“Find time for you some how and make sure to take lots of pictures with you in them. We tend to forget about us in the chaos of things.” Kelly Belliston

Everyone moms differently— and that is OK.

“There is so much advice, where do you even begin? Being a mom is a WILD change in your life. Everyone moms differently and that is OK. Talk about it, as much as you can, and find someone you are comfortable being 100% with about your experience. It can become really isolating but doesn't have to be. All new moms are looking for companionship and someone who understands what they are going through. Be kind to yourself, take it easy on yourself. Ask questions. Call your doctor/pediatrician whenever your gut tells you to, that is what they are there for, to help! Trust yourself and advocate for what you need. It is ok to cry, it is ok to feel like your home is a mess, it is ok to take time for yourself, and it is ok to wish your baby was on a better sleep schedule. You got this! "- Chelsea Matson

“I never thought about how I would continue to grow alongside my children. That last wounds would heal alongside them, that I would learn so many new things alongside them, and just how much growth I would get to continue to experience alongside my children. How special is it that we get to grow together.” - Amanda Pahls

We asked our community: What are your favorite stories of Motherhood? Either as a mother or as a daughter? We were so inspired to find that there was an integration of Mother Nature in some answers. First up, Adri Leon.

“Someday, the time may come when you start learning from your kids rather than the other way around.”

Take walks. Even in urban areas, Mother Earth always brings a lovely spring cloak. Bring a magnifying glass on walks, and explore your surroundings with them, by picking up flower, rocks or look at bugs. Carry paper sacks, grocery bags, or backpacks. Kids endlessly bend and stoop during walks to collect and save spring treasures.

Instead of just making eco-friendly choices yourself, you can begin teaching your child how and why to make them too. As your kids observe you, they'll learn to adopt these behaviors too. And they'll take these sustainable habits with them when they grow up. Someday, the time may come when you start learning from your kids rather than the other way around. If you've taught them to love nature, that love may lead them to desire an even more sustainable lifestyle. They learn by example.

Being from Kansas City, the mountains are our family's happy place. When visiting Colorado with our two toddlers, seeing the happiness & pure excitement for the mountains is always the best. Last June we explored Rocky Mountain National Park with our two kids in tow & my in-laws next to us. We found a spot we loved under the pine trees & had a picnic to ourselves for a few hours. My husband & I ended up hiking a pretty fun trail through the woods with our daughter in a carrier & it was so much fun - Taylor Hoeflicker

Advice for new moms from a daughter's perspective: No matter how independent we (think) are-- we will always need you. Your love, your input, your actions, even the small ones, they all matter. And in the end, we hope that one day we can be there for you just as much as you were there for us.

Something I learned is that she was in my shoes before, but I've never been in hers. I understand that she has a lifetime of memories to share and I can always learn from her, laugh with her, and love on her. - Cassandra Talabi

It's hard for me to cherry-pick specific moments or memories. when I think of my mom I think of resilience— of courage and a quiet determination, of compassion for all who cross her path. I'm only two years in as a mom, but every day there are new things to marvel at. the undeniable power and joy and magic of the moment they thrust that warm soft body against your chest is unlike anything else, nearly indescribable. - Lauren Apel

One of the best tidbits of advice comes from Bri Vigilanco

“Trust your gut! You’ll get advice from all fronts and about every side… trust your instincts and you’ll do great!”