7 Festive Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

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Zoomed in on holiday advent calendar which is one of many holiday decorating ideas

No matter how far we are into the season, it just doesn't feel like the holidays until the decorations are up. After all, it's more than just decor. It's a nod to time-honored traditions: a place-setting for the many meaningful moments we'll share with the ones we love.

Each year, we add something new, get creative, and put a slight spin on years past — pairing old classics with fresh additions in pursuit of merry… and bright. It's a ritual of recreation that we, simply put, love.

So this year, in the spirit of the season, we're sharing some of our favorite ways to deck the halls in our own homes (with photos, of course). May these seven festive holiday decor ideas bring joy to you and yours.

Idea 01

Deck the Walls

Gift-wrapped photo frame hanging on wall next to tree

What you’ll need: Wrapping supplies, photo frame, or thin box

That framed photo you're gifting could be your newest holiday decor addition. All you have to do is wrap the frame and hang it exactly where its permanent home will be. The best part is that you'll tease the gift without actually giving it all away, leaving them wondering which photo could be in the frame up until the big day.

Pro tip: Love the idea but not planning on gifting a frame? You can use also wrap a thin cardboard box to create a similar look for your space.

Idea 02

Bring the Bright

Family photos strung up on the wall using holiday lights

What you’ll need: String lights, fasteners (clothes pins or tape), Everyday Prints

This holiday season, let there be light — and plenty of family photos — with a simple idea that sends just the right sentiment. (After all, you're going to put those string lights up anyway!) Choose your favorite prints from holidays past and hang them off your lights where everyone can see. It's the perfect idea for the tree, mantel, or just about any indoor surface.

Idea 03

Make Your Mantel

Holiday mantel with hanukkah decorations

What you’ll need: Framed photos, holiday candles, Brassel Easel With Prints, pine, lights (the possibilities are endless)

Whether you have a fireplace mantel waiting for its holiday transformation, or a shelf you can take over for the season, it's your chance to tap into your creativity and put a personal touch on your decor. Just remember: Mantel decorating ideas are in no short supply, and there's no right way to approach your display. Take the time to experiment, tell a story, and most importantly, make it feel unique to you.

Pro tip: While holiday mantels have a tendency to lean in the direction of excess, there's no need to pull out every holiday prop you own. Achieve balance by displaying fewer pieces, putting the focus on those that carry meaning.

Idea 04

Bring Them to the Table

Photo prints used as table place settings for holiday dinner

What you’ll need: Everyday Prints

It's not just the company and cuisine that bring meaning to holiday meals. We also go above and beyond this time of year to make the table itself festive and memorable. And while using prints in table place settings may be the simplest of the holiday decorating ideas on our list, it's a crowd-pleaser that's sure to give dinners that little something extra.

Pro tip: Give it a bit of extra cheer by thoughtfully spreading group photos out on the dining table. (Then get ready to relive every moment.)

Idea 05

Rethink Your Wreath

Holiday wreath created using photo

What you’ll need: Photo prints

A few well-placed prints are all it takes to give the classic wreath a welcome refresh. Plus, making the wreath may become another holiday tradition that the family can enjoy together each year. Who knows? A few photos from this year's wreath-making party could make their way into next year's wreath. (Just make sure the little ones don't have direct access to the glue gun.)

Idea 06

Count Down in Photo

Advent calendar created using photo prints

What you’ll need: Thick string or yarn, clothespins, Everyday Prints, permanent marker

Count down to the big day while reliving memorable moments from holidays past. An advent calendar makes it all possible while adding a fun interactive element to the season — especially for those with young children. Whether you choose to do the whole month, a classic twelve days theme, or even the days of Hanukkah is all up to you. No matter the calendar, make time to enjoy the moment by flipping each print over as a family.

Pro tip:
No need to put holes in your prints or the wall — hang them off a line using clothespins. You could even hang your advent calendar off of string lights, combining two of the holiday decorating ideas in this post.

Idea 07

Add a Natural Element

Photo prints hanging from branch attached to wall

What you’ll need: Branch, yarn or hemp rope, tape, anchor hook

Pay homage to the changing landscape of the season by adding a natural element to your decor. A bit of string is all that's needed to turn your average branch into a out-of-the-box way to display photos without frames. A fallen Aspen branch is ideal, but just about any varietal will do. To stay in the seasonal motif, you can opt to hang your prints off pine too.

Pro tip: We chose to use tape to preserve our prints, but you can also use a hole puncher to string through them... your call!

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