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What Is My Home Decor Style? Answered.

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Behind a dining room table is a shiplap wall with two scones and two frames.

You may have heard designers and influencers use words like minimal, bohemian, or modern, and found yourself wondering... “wait, what's my decorating style?” Knowing the aesthetic you gravitate toward can help bring intention to the design of your own space — with more of the colors, textures, and of course, photos that bring you joy. That’s why we created this guide (and decor style quiz)!

Read on as we break down five well-loved approaches to design, alongside some of the many ways our community is making them their own.

Style 01


You’ve heard us say, less is more. And it’s true, we are long-time fans of the minimalist interior design style. You may be in this camp too if you prefer a simple, pared-down space. This style makes the most of clean lines, neutral palettes, and lots of negative space. Here, beauty is found in the pure simplicity of the space. This approach can feel like a breath of fresh air — and who doesn’t need a little more of that these days?

Try it out: Since this style is so embedded in our design-forward approach, all of our products suit a minimal stylescape. Take your pick of subtle linen book covers, sleek metal frames, soft matte prints, and more — to let your stories take the lead. We even have some minimalist room ideas in addition to those below.

Style 02


Tend to lean toward organic materials like wicker, light wood, or dried botanicals? Chances are you prefer a bohemian (or “boho”) home decor style. Embracing earthy hues, natural textures, unique ceramics, and mismatched patterns, this style feels carefree and casual. It also blends nicely with more rustic elements like raw wood and stoneware to give a room that lived-in feeling. Enthusiasts of bohemian design often enjoy bringing the outside in with plants, too.

Try it out: For this interior design style, we recommend frames made with natural woods to emphasize the organic appeal. For an elevated, gradient effect, complement darker woods like walnut furniture with the lighter tone of our Maple finish.

Style 03


If this is predominantly your style, you likely enjoy functional spaces with a hint of personality and an occasional pop of color. Leading with organic shapes, tried-and-true hues, and practical pieces, a modern space will feel fresh, clean, and inspiring. It balances old and new — nodding to time-honored techniques with an updated approach. That means this style will pair nicely with more traditional elements in a space, leading to a blended, transitional look that evolves with you.

Try it out: When working with this wall decor and interior design style, we reach for classic silhouettes and materials, like our Gallery Frames and Layflat Photo Book. One of many fitting, more modern wall art ideas is to hang a Floating Frame, featuring sleek brass bolts and borderless appeal that complements traditional pieces.

Style 04


If the idea of breaking design rules appeals to you, this eclectic style might be your match. Similar to boho, it’s not afraid of mix-and-matching — in fact, it takes it to a whole other level. Think: pops of colors (especially in jewel tones), mismatched materials, and purposefully clashing patterns and textures. The best thing about this wall decor and interior design style is that you can truly take it anywhere and make it your own.

Try it out: We were excited to see this sort of maximalist approach show up in wall art trends and, even more, love seeing it come to life through our community. Want to follow in their lead? Opt for bolder photo book covers (hello, honeycomb!) and print your photos that showcase all the flair, personality, and, of course, color. And remember this style is all about creative expression — so play around with how you display, and try an asymmetrical or freeform gallery wall layout.

Style 05


Glitter and gold — this might be your result in our decorating style quiz if you like spaces to feel high-end and polished, but not necessarily over the top. The luxe aesthetic shines by making the most of refined textiles (like leather, suede, and velvet) and highlighting elevated finishes (like brass, silver, and crystal). To ensure the home still feels approachable and inviting, incorporate subtle, grounding elements, so chic feature pieces aren’t fighting for attention.

Try it out: Made with high-quality, premium materials, our products feel right at home next to the stylish embellishments associated with this look. With finish options like elegant brass, there’s plenty of opportunity to give glitz it’s due — and make it look good, too.

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