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32 Fridge-Worthy Holiday Card Ideas

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Variety of Artifact Uprising Holiday Photo Cards next to pen and envelopes

This time of year seems to sneak up on us without fail. We receive those first holiday cards in the mail and think, "holiday card photo?!" Luckily, there’s still plenty of time to mail out your season’s greetings and make that card one to remember.

Here, we honor the connections we hold close with holiday card ideas sure to be crowd favorites. From classic Christmas photo ideas to Hannukah-worthy inspiration, we've gathered our favorites to help you celebrate whatever the season means to you.

01 & 02

Keep It Classic

There's never any harm in staying true to a classic! Honor the connection you share as partners, pals, or family by putting it front and center in this season's send. Keep it simple by stepping out in front of the place you call home or go the extra mile by setting out in search of a winter wonderland.

Couple posing for picture in front of home
Photo by Aimée Mazzenga
Couple kissing in front of brick wall
Photo by Deun Ivory

03 & 04

Embrace the Selfie

No selfie shaming here! Not only is it one of the most accessible holiday photo ideas (we all have them in our camera roll!), it's also the quickest way to get everyone in on the picture whenever inspiration strikes.

Family posing for selfie on a chilly day
Photo by Will Mac
Couple posing for selfie on a snowy day
Photo by Adrianne Verheyen

05 & 06

Let Kids Be Kids

Kids will be kids, and they're more than likely to bring a little whimsy into the scene! In those wild imaginations lies a plethora of unique holiday card ideas sure to set yours apart and bring joy to friends and family. Get them in on the brainstorming and make it a staple of fun family activities that everyone can enjoy.

Trio of children in sunglasses striking dance poses
Photo by Abi Q

07 & 08

Bring Furry Friends Into the Frame

Paws to honor the season with a little help from your furry friends. From cute christmas card ideas with the cat to howl-worthy Hanukkah cards, it's a way to take the pressure off of yourself. After all, family holiday photo ideas can be hard to come up with! (Don't forget a few treats to get distracted doggos to look toward the lens.)

Hands holding up adorable puppy
Photo by Anna Shvets

09 & 10

Relive Your Best Day

Your best day makes a pretty good mail day too. For those who said "I do" in the past year, this year's holiday card is a great excuse to showcase your wedding photos one more time. (You know you want to!)

Bride and groom walking jubilantly down tunnel of friends at wedding
Photo by Shari + Mike Photographers
Bride and groom walking hand and hand in the snow
Photo by Megan Sadler

11 & 12

Get the Whole Gang Together

Wrangling the whole crew is easier said than done, but good things happen when the gang's all together. You may need a hand from a close friend or relative, a tripod to set your camera up on, or some scrappy finagling of the phone to prop it up against an object with the timer on. Then, let the family holiday photo ideas ensue!

Need more inspiration? Some of our photographer friends put together a list of tips for photographing your family that might come in handy.

Happy couple with their young children on their laps
Photo by Tim Coulson

13 & 14

Make Room for Tender Moments

Celebrate love in its many forms by capturing the candid micro-moments that bring your bonds to life. A little one's love for their sibling, a mother's love for their newborn… the list goes on, but each is the stuff of cute Christmas card ideas and beyond. After all, melt-your-heart was made for merry.

15 & 16

Give Little Ones the Spotlight

If 98% of your photos are of your little one, this tip was made for you. Grab a handful of your favorite images and give family and friends a card they'll want to keep on the fridge year-round. With so many snaps of the little one on hand, it calls for a multi-image card — wouldn't you say?

Oh and if you need some help, don't forget to check out ourtips for photographing children.

Baby in onesie laying on bed and laughing
Photo by Masa Hensley
Baby in beanie outside laughing in dad's arms
Photo by Brianna Heiligenthal

17 & 18

Goofy Does It

Skip to the top of the fridge-worthy pile by humoring your silly side. Because, let's face it, funny Christmas card ideas are always appreciated! From goofy faces to silly outtakes, your holiday cards are a chance to bring those bloopers to the forefront… and laughter to their mailboxes.

19 & 20

All You Need Is a Wall

Holiday photo ideas aren't dependent on a postcard-perfect snow day! Let your card stand out simply with color. It’s easy: Just find a bright wall nearby, hop in front of it, and share some bright this year. This one's especially helpful for those of us who have a tendency to procrastinate from time to time. (No judgment here!)

Couple posing in front of salmon-colored wall
Photo by Madi Flournoy Henderson
Couple in piggyback pose in front of blue stone wall
Photo by Colin Pinegar

21, 22, & 23

Celebrate Life in Motion

Poses have their place, but it's those authentic little moments of imperfection that showcase what the season is all about. Luckily, it's easy to get both pristine and playful images as you're making your photos. All it takes is a little snap-happiness to catch the in-between outtakes that you can't wait to put in print.

Mom tossing young daughter up in the air and catching her
Photo by Lauren Labarre
Little girl striking ballerina pose on top of a hill
Photo by Nicki Sebastian
Little girl and mom laughing as she holds baby in her arms
Photo by Stoffer Photography

24 & 25

Celebrate Life's Milestones

As the holiday season approaches, so too does the end of the year and, in turn, a time of reflection. Look back on the year's highs and take inventory of the moments that brought shape, solace, and excitement to your months. From engagements and new additions to the family to little triumphs over personal obstacles, it all deserves celebration — and what better place than your holiday cards?

26, 27, & 28

Props Have Their Place

Smiling faces are always in season, but often we overlook the creativity simple props can bring into our DIY holiday cards and photos. Look to wreaths, cookies, menorahs, or the many other objects that symbolize the season in your eyes. Each holds a wealth of playful possibilities for a good mail day (and a welcome out for those of us who are a little more camera shy!).

Hands holding a wreath out the window
Photo by Michael Rosales
Branch of pine hanging above bed
Photo by Katelyn Stetler
Child's hand grabbing cookie from plate
Photo by Erin Holmes

29 & 30

Let Nature Do the Talking

Get your seasonal dose of dashing through the snow by adventuring into nearby landscapes for holiday card photos that give winter its due. Or, look through your camera roll for a landscape that you've been saving for some special treatment. Either way, it's sure to stand out on the fridge in the midst of all of those family photos!

Psst… we even teamed up with Chris Burkard to offer some landscape photography tips that might be of help.

Tips of endless trees in a snow-frosted forest
Photo by Megan White
Sandy path leading to beautiful coastline
Photo by Calli Nicoletti

31 & 32

Create Your Own Scene

Perennial overachievers, this one's for you. You know: those of you who chop down your own trees, deck the car with boughs of holly, wait for storybook snowstorms, and sprinkle in signs of the season. You've set the bar high — now give the people what they want. It's your time to shine!

Old time car with wreath on grill and freshly cut pine tree strapped to the roof
Photo by Megan Clouse
Couple holding wreath and freshly cut pine tree in front of large stack of logs
Photo by Lauren Wells

Joy, Delivered

Bring Your Holiday Card Ideas to Life

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