Embrace Autumn With Intention

14 Fall Home Decor Ideas

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Gallery wall on dark olive green wall filled with family photos in gold and brass frames and an Artifact Uprising Gallery Frame in Walnut

As summer adventures wind down and the seasons begin to change, the first signs of fall signal a shift inward. Our instincts to nest come to the forefront, prompting a renewed desire to make our spaces feel like home. Here, courtesy of our community, we share fall home decor ideas that can help mark this time of change — simple, approachable ideas that embrace the unique tranquility of this season we love.


Tone it down.

Fall home decor starts with a color palette that quiets the noise and embraces the serenity of the season. Subtle shifts between gradient tones become an homage to the slow and simple transition from summer to autumn, infusing your decor with a sense of calm. For that finishing touch, bring a similar palette to your photo decor - like @brookeaykay and @hellohannahbeam - who use their wall art ideas to achieve a true sense of cohesion.


Decorate with an accent.

An Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Books on coffee table in artsy apartment with honeycomb decor accents
Hardcover Photo Books

Photo by @sousmarin

Muted, gradient palettes are a mainstay in autumn, but don't be so quick to cast color aside in modern fall decor — a backdrop of neutrals presents a welcome opportunity for subtle accents to stand out in swoon-worthy ways. @sousmarin brings new life into her space with a few well-placed pops of honeycomb (like the Hardcover Photo Book on her coffee table!), which quickly capture attention set against neutral and dark hues.


Make the most of light.

An Artifact Uprising Wooden Tabletop Frames hung in vertical trio on dining room wall next to circular mirror behind a modern chandelier
Wooden Tabletop Frames

Photo by @kelikinza

Shorter days leave many of us longing for illumination. Luckily, the simple inclusion of a mirror is all it takes to amplify those sunlight hours — especially in dimly lit or small rooms. As the additional light gives that extra glow to your fall decor, it elevates the space as a whole by giving the room a sense of vibrance. As you imbibe in the energizing and mood-boosting effects of more natural light, you might even find that your decor isn't the only thing glowing.


Break the rules.

Artifact Uprising Gallery Frames on wall as part of a gallery wall mixing sizes, finishes, and spacing
Gallery Frames

Photo by @iamshoshyco

When autumn decorating ideas are the topic of conversation, the concept of symmetry is sure to come up. But for us, it's not about symmetry; it's about balance. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild as you rearrange furnishings or gallery walls, tapping into a sense of design freedom that is so often limited by steadfast symmetry. Not quite sure how to go about it? Take a page from @iamshoshyco, who clearly isn't afraid to mix and match sizes, styles, finishes, and spacing to create visual interest — all the while maintaining a beautiful sense of balance.



9 frame grid gallery wall in minimalist dining room featuring family portraits in Artifact Uprising Modern Metal Frames behind dining table and roped chandelier
Modern Metal Frames

Photo by @hannahmcmorrison

The goal of decorating isn't to fill a space, but rather to find the joy in it. Nestling this mantra in the back of your mind will manifest a sense of both place and purpose as you decorate, allowing every piece of decor to shine through with intention. Start by asking yourself what role each addition plays and how it makes it feel more like home. You might be surprised at how little it takes to create a clean and simple design scheme that draws the eye to those meaningful pieces you choose to display. (For @hannahmcmorrison, all it took was a gallery wall of family photos!)

Pro tip: For more decor schemes like this one, check our guide to minimalist room ideas.


Add a dash of the unexpected.

Artifact Uprising Everyday Prints arranged artistically inside of large frame with plenty of negative space
Everyday Prints

Photo by @mycozymodern

From early season snow to rich colors that appear in nature from seemingly nowhere, fall is full of surprises. Look to that same sense of the unexpected to elevate your autumn living room decor and give guests a reason for pause. A fresh take on framing photos is one such idea, filled with ample possibilities for what could be — like this large frame @mycozymodern used to put a small handful of Everyday Prints on display. We had to do a double take!


Decorate from the bottom up.

Two large Artifact Uprising Gallery Frames on the ground layered one in front of the other against the wall next to a credenza, house plant, and mirror
Gallery Frames

Photo by @kerryhousley

Frames on the floor? We're here for it! This modern take on photo display makes for a design element that's right at home next to side tables, credenzas, media consoles, and more. Try opting for a layered look like @kerryhousley, who placed a small Gallery Frame in front of a larger Gallery Frame, creating a dimensional and unexpected result that draws the eye in by defying expectations.


