9 Ideas for a Hassle-Free Holiday Card

We feel you — this season comes up faster than we can say "winter wonderland," and in the midst of gatherings and decorating, we sometimes forget what matters most: putting pen to paper and sending our best to the ones we love. Fear not — we've compiled our 9 favorite photo ideas this holiday season that celebrate simplicity and imperfection. You're steps away from your easiest (and best!) holiday card yet.

Tip 01

Re-scroll Your Camera Roll

Okay, yes (a bit captain obvious) — but your holiday card photo doesn't have to be a brand new image. We know your iPhone is probably chock-full of share-worthy photos that would pair perfectly with our holiday card line. Best part? Your phone photos will print beautifully — just ask @aimeemazzenga & @jonnymendez23.

Find: Your favorite photo from the year

Bring: Your iPhone and download the AU iPhone App to make your card in minutes

Pair with: Bordered Love Holiday Card

Tip 02

Spend a Day at Home

The best moments are often captured in the place you know best. Assemble your crew, set up a tripod and capture life as you know it just like @timcoulson.

Find: A spot in your home (clean walls are welcomed!)

Bring: A tripod

Pair with: Simplest Things with Gold Foil Holiday Card

Tip 03

Just Add Color

No snow needed. Make your holiday card bright by finding a colored wall like @deunivory. Grab a friend and you'll have your holiday card photo captured in minutes.

Find: A bright wall

Bring: A friend to take the photo

Pair with: All That’s Unwritten with Copper Foil Holiday Card

Tip 04

Capture the Year

If 98% of your photos are of your little one – this tip is for you. Grab a handful of your favorite images like @masakathryn and give your family a card they'll want to keep on the fridge year-round.

Find: Your favorite micro-moments of the year

Bring: Nothing; this one's hands free!

Pair with: With Love Grid Holiday Card

Tip 05

Do It Yourself

Yes, we are talking about that front-facing camera of yours. Gather the ones you love like @willmacdes and lean-in close (bonus point for jokes that make everyone laugh!).

Find: A landscape that feels like home

Bring: Your smartphone + the ones you love most

Pair with: Simple Love to You & Yours Holiday Card

Tip 06

Turn Up the Beat

Finding it impossible to get your little ones to stay still in front of the camera? Play on their terms — turn up a beat, let them dance & snap away (genius, @heyabiq).

Find: A simple wall or backdrop

Bring: Portable speakers

Pair with: Merry with Gold Foil Holiday Card

Tip 07

Grab Your Furry Friend

If you are like we are, your bff might have four legs and follow you everywhere you go. Snap a few shots of that pet you love like @abigaildemyanek and let them take center stage.

Find: The Great Outdoors

Bring: Your pup or any pet

Pair with: Bold Joyeux 3-in-1 Holiday Card (Best part is that this card turns into a photo & a gift tag!)

Tip 08

Share the Celebration

Relive that day. Take those wedding photos off your USB drive and put them into print on your holiday card. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite — right, @redway and @shariandmike?

Find: The USB drive of your wedding photos

Bring: Eggnog for the selection process

Pair with: Cheer with Copper Foil Holiday Card

Tip 09

Get Creative

Say it with signs of the season. Whether a dash of holiday red or evergreen-a-plenty, find a fun way to share your merry like @cay_mae.

Find: A blank canvas

Bring: Holiday-themed props

Pair with: Bold 2016 Holiday Card

Decisions, decisions...

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