Our Planet in Perspective

10 Photos to Celebrate Mama Earth

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Sun hitting the top of a mountain peak

We stand by you, mama earth — today and every day.

Reveling in the feeling of smallness that comes from towering trees and vibrant stars above.

Delighting in how it feels to breathe in fresh air and have sand between our toes.

Honoring the joy of jumping into lakes and exploring parks and forests.

Appreciating the simplicity of a walk outside or the calm that comes from an opened window.

We are grateful for the moments you shape and the details you color. And with each mountain climbed, woods wandered, field roamed, and flower admired — we marvel at your majesty and the perspective you bring.

Whether these wild places are a close visit or a trip yet to be planned, this kind of thoughtfulness and celebration can belong to any (and every!) day of the year. There's always the ground beneath us, the sky above us, and vivid stories tucked away — for us to discover and share in the telling.

And here we look to photos — sharing 10 favorites that serve as a return ticket to the places we’ve once stood and remind us why every day should be Earth Day.

Photo 01

Golden Pockets

Photo of Renee Hehnel of golden hour in Bryce Canyon National Park
Renee Hahnel (@reneeroaming) | Bryce Canyon National Park

Photo 02

On the Lake

Photo by Alex Strohl of small island in a lake surrounded by mountains
Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl)

Photo 03

Layers of Light

Photo by Brandon Lopez of sun-kissed beach
Brandon Lopez (@brandon.brightside) | Santa Monica, California

Photo 04

Feeling Small

Photo by Chris Burkard of camper van driving away from El Capitan
Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard) | Yosimite National Park

Photo 05

Chasing Waterfalls

Photo by Barrett Brynestad of Icelandic waterfall
Barrett Brynestad (@b_brynestad) | Iceland

Photo 06

Bird's Eye View

Drone photo by Dirk Dallas of water and trees
Dirk Dallas (@dirka)

Photo 07


Photo by Garrett King of solitary arch under starry night sky
Garrett King (@shortstache) | Arches National Park

Photo 08

Summer Sunsets

Photo by Kelsey Bailey of golden clouds at sunset
Kelsey Bailey (@KBAYY) | Colorado

Photo 09

Transition Seasons

Photo by Kara Mercer of mountain road surrounded by golden aspens
Kara Mercer (@_karamercer)

Photo 10

In Bloom

Photo by Teresa Freitas of Portuguese flower field
Teresa Freitas (@teresafreitas) | Alentejo, Portugal

Today... and every day

An Ongoing Commitment

With lives as noisy as ours, we’re sure of one thing: These are the places we deeply need. We strive to be kind stewards to mama earth — both in the business we do and the lives we keep. Because little by little, our small strides become big and find a way to unite our differences.

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