A Timeline and Guide for the Perfect Holiday Card



Holiday Cards bring extra cheer to this time of year – whether sending or receiving, they add a little extra joy to the season. To ensure your holiday cards reach your loved ones right on schedule, we've crafted a timeline that includes some of our top tips and tricks, guaranteeing you the best holiday card experience yet.

  1. Today: Choose Your Card
  2. This Month: Select Your Photos
  3. This Month: Gather Addresses
  4. November: Design & Order
  5. Late November: Stuff & Stamp
  6. Early December: Mail Them Off


Choose Your Card

Begin browsing our Holiday Card Collection to find the perfect card. Have an idea of the number of photos or the greeting you want to share? Narrow down the search by using the filters to find your favorites. If you prefer to let design lead you, we recommend starting your search with our 2023 Holiday Card Collection – we’re certain you’ll find one that fits just right.


Select Your Photos

Selecting the right photo can be tricky. We recommend taking a quick scroll through the photos you’ve taken this year. Are there any that fit the bill? If not, it’s time to schedule a mini-session with a local photographer or set up a DIY photoshoot. Looking for a local photographer? Check out a list – of some of our favorite photographers alongside their tips and tricks for achieving a perfect photoshoot.


Gather Addresses

Take this opportunity to compile your list of recipients. Include family members, friends, coworkers, and anyone you’d like to send a happy mail day to — don’t forget Santa. We recommend building a list in Google Sheets that you can add to year after year. We've got you covered on a template, which is built into our editor. Simply start your card project, select to include envelope addressing, then click "Add" at the bottom of the screen. Then, click "Use Our Template" to access the Google Sheets template. From there, you can start building your list. Don’t forget to send a quick message to anyone whose address may have changed!

Image from: @meredithca


Design & Order

By now, you should have your card selected, and addresses gathered– it’s go time. Finish designing your card in our editor by selecting your greeting, adding your photo (or photos), and typing a quick note on the back. Some of our favorite ways to add text to cards are by either recapping the year in a few typed sentences or adding a handwritten note upon arrival. Next step: addressing. This year, we've spent some time evolving our envelope addressing service. We listened to your feedback and hope to save you some time (and hand cramps) with the updated experience. Simply upload your list, check out, and wait for a happy mail day.
While waiting for your cards to arrive, stop by the post office and pick up some stamps or order them online. It's important to note that if you ordered a square card, you will need extra postage. It’s best to check with your local post office for how much additional postage is needed per card.


Stuff & Stamp

Your cards have arrived, hooray! It’s time to stuff and stamp (and address if they aren’t already)! It's the perfect time to throw on your favorite holiday tunes, pour some hot chocolate, and set up a cozy assembly station. Quick tip: don’t like licking the envelopes? Get a small bowl of water and a sponge or a small paintbrush to dab the adhesive.

Image from: @_lexusmegan_


Mail Them Off

All the hard work is done – now you just have to drop them in the mail. Sending in early December or late November is a sure way to guarantee you are one of the first cards your recipient opens — we're big fans of bringing holiday cheer early!

That’s it! You spread joy to loved ones near and far with little stress! Now, kick back and relax while you scroll through our favorite gifts for 2023.