As a company founded by women, we've found continuous encouragement in the stories behind the women we're inspired by. These narratives are meant to be celebrated — not just today — but every day. They let us know that the little victories add up to a bigger sum. They remind us that a life's work is a symptom of how the world is seen. So, we sat down with a handful of these women — the mothers, photographers, and business owners — to listen to the ways in which they're using photography to capture what matters most. And (not surprisingly) their answers were too good to keep to ourselves...

Irene Yuan

Cuyana, Director of Marketing

The belief that 'fewer, better things' truly leads to a fuller, better life informs every aspect of our work – including the narratives driven through our imagery.

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Gretel Truoung

The Malala Fund, Film Campaign Manager

At the Malala Fund, we bring to life what matters through film to tell the story of one girl, Malala, to change and inspire the lives of girls around the world. By working with and for girls' education, it's important that girls see themselves in the examples they are shown and have a way to express and tell their own stories.

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Nicole Griffin

Hazel & Pine

I've found my life's work in photography — it has created an opportunity to shift perspectives, stretch my understanding of the human experience and it's enabled me to view life through a more compassionate, empathetic lens.

See the world through Nicole's eyes — @nicoleelise03

Esther Havens

Humanitarian Photographer

My hope is that my work is the bridge that connects two worlds. For the unseen to be seen and heard and for lives to be changed because of it.

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Amanda Jane Jones

Designer & Mother

Part of my role as a mother is about remembering — for me, photography is how I record our family's story. Hopefully, when my children are old and gray, they can look back on these memories I've taken and treasure them as a part of their own personal story.

Find inspiration through Amanda's life — @amandajanejones

Whitney Runyon

The Archibald Project, Co-Founder

I've spent the last 5 years of my life dedicated to documenting and advocating for orphaned and vulnerable children & nothing speaks louder than showing someone their portrait for the first time. As soon as someone sees their photo that I've taken, they immediately look into my eyes and we truly see each other.

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Christian Schaffer


It's simple — I use photography to tell stories. For we all have a story to tell.

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Carly Nance

The Citizenry, Founder

Images capture the undeniable humanity and beauty of a moment. They tell stories better than words, so we use photography to show how rich interactions around the world can be.

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Reema Desai

Content Creator & Photographer

By creating, we claim our space in the world. At the core of it, we are always better when we connect and create with each other — and photography does just that.

See Reema's world — @reema_desai

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