Nest through your photos.

Two Artifact Uprising Wooden Photo Ledges filled with Everyday Prints and other family photos and art prints
Everyday Print Set + Wooden Photo Ledge

Photo by @laurajaegerphotography

While summer prompts us to look outward for new adventures, the transition to fall asks that we turn our lens inward, making time for reflection on what truly matters. As temperatures cool and the inside calls, bring your photos to the forefront of your autumn home decor, channeling this seasonal nesting call for a renewed sense of home. Even just the simple addition of Everyday Prints and a small Wooden Photo Ledge can go a long way in adding warmth to your space. It's just one of many creative ways to display photos without frames!


Cut and dry.

Overhead photo of dried botanicals in glass vase on side table next to Artifact Uprising Wedding Layflat Photo Album
Wedding Layflat Album

Photo by @m.a.d.e.l.i.n.e

It's no secret we're big fans of putting dried botanicals on display, and if there's a season to do it, it's surely autumn. Just as the leaves take on new colors in embrace of the first frost, botanicals find new life when dried… well, in a manner of speaking. Yellows, oranges, and reds mute as they dry, taking on fall-worthy new tones that fit seamlessly into a palette of neutrals and earth tones — just ask @m.a.d.e.l.i.n.e.

Pro tip: Like the way this idea brings the outside indoors? We teamed up with The Sill to round up some of our favorite ways to pair plants and photo decor.


Think outside the box.

Artifact Uprising Modern Wall Calendar on wall of child's room next to circular wall shelf adorned with toys, prints, and more
Modern Wall Calendar

Photo by @almostmakesperfect

Need a new angle for your fall room ideas? At risk of being too literal, we'd recommend trying anything but 90 degrees. After all, most of the decor that fills our box-shaped rooms are equally box-shaped pieces, from tables and desks to chairs and frames. Introducing new shapes into the mix is a simple way to create diversity through form. Think: A-Frame bookcases, circular wall shelves, or even something as simple as the triangular hanger on our Modern Wall Calendar.

Pro tip: Use this approach to create a sense of play that's perfect for nursery decor, kids' rooms, and creative spaces.


Don't forget the corners.

Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book featuring photo of tow little girls at the beach placed on small corner wall shelf next to gallery wall of frames
Hardcover Photo Book

Photo by @noellepiche

Corner shelving can bring a meaningful touch to areas that often receive little love, while providing a new and interesting way to showcase your favorite photos and other sentimentals. Frames and photo holders are a natural fit, but our favorite photo decor pieces to display on these small shelves are photo books. Beautifully designed and photo-forward, albums make for engaging, elevated displays that keep your stories close at hand, inviting the occasional flip-through.


Go baroque.

Autumn brings with it a certain elegance that makes a touch of the baroque feel right at home. Deep tones offset by gold finishes can capture the tranquil elegance of fall, all the while creating a focal point in your decor. An accent wall and some gold or brass frames is all it takes to bring this look to your space and highlight your favorite stories — isn't that right @briviglianco?


Look to the little touches.

Circular side table with candle, dried straw in glass vase, and Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album
Layflat Photo Album

Photo by @demiandtom

It might seem a bit cliché, but it really is the little things. Little decorative touches are easy to swap out seasonally and go a long way in changing the mood of the room. In fact, swapping just a few of these out is a manageable way to refresh your space with simple fall decor — without having to overhaul your design scheme. @demiandtom pull it off with some small updates to the contents of a side table.


Embrace change.

Pregant woman holding belly as she looks at large Artifact Uprising Modern Metal Frame placed on mantel next to fireplace
Modern Metal Frame

Photo by @maddiebroderick

Shifting with the seasons doesn't require a complete overhaul of your decor — a single piece can be all it takes to mark the moment. A large, framed print brings a new statement piece into the fold, giving virtually any room a quick and easy update. By opting for flexi-point backing on your frame, you can easily update the feature photo with a new Large Format Print each season, making it feel fresh all over again.

Pro tip: To get the best print results in large frames, make sure you have a good idea of how to enlarge photos for printing.

Which fall home decor ideas spoke to you?

We can't wait to see how you use these fall decor ideas! Just tag us on Instagram using @artifactuprising or #TellOn and submit your photo for a chance to be featured in an upcoming article.

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