An Inside Look

The Story of You Baby Book

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Hands placing photo in Story of You Baby Book

With the arrival of a much-loved newborn comes the beginning of a new story — one worth preserving with care and intention. But as we know from our own littles, storytelling doesn't always come easy, time taking a backseat to ever-occupied arms. It is our experiences as parents that inspired us to simplify moment-marking, imagining a modern spin on the classic baby book.... meant to honor and celebrate the very best of that first, most meaningful year.

Follow along as we flip through the pages, highlighting the unique details, thoughtful prompts, and elevated materials of a time-capsule-in-the-making — handcrafted for parents to hand down. We hope that you do so one day, sharing your gift with the simple words, "this is the story of you."

“I love the little prompts, which are there to help guide you towards documenting the everyday moments rather than typical milestones...We’re so pleased to have this lovely keepsake.”

–Courtney A.

The Features

A Book For All

Made for Every Family

Birth date, weight, and height prompt in Story of You Baby Book

Our Baby Book was created to cater to all types of families, no matter the make-up. With gender neutral designs and inclusive prompts that fit in with every family type (including twins!), it’s an heirloom made for the diverse stories that star our littles.

Make It Yours

Storytelling, Simplified

Reading together prompt in Story of You Baby Book

The prompts that fill the book are lighthearted, interactive, and completely customizable, so it has never been easier (or more enjoyable!) to give shape to the story. Imperfection is celebrated throughout the book, putting an emphasis on the moments that matter most to you. Not only is it filled with approachable prompts that act as starting points to guide your writing, but there are optional photo placements throughout that can be added, rearranged, and removed.

A Lasting Artifact

Crafted For Years to Come

Midnight Blue Story of You Baby Book with rattle and baby photos resting on cover

Because a baby book is an heirloom that will remain in the family for many years, we created The Story of You with durability it deserves. We hand-assemble each with high-quality linen, hand-selected papers, and extra care at every step.

A Modern Look

Different, By Design

Hands placing photo in Story of You Baby Book

We designed our baby book to stand the test of time in a world that’s filled with endless trends. With its minimal layout, the emphasis remains on what matters most: baby’s story. In addition, the book is filled with elevated and modern touches throughout like a foil-stamped linen cover, curated colors, graceful typefaces, and best of all — little vignettes of joy, filled in with your photos and words.

Curated With Care

Thoughtfully Sourced Materials

Detail of the thick matte-textured paper that makes up the interior pages of the Story of You Baby Book

Every aspect of The Story of You was crafted with purpose, including the materials that make up the book. We hand-selected eco-friendly papers inside that feel premium to the touch, with a writing-ready matte feel. The premium linen covers are created using plant-based fibers instead of plastic, which serves as a better choice for the environment. Even the box that holds the book is 100% recycled. After all, just as we hand down the stories in the pages, so too will we hand down their settings.

Handcrafted Right Here

Made in the USA

Flipping page in the Story of You Baby Book

Starting with the paper sourced from and milled at family-owned Mohawk in New York, every single part of the baby book is crafted and assembled right here in the USA — including all of the included supplies needed to make the book your own.

"A powerful way to capture memories. I can't wait for my son to look back on this one day."

–Jenny, New York

Peek Inside the Pages


Life Before You

Life Before You prompt page inside the Story of You Baby Book

Because every story has its prelude, this space of the book allows you to relive the tale that led up to your little one.


Sharing the Big News

Sharing the big news page prompt in the Story of You Baby Book

Every parent lives for the day that they get to tell loved ones about their newest arrival. Reflect on how you shared the special news here as a story your little one will look back on when they're not so little at all.


What's in a Name?

What's in a name page prompt inside the story of you baby book

Because there’s so much that goes into it, this section of the book pays homage to all of the ideas, meanings, and ultimately, the story, that led you to the perfect name.


Letter to You

Letter to you page prompt inside the Story of You baby book

Arguably one of the more meaningful parts of the book, this section contains space to write your little a letter to revisit one day. No matter the words, advice, or stories that you fill it with, know that it will be an invaluable gift they preserve and hold dear.


Month-by-Month Milestones

Monthly milestone prompt inside the Story of You Baby Book

It’s often said that with a baby, the days are long but the years are short. That’s why we created a section of the book to write down all of the things, big or small, that happened in a specific month. It makes for an effortless way to record and revisit both the milestones and everyday moments of the first year!

The Baby Book and You

We love seeing all of the ways you are filling out your baby books with the stories that matter most. If you’re in need of a little inspiration on how to customize yours, look no further than these ideas from our community!


photo by @janicejoi of the Artifact Uprising Story of You Baby Book

"It was so therapeutic and I am so proud. Not because I finished the book, but finishing it really allowed me to reflect on how far I’ve come in this journey."


photo by @sunfox_photos of the Artifact Uprising Story of You Baby Book

"We're expecting our second daughter later this year, and this book was the perfect way to document her arrival — beyond gorgeous, so well-thought-out, and easy to use."


photo by @mrs_odendahl of the Artifact Uprising Story of You Baby Book

"A physical baby book feels especially important right now, in an age of so much digital content. We especially love the letter pages and have commissioned our family — some of whom haven’t even met our son due to COVID-19 — to write notes to him."


photo by @lauraardington of the Artifact Uprising Story of You Baby Book

"Sophie loves to look at 'baby Sophie,' so we occasionally take out her baby book for storytime. It's one of her favorite books now!"

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