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12 Wedding Save the Date Ideas

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Four different Artifact Uprising Save the Date Designs on light blue table linen

A save the date is more than an announcement — it's that first piece of your big day, a little slice of joy for those friends and family that make it once-in-a-lifetime. The tone and aesthetic you set in your save the dates tells the world what sort of wedding to expect, and gives your guests a sense of your personality together. It's not only an opportunity to play with design elements and carry them through your decor and stationery, but also a chance to explore what's uniquely you.

Here, we share some of our favorite save the date ideas - from designs to fonts - so you can create an announcement that feels personal, intentional, and worthy of your wedding,

Idea 01

A photo says it all.

Artifact Uprising Save the Date Photo Card being pulled out of kraft envelope
Save the Date Photo Card

A picture is worth a thousand words… which is plenty for the front of a card. (Plus, you'll have space for dozens more on the back!) A photo card keeps things clean and simple, allowing you to say everything you need, without having to say anything at all. Most couples will opt to use an engagement photo for the front.

Haven't had your engagement photoshoot yet? We have a guide to help make sure your photos are can't-wait-to-send good.

Idea 02

Keep it simple.

Artifact Uprising Foil-Stamped Union Save the Date Card
Foil-Stamped Union

If you're looking for a refined, minimalist aesthetic, consider simplicity your best friend as you weigh save the date ideas. An understated design keeps the emphasis on your photo, while creating a bespoke, modern look befitting of your best day. Look for clean lines and fewer elements that find their elegance through a sense of subtle simplicity.

Idea 03

Mind the date.

Hand writing on the back of Artifact Uprising Pronounced Save the Date Card
Pronounced Save the Date

Once they see the photo and the date, they'll know exactly what's going on. Choosing a save the date design that puts the focus on your date makes it easy to keep things clean and simple on the front. Numbers tend to look especially beautiful in wedding typefaces, and in drawing the eye to them through this approach creates instant impact, right out of the envelope.

Idea 04

Go organic.

Hand holding Artifact Uprising Classic Botanical Save the Date Card illuminated by sunlight from the window
Classic Botanical

Whether through organic shapes or botanical embellishments, opting for a natural element — even if subtle — makes for a design-forward announcement that feels gentle and inviting. The elements in these save the date design ideas can be a thread throughout your wedding stationery and decor, regardless of whether your preferred aesthetic is classic, contemporary, boho, or somewhere in between.

Idea 05

There's a place for playful.

Photo featuring children's hanndpainting
Pencil Us In

Serious and refined, not quite your style? Infuse a little personality with some playful turn of phrase paired with a save the date photo idea that captures your goofy side together. (After all, this is a happy announcement.) Setting this sort of tone early lets everyone know that they better RSVP yes, because it's going to be a party!

Idea 06

Let it shine.

Artifact Uprising Pencil Us In Save the Date Card next to small wooden bowl filled with paper clips
Big Announcement

If ever there was a place for foil, it's in wedding stationery. For those who plan to bring gold, bronze, or silver into their wedding decor, the inclusion of foil can create a sense of continuity throughout the journey. Let your announcement shine in any of four foil colors, printed on your cards using traditional foil stamping methods that offer a more premium result than digital alternatives.

Idea 07

Text can take the lead.

Artifact Uprising Big Announcement Save the Date Card on wooden surface
Colorblock Save the Date

Even we'll admit that text can take the lead in wedding save the date ideas. Especially for couples who choose to forego an engagement photoshoot, text-only save the date card ideas can be a solution for skipping unnecessary photo indecision. In this case, the aesthetic you wish to achieve will depend mostly on the typeface used. Later in this article, we'll get into which font families will cater to your preferred style.

Idea 08

All about the ampersand.

Artifact Uprising Ampersand Save the Date Card With Foil on pinstriped blush table runner next to envelopes and silver pen
Ampersand Save the Date With Foil

Beautiful punctuation might sound like a stretch, but as far as we're concerned, the ampersand is a classic and timeless form worth the focus. By signifying a bond in a single symbol, it creates the perfect focal element in a save the date design. A handful of ours center on the ampersand as a design-forward way to communicate what matters most — without the character count.

Idea 09

Make a statement.

Hand holding up Artifact Uprising Foil-Stamped Minimal Save the Date Card with silver pen and bowl of keys on the surface below
Foil-Stamped Minimal

Sometimes, you just have to say it loud for the people in the back. After all, this is the sort of announcement you only make once. There's a stigma around "bigger and bolder" which says it can't still be bespoke, but we're here to say that's simply not true. Don't let these stigmas deter you from the statement you want to make!

Idea 10

Why play favorites?

Artifact Uprising Save Our Wedding Date Card on ceramic plate next to dried wildflower
Save Our Wedding Date

Looking for the unique save the date ideas with photos? (Yes, plural.) We get it: choosing a favorite engagement photo can feel a little like choosing a favorite child. Luckily, you don't have to eenie-meenie-miney-mo when you opt for a save the date design that lets you feature multiple images on the front of your card. A few of cards in our collection allow you to feature additional images on the back too.

Idea 11

Call for a classic.

Hand holding up Artifact Uprising Classic Save Our Date card with stack of cards and envelopes on the table below
Classic Save Our Date

Some designs are timeless beyond categorization — simply, classic. And like they say, you can't argue with a classic. Wedding save the date ideas that fall into this category are characterized by tried-and-true design elements that transcend trends, like the way in which they separate text from photo. You might be surprised to know many cards with sans-serif fonts are still considered classics!

Idea 12

Make it modern.

Silver pen resting on top of Artifact Uprising Scripted Initials Save the Date Card
Pictured: Scripted Initials

Envisioning more of a modern aesthetic for your wedding? Set the tone with a save the date that pairs unexpected design elements with clean lines and minimalist typefaces, as if to say let's party like it's 2022. While many would consider our Save the Date collection to fall on the modern end of the spectrum, when we use the term we're talking specifically about the types of save the date styles featured here.

Save the Date Font Ideas

Idea 01


Back of Artifact Uprising Contemporary Classic Save the Date Card
Contemporary Classic

Serifs are the small lines that are attached to the very edges of letters. Actually, the font you're reading now is a serif font, which is why you'll see small, decorative additions at the very edges of letters such as T. Save the date fonts with serifs invoke an aesthetic that is classic, elevated, and more formal. They're what you might expect to see if the wedding is a black-tie event.

Idea 02


Back of Artifact Uprising Modern Details Save the Date Card
Modern Details

You may have already picked up on this, but sans-serif fonts are fonts without serifs. These types of fonts generally feel more modern, playful, and informal, making them feel right at home for weddings that are a little more laid back or non-traditional.

Idea 03


Back of Artifact Uprising Sweet and Simple Save the Date Card
Sweet & Simple

Scripted fonts can be serif or sans-serif, and are generally styled in such a way to make them look handwritten. Oftentimes, that means elements of cursive or calligraphy will be included, often with varying degrees of italicization. Scripted fonts can cater to both formal and informal gatherings, but in either case will add a natural element that creates a more organic aesthetic. Several of our Save the Date designs use unique scripts to stand out.

Your announcement.
Your way.

Which save the date ideas spoke to you?

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