Personalized College Graduation Gifts

What goes into thoughtful college graduation gifts?

The simple toss of a cap concludes one of life's biggest chapters, welcoming all of the great that awaits a young graduate. It is a milestone that's meant to be honored and made to be revisited, and we know the best college graduation gifts for friends and from parents help do both. That's why our unique family of photo goods is meticulously sourced and designed with the utmost intention, for elevated time capsules they can celebrate now, come back to often, and hand down to their own grad one day.

It all starts with a simple philosophy: materials matter. To us, that means finding not only the most time-enduring of materials for your college grad gifts, but also those with the smallest footprint. Materials like 100% recycled Mohawk paper crafted by the longest-running family-owned paper mill in the United States. Led by four generations of the O'Connor family, Mohawk maintains a steadfast commitment to sourcing pulp from sustainable forests, using recycled fiber, conserving water, and harnessing the wind for its electricity. It is the promise that stands behind every paper we use, from the thick, unbending pages of the heirloom Layflat Photo Album to the archival prints inside each of our frames. We pair this paper with innovative materials like reclaimed mountain beetle pine, rescued from the Colorado forests we call home, to create unique artifacts they'll hold on to for life.

Not sure which of our products is right for your grad? Look to our blog for a list of creative college graduation gifts that's sure to inspire something meaningful. Or, let the experts behind our Album Design Service lay the album out for you - all based on your unique vision for the gift - if you're having trouble coming up with college graduation gift ideas. No matter what you choose to create (or let us create for you!), we recommend making things easy by first finding and organizing the photos that you want to put in print. After all, the memorable moments they preserve are the real gift.