A Resolution in Reflection

The Print Your Year Photo Challenge

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couple dancing with friends on wedding day

As the calendar marks a new year, we're quick to look ahead, setting intentions, crafting resolutions, giving our imagination to all that awaits. But in this eagerness for the unknown, we overlook a simple truth: The advent of a new year marks the conclusion of another. And while we have plenty of reason to look to the future with bright eyes, so too do we have an imperative to take pause — to reflect on and honor the many moments that shaped a year of experiences.

So as we make way for all that's to come, we're making it our resolution to save space for all that has happened. For every goal, a milestone… for every intention, a celebration… for every step forward, a look back. And with the help of some close friends, we're adopting an exercise of reflection — a photo challenge to give permanence to those moments otherwise gone.

Join us. Let's find those photos that shaped the year.

Let the photo challenge begin...

Photo 01

The kind of photo that doesn't happen every year

Family sits together watching the solar eclipse
Mike Larson (@mikelarson)

Photo 02

A photo that reminds you to dance like no one's watching

A mother and daughter dance in the streets of Italy
Nathan Michael (@nathanmichael) + Julia Flowers (@julia_and_child)

Photo 03

A photo that reminds you to take pause

Father holding child in an Icelantic flower field
Mike Smith (@mikesmith)

Photo 04

A photo that makes you feel small

Overhead photo of someone doing a headstand in the ocean
Max Wanger (@maxwanger)

Photo 05

A photo of a landscape you'll never forget

Woman standing atop a sand dune peering out into the desert in Oman
Sarah Murphy (@sarahirenemurphy + @__milesandmiles__)

Photo 06

A photo that makes you smile, every time

Black and white photo of baby yawning
Kristen Cook (@kristencook1)

Photo 07

A photo that merits reflection

Drone photograph of shadow of family holding hands in the desert
Dirk Dallas (@dirka)

Photo 08

A photo that reminds you to take the leap

Man cliff diving next to waterfall in tropical setting
Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)

Photo 09

A photo that celebrates those meaningful milestones

Black and white photo of baby taking first steps
Katherine Heise (@lamblovesfox)

Photo 10

A photo that added some color to your year

Photo of rainbow taken from airplane window
Reema Desai (@reema_desai)

Photo 11

A photo that reminds you what's possible

Overhead photo of Tokyo taken from hotel window with journal entry overlay on photo
Carli Rene (@inkedfingers)

Photo 12

A photo that lets those little moments live on

Family with small children laying together on bed
Posy Quarterman (@posyquartermanphotography)

Photo 13

A photo that reminds you just how far you've come

Photo of baby twins on oxygen
Laura Murray (@lauramurray)
photo of same baby twins as healthy toddlers

Photo 14

A photo that puts things into perspective

Photo of a mesa landscape
Brandon Lopez (@brandon.brightside)

Photo 15

A photo of your favorites

Photo of woman holding dog in a mountainous setting
Barrett Brynestad

Photo 16

A photo worth celebrating

Selfy of newly engaged couple with woman holding up ring
Ben Schuyler (@benschuyler)

Photo 17

A photo that makes you feel alive

photo of child running and jumping along the coast
David Guenther (@davidguenther)

Photo 18

A photo of what's most important to you

photo of man with his family
Tim Coulson (@timcoulson)

Photo 19

A photo of the morning that you want to remember

photo city street through water droplets on rainy window
Paloma Parrot (@palomaparrot)

Photo 20

A photo that brings you joy

photo of father playfully blowing raspberry on laughing child
Jenna Graham (@jennagrahamm)

Photo 21

A photo of the people that shaped your year

photo of married couple on the dance floor with wedding guests
Hannah McSwain (@hannahpickle)

Photo 22

A photo of you trying something new

Photo of woman taking a picture with camera pointed at screen
Ben Schuyler (@benschuyler)

Photo 23

A photo of something that you're proud of

Overhead photo of marathon in the city
Yuko Hirao

Photo 24

A photo that you'll want to pass down for generations

Black and white photo of laughing bride with father
Shari & Mike (@shariandmike)