 mm film.
Photographing On Film

Analog photography has long been a favorite medium for creatives, and it is steadily re-gaining popularity among photographers in the digital age.

Coastline in Pismo Beach, California
Our Road Trip Photography Guide

With a little help from some seasoned wanderers & pro photographers, we created a guide to help you capture the miles and moments, so you can return often.

Photo of Brandon laughing
Five Minutes With Brandon Lopez

Our Senior Designer has a knack for amazing photography too. We sat down with him to learn more about the way he brings the places he visits to life through the lens.

Hand tucking photo print into Artifact Uprising Brass & Wood Display Box
A Guide to Organizing Your Photos

Whether your camera roll is getting full or sorting through those old photos is long overdue, we’re here to help you sift, organize, and preserve confidently.

Hidden Gems in New York City

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, concrete jungle where dreams are made…. today we explore New York City —A place with many names, and even more unique scenery to capture.

Little boy in open clearing holding toy camera
Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Whether enjoyed close to home or out seeing the sights, a photo scavenger hunt is all about noticing and appreciating the little things you might normally pass right on by.

iPhone taking panoramic photo of coastline
iPhoneography 101: Tips & Photo Effects

Take better phone photos and videos by incorporating the latest iPhone photo effects in your everyday. Be prepared to hear "I can't believe that's taken on a phone" often.

Coastal rock formation on a golden beach
A Simple Guide to Photography Basics

Whether shooting on your phone or your first DSLR, these beginner photography tips can help you share better photos of the people you love, places you go, and moments you want to make last.

Sun kissing the top of a snowy mountain peak
10 Photos to Celebrate Mama Earth

Some of our favorite photographers remind us why every day should be Earth Day, offering 10 return tickets to the wild places we hold close.

12 Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography is at its heart a recreation of the human experience — and behind it all is a process that's so much more than point and snap.

VSCO Tips: 5 Recipes We Love

VSCO is one of our favorite tools for applying beautiful edits in no time at all — and it all starts with a few secret recipes. (Go ahead, steal all five!)

Edited photo of highway lined by palm trees
How to Edit Photos on iPhone

We've mapped out nine quick tips for how to edit photos on your iPhone, from new native app features to built-in photo effects.

A lone snow-covered tree in a snowy field
10 Winter Photography Tips

From the snowy to the spontaneous, winter brings with it a unique beauty worth taking pause. Follow these 10 tips to capture all the magic.

Making Print A Practice

Hear what motivates seven different photographers to make online photo printing a practice, bringing photography prints off their devices and into their lives.

6 Tips to Photograph Spring

It's finally here — springtime. It's a time of year which marks transition, and time after time has us reaching for our lens to capture the changing season. The time has come to dust off your rain boots and grab your camera, because we've pulled together our favorite tips for photographing spring.

6 Tips for Photographing Light

After borrowing a friend's camera in Slovenia 5 years ago Matthew Payne set out to travel over 50 countries and brought back 6 Tips for Photographing Light.

DSLR 101

Ready to step up your photography game? We've recruited our friends over at Photo Field Trip to help demystify all those settings on your DSLR camera.

The Rule of Thirds

They say rules are meant to be broken, but there's one photo composition technique we can't get enough of: the rule of thirds.

9 Photography Tips For Your Travels

Photo by photo, our images show us the world's limitless potential. We're bringing you 9 tips to a fresh perspective for your travel photography.

Guide to Black & White Photography

Black and white photography erases time from the equation. Join us as we learn 6 tips for Black & White Photography alongside Jason Peterson.

9 Landscape Photo Tips

We sat down with globe-trotting adventure photographer Chris Burkard to find out just how he captures those award-winning snaps (and how you can too!)

21 Mobile Photo Tips From the Pros

Today, more than ever, mobile photography is redefining the way we see & share our worlds. Here are 21 tips to stunning photos—right from your phone.

7 Tips to Photograph Fall

It’s (arguably) the most wonderful time of the year: the air cools, the leaves change, and we head outside to capture the kind of photos that we return to all year. Inspired by this transition of seasons, we’ve pulled together our favorite tips to capture these once-in-a-year photos.

Golden Hour Photography Tips

The definition of Golden Hour depends on your point of view, so, we've pulled together 5 tips to prove that the light is what you make of it.

A Guide to Depth of Field

Follow along with five photographers as they share their tricks to creating depth of field on a variety of cameras (turns out - it's easier than you think).

Photo Tips From Our Community

In honor of National Photography Month, we asked you to share your best photo advice. You shared tips on light, angles, cropping, and so much more. Needless to say, we’re immensely inspired by those lenses of yours.

8 Simple Photo Tips From Instagram's Best

aking a note from Instagram's best, we've searched far and wide to find those whose photos we can't help but double-tap. Hear their best-kept-secrets, and walk away feeling confident about creating that feed of your dreams.

From Our Camera Roll

As a small token of our endless gratitude, we’d like to share our team’s top 12 images of the year — yours to download and use however you'd like.

Storytelling Through Photography

We believe that the quiet moments of our everyday hold as much weight as the extraordinary. Here are three simple steps to telling an everyday story.

9 Tips to Simplify Printing

It’s no secret: We’re big fans of archiving in print. And in hopes of making the process easier, we’re breaking down nine of our favorite printing tips.

Take Better iPhone Photos

In hopes of taking our iPhoneography to the next level, we've outlined a few of those simple, yet less practiced, tips to taking better phone photos.

9 Tips to Photograph Pets

If you find yourself always on the lookout to snap that perfect shot of your pet, we have the guide for you: 9 tips to photograph pets at their best.

Photographing Littles

Here's an inside look at how five photo-loving parents are recording their families' best experiences, click by click.

Photographing People

We sat down with a few of our favorite photographers to hear just how they document the humans in their lives. From tips on lighting to capturing real emotion — you’ll want to put the tips into practice right away (hello, loved ones!).

Photographing Your Family

We spoke with a few folks who know a little something about what it means to photograph a family — hear their tips below and put them to practice with yours this year.

Printing Your Phone Photos

In celebration of moving these images off our devices, we asked a few folks in our community to put their camera rolls to the ultimate test — and put them into print.

5 Tips for Photos That Evoke Emotion

Take a quick glance at Alex Strohl’s work, and you’ll consistently find one thing: His photos make you feel something. Here are his five secrets.