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On Being Creative

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Creative photo of café taken by Artifact Uprising community member

The stroke of a pen. The recipe made all your own. The light captured through your lens. Our capacity for the creative is endless — it’s a gift that can be expressed in many ways and is best when left undefined. When we choose to leave it blissfully boundless and open to individuality, our ideas thrive.

You may not consider yourself an artist, and maybe the thought of creating something seems daunting… yet every day we all create. We make something out of nothing, bringing things into existence that weren’t there before. We tell stories, write speeches, construct buildings, design spaces — each act with a craftsmanship all its own.

Whether you look for the art in everything or you shy away from titles like “artist” or “photographer,” let the simple love for your craft and the joy you find give you all the approval you need to be “creative.” The best ideas come when we give ourselves the permission to tell a unique story. Creativity itself can be a practice in gratitude — a place to grow, a way to recollect, and sharpen our perspective.

So today, we recognize and empower the creative in everyone. We press pause to discover and honor these imaginative practices in whatever shape they take. Below are images from members in our community who tapped into their own unique creativity — to simply remember a meaningful moment by taking a photo. Creativity is meant to be celebrated, and we hope these photos inspire you to explore the creative in you. May our community’s courage to pick up the camera and tell a story, lead you to do the same — through whichever medium brings you the most joy.

Photo 01

Pausing to Notice

Photo of endless flower field
Lindsay Brown (@lindsay_brown_)

Photo 02

Blurry is Beautiful

Blurry photo of Denver skyline taken from moving car
Brandon Lopez (@brandon.brightside)

Photo 03

What Lies Before Us

Woman on hiking trail peering out into landscape
Crystal Lynn Colins (@crystallyncollins)

Photo 04

Feeling Small

Group of friends camping in the mountains
Erin Woolf (@erinbwoolf)

Photo 05

Those Must-Visit Places

Wall art at a quaint and cozy café
Nathan Mueller (@nathanmmueller)

Photo 06

All Together Now

Race runners on a city bridge
Mallory Recor (@malloryrecor)

Photo 07

One Pick-Me-Up Please

Empty bar at trendy restaurant
Jessica Noor (@jessinoor)

Photo 08

Sights to Stop in Your Tracks

Flowering tree in front of yellow house
Joseph Owen (@josephowen)

Photo 09

Morning Light

Sun shining in downtown Denver
Barrett Brynestad (@b_brynestad)

Photo 10

Beautifully Weathered

Red rock formations
Isaac Beaverson (@isaacbeaverson)

Photo 11

To Be a Part of It All

View of mezzanine from second floor of a building
Iris García (@iriscil)

Photo 12

Making Room for Play

People riding carousel swing ride at an amusement park
Mallory Grimes (@malifornia93)

Photo 13

A City in Color

Scenic water channel in Italian city
Leanna Rutledge (@leannarutledge)

Photo 14

Looking Up Will Never Lead You Astray

Birds flying in a blue sky
Shannon Daugherty (@helloitsshannon)

Photo 15

Purpose to Press the Shutter

Little boy in field peering through camera lens
Jenna Elliott (@elliottsdwell)

Creativity is messy. It is not perfect or polished. It asks of its ideators to start over and over (and over…) again. But creativity, in all that it asks of you, will return tenfold — teaching that bravery and originality matter most. Trust your instinct to do it your way.

And as you create, put permanence to the many stories you tell, on paper — joining the endless dance between art, experience, and archive. Let print be the tangible medium through which your most meaningful moments can be lived again and again.


What Story Will You Tell?

Your creativity makes our day. Tag us on Instagram (@artifactuprising) and #TellOn.

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