An Inside Look

The Photo-Wrapped Hardcover

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Meet our Photo-Wrapped Hardcover, the design-forward and fully customizable take on our flagship album, the Hardcover Photo Book. The cool younger sister to our classic offering, it boasts a selection of designed-by-the-experts cover designs, gorgeous matte paper covers, hand-bound assembly, and premium interior paper options.

The Exterior

Editorial, Iconic, Custom


Our Photo-Wrapped Hardcover cover layouts were designed to meet your customization needs with more options in colors, photo placements, and font choices. Try one of our four designed-by-the-experts cover layouts directly inspired by the sleek art and photography books in our personal collections.

(1) Try our One or Two Photo Wrap layout for your bold landscape photos that wrap the entire cover with elegant overlaid text in your choice of 16 font options.

(2) Our Classic Inset layout (portrait or landscape!) design brings an elevated and minimal focus to a single photo (designed to look like a traditional inlaid cover photo) with a customizable color field background in any color in the RGB rainbow.

Psst, check out the Pro Tip Section below for how to match the perfect color to your photo.

(3) The Edge Full Bleed layout mimics a traditional binding technique where the spine and covers are different materials. Fill your cover and back with stunning portrait images and choose a custom color for the spine to match.

(4) And finally, our Two Photo Feature layout combines the magic of our Two Photo Wrap with our Classic Inset in an editorial layout meant to showcase your photography and bold typography with a custom color background to match.

Pro tip: Don’t know which custom color to select that best shows off your selected cover photo? Go to Adobe Color, upload your photo, and Adobe Color will return 5 color options pulled directly from the image that best match your photography. Copy the RGB Hex Code from the color selection into the colorpicker module in the Artifact Uprising books editor.


Matte Textured Paper Covers


Our elegant matte-finish paper covers showcase your photography with true-to-life sharpness, enhanced by the stunningly subtle paper texture. Known as Baby Buckram, this texture resembles our exquisite woven linen covers in both feel and scale. It finds its roots in the traditional fabrics used in archival bookbinding, adding a touch of refinement to both our Photo-Wrapped Layflat and Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Albums.


Hand-bound, Made In The USA


Our photo albums are meticulously assembled, bound, and finished by skilled (real!) humans within our binding facilities. This special touch ensures our unparalleled attention to quality and detail, surpassing what any automated process could offer. Your memories deserve more than a standard, mass-produced album — opt for our hand-crafted alternative, that won’t break the bank.

The Interior

Every. Single. Photo.

Up to 210 Interior Pages


We know it’s hard to decide which photos make the book and which ones don’t (there are so many good ones) which is why our Hardcover line offers an impressive 210 interior pages, meaning you can include 350+ photos, for those stories you don’t want to curate.


Premium Interior Papers


There are two paper type options offered for the interior pages of our Photo-Wrapped Hardcover, our Recycled Matte paper and our satin-finish Lustre paper. The first contains 100% post-consumer fiber, which makes it equal parts sustainable and beautiful. For those who prefer a slight gloss in the finish, Lustre paper is also available. Both papers are sourced from Mohawk, the longest running family-owned paper mill in the United States, known for their dedication to renewable energy, sustainable forestation, and water conservation.


Press Printing


In this album and across all products, we use the press printing method, which produces the warm visual aesthetic our customers know and love. This aesthetic can be attributed to our own unique press printing color profile which we have fine-tuned over the past 11 years. Press printing renders your photos through a series of tiny ink dots, rather than the environmentally harmful traditional photo print method using silver halide chemicals.

The two paper type options in the album, Recycled Matte and Lustre, each interact with the ink a bit differently: choose the matte finish for a softer aesthetic where each photo’s ink soaks into the paper fibers, or choose the lustre finish for a satin aesthetic, serving as our understated take on traditional “glossy” print.


Honor Your Stories In Essential Design-Forward Quality

Photo-Wrapped Hardcover

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