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Travel always teaches. The curiosity of the unfamiliar–whether it is a neighborhood or a country over–strengthens human connection and broadens the view. In seeing new sights and meeting new faces, we are reminded to rearrange routine and take the long way home every now and again.

And so–compass in hand–we have mapped the top spots we would like to travel to this year. In search for beauty that is truly larger than life, we travel north and south–to the remote wild lands of Patagonia and to the archipelago wonders of the Faroe Islands. In search for sacred in the ancient, we wander west & east to Japan and Turkey–places where tradition and modernity exist in harmony.

Join us alongside four of our favorite globetrotters for a first-hand account of where to travel and what to take in. No passport needed…

A gloomy day in Japan

Headshot of Leila Peterson
Leila Peterson

TRAVEL TO: Tokyo | Kyoto | Kyushu

TAKE IT IN: Takachiho Gorge in Kyushu. The Gorge was carved out by Mount Aso's lava flow, and further eroded by the Gokase River. We viewed the waterfalls from the trail lining the top of the ravine, then hiked down to the bottom where we rented a rowboat. It was one of my most favorite experiences to date.

TASTE: The Kumamoto ramen in Kumamoto

TRANSPORT: The JR Rail Pass is the way to travel. Saves you a lot of money! Make sure to purchase beforehand because you can't actually purchase one once you are in Japan.

Soba and udon lunch in Kyoto.
On the way up to Kurokawa.
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

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Sunny picture of faroe islands

Chris Burkard headshot
Chris Burkard

TRAVEL TO: Gåsadalur | Saksun | Tindhólmur

TAKE IT IN: Gasadalur waterfall on Stremoy Island is probably one of the most beautiful sights you will ever witness as a human being. It is like a fairytale that you can smell, touch and taste. The place leaves an impression deep inside you that is hard to shake.

TASTE: Rotten sheep. Fermented in the Fall until it is black. It tastes as wild as it sounds...enjoy!

TRANSPORT: Get something that can take a tight turn! The roads are crazy with cliff edges with sheep popping up everywhere. I drove a van... but wish I had a sportscar!

Gåsadalur waterfall on Stremoy Island
Church in Saksun, Streymoy
Sunset over Tindhólmur, Vagar

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Sarah Irene Murphy headshot
Sarah Irene Murphy

TRAVEL TO: Bodrum, Cappadocia, Goreme & Istanbul

TAKE IT IN: Everywhere in Turkey is beautiful, but Cappadocia left me speechless. The landscape is exceptional, spattered with fairy chimneys and many sources of historical heritage. If you love exploring caves this is the place to do it, you can even sleep in a cave hotel that has been so beautifully carved into the rock formations.

TASTE: Turkish Meze is my go-to meal when in Turkey. Followed closely by Turkish Tea.

TRANSPORT: Hot air balloon of course!

Cappadocia, Turkey
Turkish Tea
Istanbul, Turkey

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Alex Strohl headshot
Alex Strohl

TRAVEL TO: Chilean Patagonia

TAKE IT IN: Mirador Las Torres in Torres del Paine National Park

TASTE: Cordero Patagonico a la Parrilla (Patagonian Lamb on the grill)

TRANSPORT: Rent a car and see the rest by foot.

Torre del Paine National Park in Chile
Deep in the French Valley
Mirador Las Torres in Torres del Paine National Park

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