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10 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

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Hands holding Artifact Uprising photo prints to use in gift wrapping

You’re the most thoughtful gifters we know. And once you have your tears-of-joy gift in hand, there’s one last thing to do to really show how much you care — wrap it up. However, if running your own elves workshop feels overwhelming, you’re not alone! We’re here to help make wrapping fun (and festive, of course).

We believe simple embellishments and a little personalization go a long way to make your gift stand out in their stack. Below, we’ll walk you through 10 of our favorite unique gift wrapping ideas to surprise and delight this holiday — complete with a list of what you’ll need and a step-by-step how-to.

Idea 01

Pair It With Prints

Artifact Uprising photo print secured to wrapped gift with twine

Looking to add a thoughtful touch to your gifts this year? Start with your photos. Go through your camera roll, find photos with your recipients, and heart the ones you love the most. Once you have the photos selected, create a set of Everyday Prints to personalize your gift wrap. Simply tuck the prints under twine or use double-sided tape to secure them.

Having trouble deciding which photo to pair with each gift? Start with the recipient: what photo speaks most to who they are or the experiences you’ve shared together? That’s the photo we say you should pick.

  • What You'll Need
  • ✓ Wrapping paper
  • ✓ Twine (or double-sided tape)
  • Everyday Print(s)

Idea 02

Keep It Natural

Gift wrapped with Artifact Uprising photo print and botanicals

When it comes to gift wrapping ideas, we’re big fans of a natural look. And we find our inspiration from mother nature this time of year — think, neutral colors paired with elements you’d find in the great outdoors.

First, order some kraft paper to wrap your gifts. We love this paper because it's a neutral background — plus, it's made from 100% recycled paper. Grab a sprig of greenery or botanical from your local flower shop or grocery store, and then secure it to your wrapped gift for a simple, yet thoughtful, touch. This creative gift wrapping idea is so beautiful, they just might want to leave it wrapped for a minute longer.

  • What You'll Need
  • ✓ Kraft paper
  • ✓ Twigs, greenery, and/or botanicals
  • ✓ Twine

Idea 03

Leave a Note

Note written on the back of an Artifact Uprising Everyday Photo Print

Whether making use of your holiday cards or creating Design Your Own Cards, leaving a thoughtful note on your gift is always a good idea. Keep it short and sweet or recall a meaningful moment together — your words will bring a smile to their face before they even see your gift. Feel free to pair this with Idea 01 above and leave the note on the back of your photo prints! This is one of our favorite ways to personalize your holiday gifts.

Idea 04

Skip the Paper

Gift wrapped using flannel fabric

Looking for a paper-free and festive way to wrap your gifts? Find a swathe of fabric from your local craft store or dig up crafting leftovers to repurpose. Tuck your gift inside the fabric and keep it in place with twine or double-sided tape. This creative gift wrapping idea will look and feel different than others in their stack.

  • What You'll Need
  • ✓ Piece of fabric
  • ✓ Twine (or tape)

Idea 05

Deck the Wall

Wrapped frame hanging on wall with gift tag

For framed gifts that are can’t-wait-to-give good, give them a little teaser by turning your gift into home decor. First, wrap the frame in kraft paper and tie it with a ribbon. To ensure you can nail the wrapped frame to the wall, poke a small hole in the back of the craft paper right where the hanging mechanism is located. Once it’s up on your wall, have a little fun and send a message for those most likely to try and sneak a peek by adding a gift tag that reminds, "Don’t open until Christmas."

  • What You'll Need
  • ✓ Kraft paper
  • ✓ Ribbon
  • ✓ Gift tag
  • Gallery Frame

Idea 06

Tuck It in the Tree

Artifact Uprising Wood Calendar used as tree ornament
Photo by @clarissaescobar_

For unique gift wrapping ideas, we often find inspiration from our community. This holiday, take cues from @clarissaescobar_ and “wrap” a photo calendar by hanging it from the tree. All you’ll need is some string to tie around the clip (silver-coated on our Wood Calendar or brass-coated on our Walnut Calendar) and tuck it in the tree like an ornament. Add some ribbon for a festive touch!

Idea 07

Bring the Bright

Artifact Uprising Baby Book resting on unrolled gold wrapping paper

Light up their morning with this wrapping idea that is as good as gold. Find a bright, metallic wrapping paper and a matching ribbon to give your gift a monochromatic shine. We’re partial to gold ourselves, but silver would work as well. Wrap it up normally and you’re ready to go!

  • What You'll Need
  • ✓ Metallic gold wrapping paper
  • ✓ Matching ribbon
  • ✓ Double-sided tape

Idea 08

Keep it Simple

Fabric bow wrapped around Artifact Uprising Everyday Print envelope

Sometimes less is more — especially when your gift comes in well-designed packaging. If you’re okay with giving away a little bit of the secret inside (aka “photographs”), we recommend leaving our Everyday Prints in their envelope and tying a simple, fabric bow around the side. Plus, you can check personalized stocking stuffers off your list by slipping this envelope inside their stocking.

Idea 09

Recycle Household Materials

Three traditionally-wrapped gifts next to gift wrapped in tea towel
Photo by @hilldots

Run out of wrapping paper or tape mid-wrapping party? Remember this smart, scrappy, and sustainable way to wrap gifts. Look around your house for fabrics like kitchen towels, throws, or scarves. You would be surprised by some of the household materials that work perfectly as gift wrap. As you can see, @hilldots made use of a brightly colored kitchen towel to wrap one of her gifts, and this creative gifting wrapping idea can hold its own next to more traditionally wrapped gifts — while creating less waste. Simply place your gift inside and tie a few knots and bows to hold everything in place.

  • What You'll Need
  • ✓ Throws, scarves... whatever you have on hand!

Idea 10

Customize a Gift Tag

Artifact Uprising gift tag designs

For that little something extra, include a customized gift tag that is one of a kind. Our team created three festive and elevated gift tag designs to live up to your most thoughtful gifts. Print a set of these downloadable gift tag designs on our Everyday Prints, and fill in the blanks with names for “to” and “from.”

To print your set, simply download the files and upload that .jpg into our editor for each print in your set. You could do all of one style or a mix of all three! Note: these designs are best suited with 3.25 x 3.25", 4 x 4", or 5 x 5" prints.

Share what you create for your loved ones with our community — tag @artifactuprising and #tellon on Instagram! We are all looking out and would love to see how you create connection this season.

But first things first...

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