An Inside Look

The Signature Layflat Album

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Artifact Uprising Signature Layflat Photo Album

The Signature Layflat Album is the most premium and personalized photo book option available — within our collection, and we believe, beyond. Made to honor your most meaningful occasions, from weddings to family milestones, this album answers to top customer-requested features, while bringing even more elevated details into the fold.

Inside and out, the materials chosen to make up this album are sourced with respect for our environment, and handled with care by real humans right here in the USA. From recycled leathers to time-honored binding techniques, the craftsmanship of our Signature Layflat Album honors what’s most meaningful to you, in print. Here, we’ll highlight all that goes into making this photo book truly one of a kind.

The Exterior

Mark the Moment

Customizable Occasion Templates

Customizable photo book cover templates

To start, the Signature Layflat Album offers cover designs for a variety of occasions, including family, wedding, travel, and general uses. Each includes customizable foil text elements to title your book and make it your own. The true, traditional foil stamping method, rather than digital foil printing, sets many of our photo books apart. With this, each letter is imprinted with heat into the fabric cover and spine, resulting in an elegantly textured finish.

Front and Center

Inlaid Cover Photo

Inlaid photo on book cover

In addition to foil stamping, customize your album with an inlaid feature photo, which is debossed and strongly adhered to the front cover. A common customer request, the incorporation of a photo on the cover of your album adds personality to the exterior and a preview of what’s inside.

Reduce. Reuse.

Recycled Leather Binding

Recycled leather photo book binding

The leather binding material option is made from recycled, or renatured, real hide fragments that are blended into a smooth, more sustainable material. In this process, the leather fragments are given a renewed use, rather than going to waste. Because this renatured leather is uncoated, it also still develops a natural patina over time.

Better, Naturally

Plant-Based Fabric Binding

Plant-based fabric photo book binding

Our cover fabrics provide a premium feel and lasting durability, using plant-based fibers instead of plastic. Each cover is adhered onto the book binding with handcrafted care.

For Safekeeping

Custom Walnut Box

Custom walnut photo book storage box

An optional add-on, the Walnut Box is made of reclaimed walnut wood and made solely for storing your Signature Layflat Album. Customize yours with a foil-stamped, imprinted title matching the foil color on your album cover for elevated (and coordinated!) safekeeping.

Note: We use reclaimed walnut wood from the conventional furniture industry, turning what was once considered wastewood into a sustainably-sourced and beautiful product.

The Interior

An Artisan Touch

Marbled End Sheets

Marbled endsheets in photo album

Handcrafted by female fair-trade artisans of Sustain & Heal, the gold, marbled paper end sheets are produced one of a kind through traditional techniques in Bangladesh. Due to their handmade nature, each end sheet will vary slightly in its unique marbled patterns, making your album truly one of a kind.

End-to-End Awe

Panoramic Spreads

Panoramic two-page photo in flush mount photo album

Like our other Layflat albums, also known as flush-mount photo books, the pages within it present your photos with seamless, panoramic impact. Landscape-oriented images especially stand out as they span a full spread, without the interruption of a book’s crease or “gutter.” And since the album stays open when lying flat, it makes for a great coffee table book on display.

Because Materials Matter

Premium Paper

Zoomed in image of interior pages

There are two paper type options that make up the insides of our Signature Layflat Photo Albums, Matte and Lustre, each ultra thick with an elevated texture that exudes quality. Produced by family-owned and sustainability-minded paper company, Mohawk, every page in the album is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

True to Life

Press Printing

Photo book opened to side by side photos

In the Signature Layflat Album and across all products, we use the press printing method, which produces the warm and pleasant aesthetic our customers know and love. Press printing renders your photos through a series of tiny dots, rather than the environmentally harmful traditional photo print method using silver halide, while also allowing us to fine-tune our own unique color profile on press.

The two paper type options in the album, Matte and Lustre, each interact with the ink a bit differently: choose the matte finish for a softer aesthetic where each photo’s ink soaks into the paper fibers, or choose the lustre finish for a satin aesthetic, serving as our understated take on traditional “glossy” print.

Return Often

Bookmark Ribbon

Bookmark ribbon marking page in opened photo album

Embellishing each album is an ivory book ribbon detail to mark your place or open to your favorite spread each time. We believe it’s these seemingly small details that add up to make the Signature Layflat Album’s quality speak for itself.

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