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9 Baby-Approved Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

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Photo prints on wooden ledges are one of many nursery wall decor ideas

Even before we welcome our wee ones into the world, we create a space for them that's all their own. But it's an act that means so much more than decorating a room. After all, those four walls will be the setting for slumber, storytelling, and the first of many shared memories — a catalyst for the unique little humans they'll become over the years.

Being parents ourselves, we know full-well the importance of the right nursery… and just how hard it is to decide on decor. So we're here to lend a hand, with a little help from our friends.

Below, you'll find nine such nursery wall decor ideas — thoughtfully sourced from our team, the design mavens at Havenly, and three amazing mothers in our Instagram community.

Gender-Neutral Nursery Wall Decor

From Artifact Uprising

Create a Print Display

Print display in nursery

Baby is changing and growing every day — so create a nursery wall that changes right along with them. Opt for a print display on at least one wall in their room, and you'll have an elevated, interchangeable visual element that lets you add new photos quickly and easily.

Pro Tip: Use different sizes of prints for added visual interest.

Products Pictured: Wooden Photo Ledge

From @jessicabordnerphoto

Celebrate the Space You Share

Couch, side table, and pouf with nursery wall decor in background

From midnight feedings to the many stories you'll tell them, every parent and child have that special space in the nursery. Honor the many moments together — and make that little nook feel more like home — by putting up images of the family. Make it extra cozy by adding an assortment of pillows and poufs into the mix.

Pro Tip: Choosing photos from the same event or shoot can create a theme that ties it all together.

Products Pictured: Brass & Wood Display Box, Story of You Baby Book

From Havenly

Play With Themes

Gallery wall, crib, and rocking horse in nursery room

A gallery wall is a large, distinctive addition to any nursery — and the right theme brings it all together. Whether it's lullabies, your favorite childhood characters, cute creatures, or something else altogether, it's an opportunity to create joy through some of the favorites that once sparked your own imagination.

Pro Tip: Use different sizes of prints for added visual interest.

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  • Baby Girl Nursery Wall Decor

    From @daniellearnoldphotography

    Make Storage a Display in Itself

    Wall storage in baby girl nursery room

    Make the most of your space by taking a more functional approach to nursery wall decor. This idea from @daniellearnoldphotography reinvents storage as decor—taking full advantage of the fact that just about all of baby's things are adorable. (Just be sure not to hang any shelving above the crib.) It's a look that Havenly loves too.

    Pro Tip: Mix and match their favorites to create variety and keep much-used essentials close at hand.

    Products Pictured: Story of You Baby Book (top shelf)

    From Artifact Uprising

    Put Word to Frame

    Billy Joel lyrics framed on wall in nursery

    There's so much we want to say when we welcome that little someone into the world. Share those meaningful messages every day by putting word to frame. Split the story into multiple images for an impactful display, and play with fonts to emphasize the words you want to stand out.

    Pro Tip: Save your words as .jpg files so you can easily upload them for printing.

    Products Pictured: Floating Frame

    From Havenly

    Get Creative With Wallpaper

    Wallpaper on ceiling in nursery

    Filling the room with vibrant visuals can be as simple as selecting a wallpaper — and there are plenty of ways to put the classic cover-all to good use. Havenly interior designers Lydia de la Garza and Vivian Torres are big fans of the framed wallpaper look, which avoids the added work of covering the whole wall. Simply frame two to three smaller panels to add the perfect pattern to the room.

    Pro Tip: Don't forget your fifth wall. Covering the ceiling is a creative way to add color baby can enjoy from the crib.

    Baby Boy Nursery Wall Decor

    From Havenly

    Bring Texture to Life

    Textured wall and rug in nursery

    Touch is one of the most important ways that children form a sense of the world around them. Jump-start that journey with a more tactile approach to nursery wall decor. Wall coverings, tapestries, plush toys, and the right rug can all work together to create a world of texture for baby to explore.

    Pro Tip: Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns — you'll often find that they come together in surprisingly cohesive ways.

    From Artifact Uprising

    Let the Wall Do the Talking

    Mural and frames on wall in nursery

    You could create an art wall... or, you could let the wall be the art. After all, it's the perfect blank canvas for a beautiful freehand mural — but that's not to say there's any shame in using stencils to stay in the lines. Either way, there's no nursery wall decor quite like the art that comes from your own hands.

    Pro Tip: Hang a few frames within the mural to add dimension and interest.

    Products Pictured: Modern Metal Frame

    From @heyitsmarni_

    Go Big

    Baby photo enlarged and framed on wall in nursery

    Take a page out of community member @heyitsmarni_'s book by celebrating the wee one in a big way. Enlarging one of your favorite photos is a simple, unique touch that gives the nursery wall that little (or not so little) something extra. Plus, as they get older, you can always move it to a different room and keep it on display.

    Pro Tip: Make sure the photo you choose is high-resolution, so it maintains its quality when enlarged.

    Products Pictured: Large Format Print

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