How I Used Artifact Uprising At My Wedding

Words by Paige Brennan & Photography by Nicole Denae Photography

You've planned the perfect wedding celebration, embracing your unique love story with a vibrant theme and color scheme. Now it's time to find the perfect vendors to bring your vision to life. LGBTQ weddings often bring a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation, from inclusive vow books to personalized guest books.

Navigating multiple print companies can be daunting amidst all the planning. Here, real bride Paige and her wife, Mary, share their special day, showcasing how they used Artifact Uprising products to add a personal touch to their LGBTQ wedding.

Designed to be signed

The Wedding Guest Book

I absolutely cherish the Wedding Guest Book from Artifact Uprising and how it beautifully encapsulates the love and joy of our special day with our closest friends and family. The deep emerald cover perfectly complemented the lush greenery from our bouquets and floral decorations. It's incredible how such a simple detail tied everything together so elegantly.

Now that the wedding is over, flipping through its pages filled with heartfelt well-wishes from friends and family brings us right back to the memory of our special day. Each message serves as a reminder of the love and support surrounding us. We are so lucky to have accepting friends and family who genuinely want to celebrate our marriage with us. The notes they left in our guest book aren't just a collection of signatures; they are a tangible manifestation of our cherished moments and a testament to the bonds we share with our loved ones.

Our Wedding Guest Book is now a beloved coffee table album that’s always on display — not just for its aesthetic appeal but for the sentimental value it holds. I've found myself gifting this meaningful keepsake to other friends embarking on their own journey into marriage, knowing firsthand the joy it brings to revisit those once-in-a-lifetime moments again and again.

it’s all in the details

Unique Vow Books

I love the personalized touch I was able to infuse into our LGBTQ wedding with the customizable vow books from Artifact Uprising. The ability to choose the colors and fonts allowed me to craft something truly reflective of my wife and me, our love story, and our personalities — making our vow exchange even more intimate and meaningful.

What truly warmed my heart was creating a special vow book for our officiant — my godmother who has played a pivotal role in my wife and I’s relationship since we first started dating. Designing something so significant for her was deeply moving. It's those small, personalized details that made the words shared during our ceremony so special then and so special to look back on today.

to have and to hold

The Signature Layflat Album

Opting for the terracotta Signature Layflat for my wedding album was an easy decision. Our wedding photos deserved nothing less than the heirloom-quality features that the Signature Layflat offers. The terracotta linen paired with gold foil for the cover mirrored the warm tones of our wedding party's attire and added an extra layer of cohesion to the album's aesthetic narrative.

Our photographer, Nicole, delivered beautiful photos that were perfectly organized, making the assembling process seamless. Not to mention, Artifact Uprising's user-friendly editor experience made it easy to upload my photos and design an album that exceeded our expectations. The joy of sharing this beautifully crafted album with friends and family is exciting every time, each page a testament to the love and happiness we experienced.