Last-Minute Made Meaningful

8 Easy Gifts to Make When You're Short on Time

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Hands exchanging photo album gift with duplicate photo album on table below hands

In the midst of a busy season in a tumultuous year, even the most diligent holiday planning is bound to leave a few things to the last minute. (Trust us, we get it!) But just because time is of the essence, that doesn't mean that heartfelt gifts have to go by the wayside. We're here to lend a hand with a list of easy gifts to make — each perfectly short on time, but not on sentiment.

Note: You'll find a shipping timeline next to these last-minute gift ideas to help you gauge whether your gift will arrive in time. We work closely with our shipping partners to provide a detailed shipping guide. Nevertheless, our friends in the shipping industry really feel the hustle and bustle this time of year. Come snowstorm, human error, or pandemic, the best way to ensure timely arrival — in a year unlike any — is ordering as early as possible.

Idea 01

Don't Forget the Duplicate Button

Hands exchanging photo album gift with duplicate photo album on table below hands
Hardcover Photo Album

Up to 3 business days + shipping time

Does mom flip through your wedding album with dreamlike nostalgia? Did you take the trip in your travel album with someone on your gift list this year? Sometimes, a perfectly personalized gift is as simple as a slight tweak to something you've already put in print. And since every project you've created lives on in your Artifact Uprising account, each can quickly and easily be transformed into a new creation by hitting the "duplicate" button next to it. Just remember, you can only duplicate a project if you plan on using the same photo book. (Layflat photo books take longer to produce, so be sure to check our shipping guidelines page before ordering!)

Pro tip: Take a many birds with one book approach by creating the same album for multiple recipients and giving each a unique dedication page.

Idea 02

Use Your Words

Framed prints of Mary Oliver quote
Metal Tabletop Frame

Up to 5 business days + shipping time

Everyone has those words that speak to their souls, whether they be from a mentor, favorite author, or sage family member. One of the easiest last minute gifts you can give — especially when you don't have access to a good photo — is to frame a favorite quote from a friend or family's idol for them. Grandpa's favorite saying, the Mary Oliver quote that makes their heart flutter, a simple note of your own gratitude: all of these words allow you to create deeply personal showcases of just how well you know the recipient. File under: quick DIY gifts filled with intention.

Pro tip: Since you can only upload a .png or .jpg (also .jpeg) file to the editor when creating a frame, you'll have to save your words as an image file first. Not a Photoshop guru? No need to be. Simply type it up in a document, style it to your liking, and take a screenshot. Or, get a little more sophisticated by using a free design tool. (We're fans of Canva.)

Idea 03

Share Saved Sentimentals

Family history book open on woman's lap
Wooden Quote Box

Up to 2 Business Days + Shipping Time

We all hold on to the little sentimentals that symbolize our connections. And from ticket stubs to photo booth prints, these return tickets to moments together all deserve a home. The Wooden Quote Box is that home, sustainably crafted from reclaimed Colorado beetle kill pine to keep souvenirs of shared joy safe. Gather them while your box is being delivered, place them inside, and wrap up a gift that only you could make.

Idea 04

No Photo? Look to Free Art

Low-angle photo of Flatiron Building printed on Artifact Uprising Large Format Print
Large Format Print

Up to 3 Business Days + Shipping Time

Art prints can be surprisingly expensive, but with a little bit of savvy, that doesn't have to be the case. There are so many sources of free art out there — many of which can be printed completely legally. In fact, we've put together a helpful little guide to help you navigate the world of free art and turn your discoveries into beautiful decor they'll love. Our Large Format Prints were designed by photographers to capture every true-to-life detail of an image, making them just the right medium for bringing art or photography to life.

Give credit where it's due: Much of the royalty-free images you'll find are the product of a generous photographer or artist who chose to submit them for public use. Even if they're free, you can still do your part and pay it back by giving them a shout out on your social channels.

Idea 05

Make Their Dream Album a Reality

Hands flipping through Artifact Layflat Photo Album at desk with keyboard and coffee cup
Album Design Services

No Shipping Required

Putting those wedding photos in print might just be the most meaningful gift you could share with a partner or newly married couple. And it's a gift you can give, while still leaving the photo selection and design of the album all up to them. That's because our Album Design Service pairs the recipient with an expert designer who works closely with them to bring their dream album to life. All you have to do is put down the deposit, pick a package, and share the good news.

Idea 06

Create That Picture-Perfect Corner

Artifact Uprising Photo Holders filled with photo prints
Photo Holders

Up to 2 Business Days + Shipping Time

You don't need a single photo to help them create the little pocket of the room that brings them endless joy. It's the simple beauty of photo holders, which open up a number of creative photo display ideas that don't need frames. A pairing such as a Walnut Print Block, Brass & Wood Display Box, and Wooden Photo Ledge makes for thoughtful, complementary decor — allowing them to feature their favorite photo prints easily and switch them out often.

Idea 07

Celebrate the Little

Artifact Uprising Story of You Baby Book wrapped with ribbon next to wrapped gifts
Story of You Baby Book

Up to 2 Business Days + Shipping Time

The Story of You Baby Book is unique in our family of products because the customization begins only after it's in the recipient's hands. When it comes to last-minute gift ideas, that makes it a quick-ship gift for new or soon-to-be parents that still feels made-to-order thoughtful. To give it that extra personal touch, pen a letter to the newborn and slip it inside the book or box when it arrives. Your words will kickstart a habit of moment-marking in that first, most meaningful year.

Pro tip: No matter which of our products you choose, we have plenty of ideas for how to personalize your gift and add an extra layer of just-for-you.

Idea 08

Give Gift Cards a Personal Touch

Artifact Uprising Design Your Own Flat Card used as gift card holder
Design Your Own Flat Card

Up to 2 Business Days + Shipping Time

If there's a stigma around giving gift cards, it stops right here. After all, there's no shame in giving someone a chance to honor their own stories in their own way. However, if you're inclined to elevate the gift card experience, consider using our Design Your Own Flat Cards to create a one-of-a-kind holder for any card to any store. Just remember: much like idea 01, you'll need to upload your design as a .jpg or .png image.

Pro tip: If you have an exacto knife, you can use it to cut four little slits into your flat card at each corner of the gift card. Otherwise, a piece of double-sided tape should do just fine.

Need a gift card same-day? We always offer digital gift cards in the event that there's truly no time to wait. (It happens!)

Let these quick DIY
gifts guide the way.

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