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10 Gifting Questions We Get Asked the Most

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gift boxes next to photo book featuring full page image of mother and baby

Every holiday season, we’re reminded of the power of putting photos in print — revisting moments, reconnecting to others, and remembering stories that, quite simply, meant something. Our hope is to clear the path for you to experience that joy and to create a meaningful gift, stress-free.

This time of year, our Customer Experience Team is quite busy answering all of your questions, and we want to share answers with you to those questions that they receive the most — from how to choose a gift, to how to make it, and everything in between. (Bookmark this page for a cheat sheet that will make the season truly bright!)


Which Gift Should I Choose?

Artifact Uprising Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar featuring photo of two best friends
Pictured: Custom Photo Calendar

The perfect gift does exist. And there’s a few ways to make it a little easier to decide which photo gift is best for you…

What can I make with the time I have?

In the time it takes to walk the dog...
Gift Photo Prints

In the time it takes to bake a batch of cookies...
Gift Photo Calendars

In the time it takes to watch a movie...
Gift Photo Books

Pro tip: You can create a number of photo books in an hour or less! Give it a try with any of these easy photo book ideas.

What can I make with the number of photos I have?

With one or two photos...
Gift Framed Prints

With a dozen photos...
Gift Photo Calendars

With 50+ photos...
Gift Photo Books

No photos? No problem...
Gift Photo Holders

What's the Right Product for My Gift?

Featuring elevated design and premium materials, any of our photo books, frames, calendars, or prints will bring joy well beyond the season. With a variety of photo gift options at your fingertips, we’ve created guides to help narrow down your options and map out what makes each product unique.

Which Photo Book Is Right for You?

Which Type of Photo Frame Is Right for You?

Which Photo Calendar Is Right for You?

Which Photo Prints Are Right for You?


Can You Help Me Make Something Creative?

Sometimes, it seems impossible to find a gift that says it all. But with your photos, these creations are worth more than a thousand words (and are, by nature, creative). Find a little extra inspiration with these unique gift ideas from our community.

A custom cocktail book for your partner

artifact uprising diy cocktail book created by @megleonardco
Layflat Photo Album

Photo by @megleonardco

A life-sized frame for your little

baby next to Artifact Uprising Gallery Frame created by @loree.1
Gallery Frames

Photo by @loree.1

A family history book for your parents

artifact uprising hardcover photo book as family history album by @capturelifeinsound
Hardcover Photo Book

Photo by @capturelifeinsound


What's New This Year?

Overhead photo of parent and toddler both holding Artifact Uprising Early Years Childhood Memory Book

Our team has been hard at work making sure that you have a variety of new gifting options this holiday. Take a peek below for a few of our favorite new designs!

The Early Years Book

This much-anticipated sequel to the Story of You Baby Book brings the same moment-marking magic to years one through five.

The Stories We Tell Scrapbook

Back by popular demand (finally!), we made this streamlined, one-of-a-kind take on the classic scrapbook even better.

Poster Print

A choose-your-own-adventure poster designed to tell your story, featuring design-forward, customizable layouts that highlight both photos and text.


Where Do I Even Begin?

Hands on keyboard organizing photos on laptop

Creating a custom gift can feel a little daunting, but the hardest part is honestly getting started. Once you know which photos you want to use, it's easy! So as you set out to make a photo gift, it only makes sense to begin with your photos — specifically, organizing them.

Check out our guide to organizing photos for a helping hand with decluttering your camera roll and narrowing down favorites. We’ve also put together a Holiday Gifting Checklist with everything you need to stay on track with your most meaningful gift ideas.


Can I Be Sure My Images Print Well?

low resolution warning in artifact uprising project editor

We pride ourselves on the quality of our printing and want you to feel just as confident printing your images with us. For the best results, there are a few tips you should keep in mind as you take the digital and make those moments tangible again. You can find many more where these came from in our Guide to Great Print Results.

