Your Story, It Matters

Why We #TellOn

Father and son on wedding day

It's always been about the stories: chapters hidden under our noses, stowed in boxes, lost in camera rolls. For what's told and tucked away isn't always recalled, and is less often retold.

We each have our own. In telling them, we create permanence. In sharing them, we find humanity. And in turn, our differences give way to the truths that bind: love and loss, triumph and failure, family and friendship. The richest of stories born in the simplest of moments… universal experiences that feel unique to our souls.

It's the doubt at the trailhead and the view from the summit. Late nights out and lazy mornings in. Tangled limbs and tummy tickles. Hugs hello. Kisses goodbye. Spring's whimsy. Winter's warmth. The ephemeral, fleeting moments that will forever live on: if only we let them, if often we mark them, if at times we share them. If we engage in not only the conversation between experience and archive, but its exchange from human to human — parents to children, lovers to partners, "me" to "you."

Eight years from our own origin, we pause to honor that exchange, celebrating a community born in photo and bound by experience. We look back at the simple call to share your moments on Instagram… and the collective narrative of over 400,000 it has become.

Today, we are humbled and honored for the chance to follow along, knowing that each story is unique and, in every way, worth telling. For everyone has a story to tell — beautiful in its blur, perfect in its imperfection, history in its own right.

Embrace yours. #TellOn

Here's to...


The days spent together.


The lessons in awe.

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Becoming well-versed in lessons of awe. #tellon

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The road less traveled.


The fairy-tale moments.


The beautiful, giggling messes.

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This kind of joy. ⁠

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The call to come together.


The places we'll return to often.


The ticket... and the ride.


The light that lingers.


The courage to set sail.


The adventures that await.


The sheer joy of it all.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Resolve to live in the moment, find new life in the imprint, and seek hope in the dialogue. Let yesterday's uncertainty become tomorrow's comfort. Last year's failure, next year's lesson. Your journey, another's inspiration. Each step forward, a path back — leaving little cairns for one another as we go. For in the snap of the shutter is the artifact, and in your story, the uprising.