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10 Creative Vacation Rental Guest Book Ideas

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Guest book in an Airbnb signed by guests

When it comes to vacation rentals, it's the tiny personal touches that create meaningful spaces and memorable stays. Whether inspiration taken from decor, a meal prepped in a well-stocked kitchen, or the ease of well-documented instructions, the thoughtful host wins guests over with welcoming intention.

For those who find fulfillment in the challenge of hospitality, we’ve compiled 10 suggestions for fostering a more comfortable stay. From unique guest book ideas for Airbnb hosts to soft ways property managers can solicit feedback, be our guest to these ten creative and unconventional approaches that will make your guests feel right at home.

Idea 01

Give Them Something to Sign

Zoomed out photo of guest book in vacation rental
Featured: Guest Book

One of our favorite vacation rental guest book ideas is a simple way to collect stories and sentiments from travelers who fill your home. With the customizable layouts and ample room for writing in our Guest Book, you’ll soon have a perpetual narrative of how many a passersby loved your place. For an added flair of personality, include questions throughout the book to encourage thoughtful anecdotes.

Idea 02

Tell the Story of Your Space

Overhead shot of the Stories We Tell Scrapbook created for The Joshua Tree House
Featured: Stories We Tell Scrapbook

As important as it is to hear the stories of your guests, it's equally as important that they know yours. Is there reasoning behind your home’s design? Has the property stayed in your family for generations? Find a platform to tell these tales in the Stories We Tell Scrapbook via engaging, interactive prompts.

For a spark of inspiration, take a page from Sarah and Rich’s book (pictured above). They reimagined the Scrapbook to make it their own, documenting the breathtaking renovation of the Joshua Tree House with progress photos, letters from past owners, and beyond.

Idea 03

Lead Guests to Local Hotspots

Custom-made city guides printed in softcover photo books
Featured: Softcover Photo Book

Do away with the typical guidebooks and flaunt your favorite joints and hidden gems with a customizable Softcover Photo Book — opting for a more personal take that your guests will enjoy flipping through as much as they enjoy following. With various available text layouts for insider tips and tricks, they'll never be at a loss for the perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner spot. What’s more, you can direct them to the map referenced below for directions or simply include a map in your book.

Idea 04

Map Out Your Many Favorites

Printed map of neighborhood restaurants on the wall
Featured: Large Format Print

To assure your guests actually find the suggested spots in your book of local favorites, create a custom map using a Large Format Print. If you have an eye for design and feel comfortable illustrating the map yourself, get creative with the colors and style. Not too confident in your abilities as a cartographer? No problem. Make your own map using My Maps by Google and upload the finished product into our editor.

Idea 05

Part Ways With Custom Postcards

Pen resting on stack of Chicago postcards
Featured: Design Your Own Flat Cards

Curate an experience worth writing home about with postcards designed specifically for your guests. Encouraging them to recall the best moments of their stay is a great way to spread the word about your rental and spark positive feedback for online reviews. Simply create your postcards using our Design Your Own Flat Cards and leave one out for each group who stays.

Idea 06

Greet Guests With a Welcome Sign

Floating frame with welcome Lopez Family written in cursive
Featured: Floating Frame

Make matters personal with personalized welcome signs for every occasion. The Floating Frame makes creating a warm welcome as simple as writing your message on the frame with a wet- or dry-erase marker. Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply a weekend getaway, your guests will greatly appreciate this gesture that makes them feel right at home.

Idea 07

Put Directions on Display

Airbnb wifi information propped up on brass easel
Featured: Brass Easel & Prints

For the slightly less exciting information that's all the more important, elevate your delivery with a Brass Easel & Prints to display pertinent instructions. Print out checkout directions, the home WIFI code, or anything else you deem necessary to pass along. If you only have a few instructions, use the rest of the prints in the pack to decorate your home with artwork or photos of the surrounding area.

Pro tip: Save your instructions as a .jpg file to easily place text in prints using our editor.

Idea 08

Bring the Suggestion Box Offline

Photo display box being used as a suggestion box
Featured: Brass & Wood Display Box

Pleasing every guest and their unique lifestyles is easier said than done. Even worse, posting honest feedback and constructive criticism in person can feel uncomfortable for everyone involved. Leave space for your guests to critique their stay without hurting your listing reviews by making a suggestion box with our Brass & Wood Display Box.

Idea 09

Serve Up Some Cocktail Inspiration

Cocktail book opened to recipe for a pisco sour
Featured: Everyday Photo Book

Make their vacation more festive with a themed cocktail book. After all, Airbnb guest book ideas don't have to be limited to the topic of travel. And whether you tailor it to your tastes or tie the ingredients to the surrounding area, making your own mixology guide is easy with our customizable Everyday Photo Book. Your guests will be charmed by the extra effort and the foil-stamped linen cover that screams classy cocktails.

Pro tip: You'll need to save your recipes as a .jpg file, as the Everyday Photo Book editor does not include text layouts.

Idea 10

Say Thanks in Photo

Thank you card sitting next to cup of coffee
Featured: Thank You Card

Before your guests make their way home, express how much you enjoyed having them and how happy you were to share your place. Go the extra mile with our customizable, design-forward Thank You Cards — made from 100% recycled paper and complete with the photo of your choice. Leaving out a card for each new group starts the stay off on the right foot, encourages a positive review, and might just make for a repeat guest.

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