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10 Modern Wall Decor Ideas Inspired by Our Community

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When refreshing our spaces, we turn to modern decor for its design-forward clarity and effortless beauty. We love that modern room decor is all about simplicity — choosing fewer meaningful pieces that make a bigger impact when brought together, thoughtfully.

Most minds will go to clean lines, minimal looks, simple color palettes, and natural light at first mention of modern interior design. But, truth is, it can mean something new every day! So when incorporating contemporary wall decor ideas in your space, give yourself the creative freedom to break the “rules” a bit. Let the guidelines simply guide — and make decor decisions that bring you joy. Start with these 10 examples we’ve gathered to inspire your own take on today’s designs.

Idea 01

Put storied frames in focus.

Rather than opting for a single, large frame — feature multiple, smaller frames in a design-forward display that allows you to bring more photos into the mix. Not only does this look’s simplicity nod toward modern interior design, but the creative placement with the framing of the hallway gives it playful and focused appeal. Your eyes (as well as your guests') will be drawn to the story in the frames, making it an easy topic of conversation. To replicate this in your space, look for lines, shapes, and “frames” the room creates naturally, and place a set of frames in that nook.

Idea 02

Escape uniformity.

Modern home decor styles emerged at the turn of the century as the world moved toward industrialization. Gothic, renaissance, and victorian styles were reigning supreme with heavy ornamentation and dramatic elements, but then modern design came into the picture leading with something different: clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and neutral, natural hues.

Remember our note about breaking the rules? Put a spin on these modern doctrines by taking a more linear and symmetrical gallery wall arrangement and mix-and-matching the frame finishes and styles. By blending different looks you’ll create a photo wall with plenty of visual interest — that’s uniquely your own.

Idea 03

Embrace the color comeback.

Okay, okay. It’s no secret we are lovers of minimalism. However, we are thrilled to see that color and maximalism are having a (tasteful) comeback. Look around, and you’ll see saturated tones are starting to work their way back into decorscapes, especially in 2022 wall art trends.

So to incorporate this modern wall decor idea in your space, find a statement piece like framed artwork or a photo from a colorful adventure — and place it somewhere that could use a pop of personality. Use a low-profile frame to complement the bold, saturated tones in the image itself and create an overall sense of balance. Going a step further, we recommend pairing the saturated centerpiece piece with more subtle tones in other decor (like we spy @allyseholcomb doing with our Layflat in oatmeal, here).

Idea 04

Bring texture into the room.

Here’s a modern room idea that will make your space come alive. And it’s all about texture. When playing with natural materials (a staple in modern home decor!), framed prints can create a source of organic texture that complements others in the room. Play off the shapes, lines, and textures of your furnishings, and you’ll have a room full of visual interest. Just choose your textures mindfully and keep other parts of the room (like the remainder of the walls) fairly clean and simple

Idea 05

Balance the space.

If modern room decor is a way to create structure and clarity (form follows function!) then finding a state of balance in your space is absolutely key. You want your room to flow and serve a meaningful purpose. If you bring bigger, more maximalist furniture into a room, offset the design and achieve balance with low-profile wall art, like the display here. Because who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Idea 06

Act natural.

Alright, we’re taking it off the walls in this modern wall decor idea for a living room. Because, in our eyes, the best way to bring a space together is to thoughtfully make use of counters, shelves, and side tables to tell the full story. And again, this is a great time to incorporate natural materials and textures (like our Walnut and Pine calendars!). Don’t be afraid to layer wood to complement finishes, and tie it all together by bringing the outside in with real or dried natural elements.

Idea 07

Let prints stand on their own.

“Fewer things, that matter more” is a mantra (and rallying cry of ours) that translates perfectly to this modern decor idea. Often, lower-profile photo holders lend themselves more naturally to a minimalistic and clean look. So forget the frames, and let your photos take the lead with a simple hanging device like a wood shelf (or even washi tape!). That way the focus will be on the images and stories your photos tell.

Idea 08

Allow asymmetry.

Have a large, bare wall needing a little something special? This modern gallery wall idea is sure to be a showstopper. You’ve likely seen the classic gallery wall layouts that are laid out on the grid (which, yes, can also be made modern) — but in the spirit of looking forward and trying something new… Say goodbye to the grid!

Experiment with more perfunctory, freeform arrangements that shun the need for symmetry, and truly wow your walls. We love the idea of pairing asymmetrical frames with corresponding images, reinventing the triptych.

Idea 09

Mind your matting.

When discovering the different types of picture frames, you will learn to love matting: the white paper that surrounds your photo. More pronounced matting creates a refined, elevated look that many people associate with museum photography installations. Not only does it look quite impressive, but this modern wall decor idea also allows you to choose larger, more impressive frames for photos that may be lower resolution. The white space will take up most of the area in your frame — with the photo itself being smaller, so you don’t have to worry about the image quality as much. We’re not leaving any meaningful, taken-on-a-phone photos behind here!

P.S. if you are looking for more tips to enlarge photos for print, we have a guide for that.

Idea 10

Enliven the little corners.

Let’s just call this one a corner(stone) of modern decor. Move away from the singular focus point to more perfunctory placements — and prioritize your nooks and crannies. By personalizing smaller arrangements throughout your home, you’ll find yourself with more areas that bring you joy. Remember to keep it simple and clutter-free, because that brings joy, too.

Make it modern.

Modern home decor has a way of elevating and personalizing any space, and we hope that you’ve been inspired to see your space in a new light. Whichever modern decor idea you choose, it’s yours to implement and love. (If you ask us, you are your own best tastemaker.)

Whatever "modern" means to you, we'd love to see it! Just tag us on Instagram using @artifactuprising and #TellOn. Or, submit your photo for a chance to be featured in an upcoming article.

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