Middle School Graduation Gifts

About Our Middle School Graduation Gifts

There are other graduations ahead — but that makes this one no less of a milestone. And while the young graduate may be quick to look forward, it is a moment to take pause and celebrate. Many pages have made up this chapter and each deserves a return ticket in print. Our 8th grade graduation gifts are thoughtfully crafted to be those return tickets, bringing timeless design and enduring, sustainable materials together, for artifacts meant to preserve and protect their story. From reclaimed woods that would have otherwise gone to waste, to recycled papers that become a blank canvas for your photos, the materials we so discerningly source give our products their own stories — stories that bring extra meaning to your junior high graduation gifts.

Your photos of them are full of life, and so often that vibrance is lost during printing. Knowing this, we use only the press printing process: a higher-quality, more environmentally friendly alternative to the silver halide process adopted by a majority of the industry. Press printing allows us to formulate rich color profiles that can't be found elsewhere, giving your photos a warm and pleasant aesthetic that captures the emotion and brilliance of every photo. We also print exclusively on HP Indigo Presses, for steadfast color consistency and long-lasting quality that can only come from using true ink.

But knowing your photos will print beautifully is only half of the puzzle, and we realize that getting beyond the blank page can be the hardest part of creating middle school grad gifts. That's why we've put together a list of creative 8th grade graduation gift ideas from our team. Each is fit for a unique gift they'll keep for life and sure to become meaningful 8th grade graduation gifts from parents, family, or friends — whether there's one photo in mind, or hundreds that beg to be printed.