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11 Simple New Year Card Ideas

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Wavy Line Holiday Card

Looking forward, reflecting back — the new year is an opportunity to bring your best into the next. If you’re not one for Christmas or Hanukkah greetings, welcoming the hope and ambition of the new year may be a more universally celebrated tradition that rings especially true after 2023.

With these new year card ideas to inspire you, send a little joy in the form of snail mail to friends and family this season. We promise — the connection this thoughtful gesture creates goes well beyond the simple piece of paper that sparked it.

Pro tip: All of the designs below our part of our New Year Cards collection!


Print the highlight reel.

We know you’ve got hundreds (thousands?) of photos from your year – so why limit yourself to printing just one? Scroll through your camera roll and find those favorites: the everyday moments at home, a weekend trip, the perfect pet pose, that one shot where (miraculously) no one was blinking. Choose a few photos that encapsulate your year, shining a little spotlight to everyone in the household. Extra points if you print those cant-help-but-smile captures.

Need help getting started? Look to your Instagram feed and stories for shots that were worth sharing, or check out the “For You” album on iPhone Photos for an auto-curated highlight reel.


Mark a milestone.

Before turning the page to 2024, celebrating the year’s most meaningful milestones – no matter how mighty or micro – creates space and appreciation of the moments that make us. If a noteworthy celebration, a special occasion, or unexpected challenge defined your year, we think it deserves to be documented. After all – it’s what keeps us looking forward, and helps bring a smile every time we look back. Including these mile-markers on your new year card is a convenient way to inform and include loved ones who care, but maybe couldn’t make it there.


Walk through the seasons.

Time flies, but you can always leave it to the seasons to remind us of where we stand. We love the look of finding one quintessential photo from winter, spring, summer, and fall, and displaying them in a five-image layout. To make this theme more visually striking, try incorporating snow, blooming greenery, a sunny day, and fall foliage as your backdrops. Another unique option for the coming year would be to take a photo of the same subject (people, your home, etc.) in the same spot with changing scenery for each season.

→Pro tip: Have a format in mind? The filter option will become your fast friend as you can sort through card styles, number of photos, greetings, orientation and more.


Tell the story of your year.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but with a storied year like yours, why not have text, too? Walk friends and family through a summary of your timeline, or maybe spend a sentence to give an update on each member of the family. Some card designs have plenty of space for text on the back side for more detailed text and paragraphs (plus more photos, if you please). Want to have a little extra fun word-smithing? Write a poem to keep it playful.


Share a new skill or hobby.

In a time of redefined priorities & new perspectives, maybe a new venture has emerged. Did you learn a new skill, or refine and old one? Did you work on an artistic craft, build a business, or teach the kids something to help fill the time? It’s these silver linings that kept us going, so they’re worth sharing with loved ones through words and pictures. A multi-photo layout works great for highlighting a handful of accomplishments (though if you want to send a card with a dedicated shot of your homemade pasta, we’re sure you’ll soon hear ringings of “Yes Chef” in your ear).


Lean into the levity.

We know it’s tough out there – and one way to give rise to feelings of hope and happiness through a single card is to exercise your sense of humor. In spite of hardships, a lighthearted outlook can be just what your inner circle craves. A few happy new year card ideas using humor include: photo outtakes with the family, odd scenes that were characteristic of the year, mask portraits — the photos don’t have to be perfect. In fact, the more relatable and candid, the better! Pair that with a simple phrase like “What a year,” “2023 sure made a splash” and you’ll be sure to get a few laughs, plus a spot on the fridge.


Set up an at-home backdrop.

Not into a professional holiday card photo shoot? There’s no wrong or right in our minds, and it’s easier than you think to set up a simple at-home backdrop to get creative on your own! Grab a bed sheet and string lights or get crafty with holiday decor to create a mock photo booth, right from your living room or backyard. Self-timer on your smartphone will do the trick — and maybe you’ll get a few fun outtakes in the process! For more ideas of photos to take from right where you are, see our At-Home Photo Shoot Ideas.


Introduce someone special.

What better way to welcome in the new year than with the arrival of a new family member? For those fourth quarter entrances (or earlier, if you’ve been living in that newborn haze!), combine a birth announcement with a nod to the new year. After all, nothing spreads delight quite like introducing your new family unit and celebrating the season ahead!


Share gratitude with clients.

As small business owners, we know your network is the heartbeat of your operations. If you’re someone with clients or customers, use these professional or DIY happy new year cards to touch base with them. Whether you’re a photographer with many weddings moved, or a freelancer with many new partnerships to nurture, the simple gesture of snail mail can go miles in keeping you top of mind and showing gratitude for your community.


Design your own.

Have new year card making ideas of your own? Don’t let set designs stop you from exercising your creativity! Use a program like InDesign or Canva to lay it all out, customize your text, and print it exactly how you envision. Our Design Your Own Card give you pure white space to have some fun, while still enjoying the high-quality feel and 100% recycled paper our customers know and love.

Put these New Year Card ideas to action.

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