An Inside Look

What Makes Up Our Products?

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Hands packaging an Artifact Uprising photo book

One steadfast practice of ours is to constantly solicit and integrate feedback from our community. When we ask our customers why they choose to mark life’s moments in print with us, time and time again, the most resounding answers are the design of our products and the quality with which they’re made. It’s these distinctions that we strive to uphold in everything we create — simply to preserve and live up to the memories that are most important to you.

So if you find yourself researching what company to partner with for print, or simply curious about a creation you already have in hand, this piece is for you. See what sets Artifact Uprising apart, from responsibly sourced materials to the simple aesthetics that elevate your photos.

“I believe in the integrity of this company. The products being put out are made well, with attention to detail and passion in the hands of the worker. The options and variety of products are intentional, with purpose beyond monetary value. Please keep making products with heart behind them. This is what has set your company apart for me.”

–Harmony, Minnesota

Quality Materials

It All Starts With

Thick, Archival Paper

Zoomed in on the detail of a page in an Artifact Uprising photo book

First, the centerpiece of all of our products: premium paper. We hand-select each type with intention for substantial thickness, lasting quality, and optimal display potential. Thanks to their matte texture compared to more typical glossy paper types on the market, our papers give a delicate yet distinct rendering to your photos, with the ink setting into each page in permanence. It’s this very look and feel that has come to embody the Artifact Uprising aesthetic, and continues to bring customers back to print with us. No matter the product you select, know that your photos will live on with archival quality and a tactile nature.

Judge a Book By Its Cover

Thoughtful Cover Materials

Zoomed in on foil stamping and linen cover of Artifact Uprising Signature Layflat Album

Our cover materials, including fabric and renatured leather, provide premium texture, scratch-resistance, wear-resistance, and colorfastness — all using more environmentally friendly materials. Each cover is adhered onto the book binding with handcrafted care.

True to Tradition

Custom Foil Stamping

Traditional foil stamping process

For albums offering foil stamping, each letter is debossed using a traditional method with pressured heat into the fabric cover and spine. This foil stamping style results in an elegant textured finish and enhances the longevity of the product.

Different, By Design

Artful Details

Hand-marbled end pages of the Artifact Uprising Signature Layflat Album

We believe craftsmanship and care not only lie in the materials and construction, but also the little design details. From the unique beveled cut of our frame mats to the gold, marbled end sheets of our Signature Layflat Albums, it’s these differentiating characteristics that truly delight the recipients.

Handcrafted With Care

Hands cutting reclaimed wood on table saw

Our goal is to ensure that you can see and feel we care as much about your important moments as you. This is done through detailed workmanship and handcrafted touches by actual humans who care. Every product is assembled, if not fully created from scratch, right here in the USA. One of the groups we’re most honored to work with is SCKAC, whose mission is empowering those with developmental disabilities through real work experience and community inclusion.

“The care you take in your items, your prints, even how you package your albums...it’s pure love. It shows how much you value the memories you’re helping others create.”

—Tabitha, California

Premium Press Printing

Pages of a photo book rolling off of the printer

Artifact Uprising employs the press printing method, which renders your photos through a series of tiny dots, rather than the environmentally harmful traditional photo print method using silver halide. Press printing also allows us to formulate our own unique color profile on press, fine-tuning color curves to give your images a warm and pleasant aesthetic.

We choose to print solely on HP Indigo Presses, known for their ability to maintain color consistency in digital printing, as well as using actual ink that absorbs properly into the paper.

Sustainable Sourcing

It’s a simple, yet worthwhile joy to incorporate storied materials that mean something more — from paper made of recycled coffee cups to wood reclaimed from the Rocky Mountains.

A Page in Preservation

Earth-First Paper

Hands tearing fiber used to make paper

All paper used in our line of products is at minimum certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the gold standard in wood harvesting. Much of it is even 100% recycled, including all of our cards and many of our photo books.

Our long-time partner in paper, Mohawk, is a 130-year-old family-owned paper mill here in the USA. Run by four generations of the O’Connor family, it’s one of the most sustainability-minded paper producers in the world, sourcing non-virgin pulp, reducing water usage and waste, and innovating continuously in the recycled materials space.

A Second Life

Reclaimed Wood

Stacks of reclaimed beetle kill pine

Looking to our own backyard, the Rocky Mountains, we found the story of wood that’s fallen due to mountain pine beetles. Finding beauty in this reclaimed material, we’ve worked with a local Colorado crafter to repurpose what would otherwise be considered waste wood. Within our Wood Calendar and Wood Block & Prints, you'll find unique markings of gray and blue, reminders of the past life each piece once had.

Down to the Box

Conscious Packaging

Hands packaging an Artifact Uprising photo book

When it comes to packaging, we believe it’s important to balance protecting the environment with protecting your priceless creations. Wherever possible, we use materials that will do both well. Our padded mailers, print envelopes, photo book presentation boxes, and even our packaging tape are made with 100% recycled materials. And we ask you to recycle them, in return!

Design Forward

Hand placed on the cover of an Arifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book with a partial dust jacket

In addition to quality, our customers know and love us for the design of our products. Across our entire line, you’ll find curated options with a timeless, minimalist aesthetic. From colors and layouts to unique construction (like tearaway photos on our Wall Calendar!), each design decision is made with intention and purpose.

Inspired By Our Community

photo print of mother and child hugging displayed on wood print block

We wouldn’t exist without our community. It’s thanks to your input and participation — in surveys, voting on designs, and crowdsourcing new colors — that we’re able to make more informed decisions and deliver on real feedback and requests. We’re eternally grateful, and hope it only continues!

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