Photo Resolution

First things first, always make sure you are uploading the full-resolution image. If you text the photos to yourself, that will compress the files and give them a lower resolution. Instead, you can either airdrop the files to your computer device or upload them to a gallery on our website from your phone. These methods will ensure your photos keep every bit of detail possible for print.

For the highest quality printed product, we recommend the following when uploading images:

✓ File type: .jpg or .png

✓ DPI (dots per inch): 300 DPI

✓ Color Profile: sRGB

Keep in mind: Our editor is designed to give a low-resolution warning if the image you upload isn’t quite big enough to print at the size you've chosen. This depends on the image's DPI (dots per inch) — a measure of resolution — at the size chosen for print. You can also change the DPI of your image using this guide.

Luckily, there are several size/layout options available for almost all of our products, to make sure you can find one that works for your image (usually downsizing is a good place to start!).


Sometimes, it's necessary to make edits for the differences in how images transfer from screen to print, since ink on paper doesn't have the same advantages as a high-res, backlit computer screen. Also, since we use an uncoated matte paper, ink absorbs a bit more — meaning images that are dark can look even darker in print.

One trick you can use to account for the transition from screen to print is to drop your screen brightness down slightly (to about 50%) and then make any adjustments to brightness or contrast from there to help ensure a bright and clear print.

Editing Your Photos

We often get asked the question, “How do I make my photos look like yours?” (We’re blushing, by the way…) To bring out the best in your photos, we’ve created a guide to editing iphone photos with tips to brighten, crop, create contrast, and more.

Not to mention, we're big fans of a few select editing tools, which is why we created VSCO editing recipes and Lightroom presets for you to use, as well!

Pro tip: We've all captured those moments that deserve to live on forever, only to look back in our camera rolls and feel disappointed in the results. That's why we're also sharing some of our favorite tips for fixing common photo issues after the snap! After all, nothing should keep you from printing the moments that mean something.


How Can I Personalize My Gift?

personal history album created for mom

Whether you are sending your gift in the mail or are just looking for a few extra, thoughtful details, here are a few ways to personalize your gift:

✓ Start (or end) your photo book with a dedication page.

✓ Add in captions and key dates.

✓ Pair a Holiday Card (featuring a personalized note) with your gift.


Any Tips for Creating My Project?

Woman creating project on laptop

When it comes to navigating our editor and creating a photo project — our Customer Experience Team truly knows best. In Tips for Your Project, they share their best advice for making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

One of our favorite tips from that guide is duplicating projects. After all, one photo project can go a long way — especially when it comes to gifting. Rather than starting from scratch, duplicate your project from the My Projects page and make a few small tweaks to gift the same photos to someone else who will love them. Think: your wedding album turned into a gift for your parents, or your photo book of baby photos turned into a gift for grandparents.


When Do I Need to Order By?

Artifact Uprising boxes at front door

Our shipping guidelines page is the best place to find key cut-off dates for Standard, International, Economy, Rush, and Expedited shipping — for delivery by December 24th. If you’re ordering for Hanukkah, you'll find that information on our shipping page too!

Reminder: Our friends in the shipping industry are especially busy this time of year, so ordering your gifts early and a few days (or weeks!) before these cut-off dates is always a good idea.


What Can I Gift Last-Minute?

Creatively wrapped gifts with photo prints on them

Need ideas for easy, last-minute gifts? (We get asked this question a lot — you’re in good company!).

Wooden Quote Box

While you wait for it to arrive, gather little sentimentals so you can stow the true gift inside.

Story of You Baby Book

This one-of-a-kind, interactive photo journal documents baby's first, most meaningful year, making it perfect for new and soon-to-be parents.

Gift Cards

As far as we're concerned, there's no shame in giving someone a chance to create their own perfect project.


Any Promotions Coming Up?

We can’t give away all our secrets… but there will be promotions throughout the season! We recommend following us on Instagram, signing up for our email newsletter at the bottom of this page, or subscribing to texts to be in the know.

Still have questions?

Our Help Hub has answers.

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