An Inside Look

The Baby Board Book

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Baby holding board book and reading with mother

The littles we love give meaning to our lives — teaching us, changing us, and helping us define what truly matters. As they learn and take in the world, we see everything for the first time again through their eyes. It is in this simple and time-honored act of refocusing that we found inspiration for something new: The Baby Board Book.

Thoughtfully crafted to jumpstart their learning journey, this unique artifact was made with intention to foster connection and comprehension, all the while holding up to the many spills and thrills of being a baby. Here, we take a closer look at how its durable pages were designed to encourage early literacy, build recognition of people and places, and bring a personal touch to those all-too-important moments of story time.

  1. Thoughtful Features
  2. Community Creations

The Features

A Book of Their Own

Customized for Every Kiddo

Mother and child reading baby board book opened to a page with the word smiles

Every aspect of the Baby Board Book is customized to bring joy to learning — from the photos inside to the endearing words that make the book so unique. Because it's filled with familiar images and words, there’s no doubt it will become your little one’s go-to. Even better than that? The simple and easy design process allows you to customize the book every which way in a matter of minutes.

Pro tip: Use the color picker to choose completely custom colors for the pages of your book!

With Littles in Mind

Crafted for Tiny Hands

Zoomed in on ultra-thick pages and rounded corners of the Baby Board Book

The Baby Board Book makes coveted photos more accessible and resilient through durable construction and thoughtful details. Not only is the book made to last, but the rounded corners and petite size give small hands a more delicate grasp as they explore page by page.

Make It Your Own

Four Personalized Themes

Three baby board books with three different themes stacked askew

We set out to simplify book-building for busy parents by offering a series of predesigned themes that make it easy to personalize.

My Favorite People

My favorite people theme with young girl holding baby sibling on the cover

This theme shows a family member’s photo adjacent to their name — helping your child to connect the dots about the ones that love them most.

My Favorite Places

My favorite places theme with father and son at the beach featured on cover

This theme puts an emphasis on all the places you love as a family, exposing your child to the world around them.

My Thankful Book

My thankful book theme with little girl enjoying ice cream pop on cover

This theme allows your little one to see firsthand all that there is to be thankful for, making it a beautiful book of gratitude.


Custom baby board book titled year one featuring baby in birthday hat

If you have a budding book idea you want to make a reality — use the custom layout to completely personalize each aspect to be your own.

Filled With What Matters

Purposeful Poems Inside

Poem on the first page of Baby Board Book

One of the defining features of the Baby Board Book is the addition of heartfelt poems at the beginning of each book. These serve as context to readers (big and small!) of the meaningful pictures and words that fill the following pages. Choose from either a prewritten poem or customize it to be your own words — either way, it's a small detail to make the book feel extra special.

A Durable Companion

Constructed to Last

Baby in pajamas holding board book

The construction of this book was designed to be durable, lasting, and hard to destroy. With ultra-thick paper and a solid spine binding, it can effortlessly go anywhere your little does and still stay intact (which as all parents know, is no small feat!).

For the World They Inherit

Conscious Printing Practices

Zoomed in on printed text inside of the baby board

Similar to our full collection of photo goods, we use the press printing method for this book, as opposed to the traditional method using silver halide. This printing style is not only a better choice for the environment, but it renders images with a warm and pleasant aesthetic, making for a fun and cheerful book.

Made for Any Occasion

A Gift to Remember

Family reading my favorite places board book

The Baby Board Book is the ideal gift for parents everywhere by virtue of its ability to be customized and enjoyed. It’s a beloved gift for birthdays, baby showers, holidays, and much more. By combining learning with everyday faces and places, it’s a meaningful gift that will be shared for years to come.

Creations From Our Community

We’ve been touched by the ways our community is using the Baby Board Book to bring learning to their little one’s lives, and we couldn’t help but share some of their stories below.


NICU Story Time Book

Custom illustrated board book by Eva

One day after his birth, Eva’s little one was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. After his recovery (he’s now happy and healthy!), she wrote and illustrated this cheerful bedtime story to share with their babies — but also to help other families who might be enduring the same struggle.


Birds of City Park Book

Board book with images and names of birds

Emily is the creative mind behind many of our products, so it’s no surprise that she went the extra mile with this Baby Board Book for her little one. Filled with photos taken at City Park by her husband (an avid birder), its pages are filled with the many birds that can be found right here in our backyard.


Things We Love Book

Custom illustrated Board Book next to blanket and toys

Artist, creator, and blogger Tessa combined her love for crafting with the Baby Board Book to dream up a thoughtful gift for her new parent friends. Using a unique mix of collage and painting, she went above and beyond, creating custom art that filled the pages with things that baby’s parents loved. (Check her story out here!)


Custom Book of Colors

Board Book opened to page with Bones the Blue Dog

Artifact Uprising customer Kathleen (@kathleenmotoa) put her own spin on story time by creating a Baby Board Book to help her little learn colors. Using her own handcrafted illustrations for a visual and fun approach, she paired critters with colors to help jumpstart learning.


Little Book of Bugs

Board book with colorful butterfly on the cover

Alberto, our VP of Marketing, has two little ones who love the many photos of colorful bugs their grandma sends them from Costa Rica. So one holiday, Alberto took some of those many photos and used them to create a one-of-a-kind, color-coded stocking stuffer — filled with beetles, butterflies, and beyond. Such a creative way to close the distance, even when miles apart!

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