An Inside Look

The Softcover Collection

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Woman laying on picnic blanket reading softcover photo book

We design our photo books with intention, driven by a simple belief: weddings, weekend getaways, and the why-not-it's-Wednesdays are all worth honoring. So whether it’s an heirloom hardcover or everyday paperback, we craft each of our photo books to be a thoughtful, time-enduring home for the moments that will soon make it an artifact.

Here, we celebrate the softer side of that spectrum, flipping through the pages and highlighting the details of our premium family of paperbacks. Follow along to find the many little touches that make these storied softcovers anything but ordinary.

  1. Across the Collection
  2. Softcover Photo Book
  3. Color Series Photo Book

Across the Collection

Sustainably Sourced

100% Recycled Pages

zoomed in on interior page of an artifact uprising photo book

With the settings of our many stories in mind, we wanted the pages that compose both of these books to be crafted with 100% post-consumer fiber. Occasionally you’ll find a storied spec of this paper’s past from the recycled fiber within — these are the beauty marks of a better choice for the environment.

Ink to Page

Press Printed Images

Zoomed in on pages of an artifact uprising photo book rolling off printing press

Like every album in our collection, the images in your book are press printed into the pages, instead of using the more common silver halide printing method. Press printing renders the images with a warm and pleasant aesthetic, while minimizing the impact on the environment. (Bigger impact with a smaller footprint? We call that a win-win.)

Made Right Here

Crafted in the U.S.A

hands handling recycled fiber used to make paper for photo books

All of these books are brought to life right here in the U.S.A. From the paper (which is sourced locally at Mohawk Paper Mill — the oldest family run mill in the country) to the printing and assembly, every step of the book-making process takes place close to home.

The Softcover Photo Book

One of the first books created in our collection, the Softcover Photo Book brings design-forward versatility to the telling of any tale. Coveted for its textured finish, 100% recycled interiors, minimal cover designs, and ability to hold up to 300 pages (or as little as 30!) — it’s a book that you’ll keep coming back to time and time again.

"The book looked great and the biggest incentive for me is that you use recycled paper for many of your products. That’s a win for me!"

—Julie Y., California

Make It Your Own

Completely Customizable

Curated Cover Designs

Grid of cover designs for artifact uprising softcover photo book

Every single cover design for this book was created to be both minimal and elevated — simple and unique. No matter what your aesthetic or design preferences may be, you can be certain that there’s a book to fit your taste.

Versatile Layouts

interior page layouts of artifact uprising softcover photo book

Similar to the cover designs, the interior layouts of this book were made to give you all kinds of variety. We’ve created over 60 design forward layouts for you to choose from (including text options!) to make sure that every page tells the story its intended to.

Foil Title Option

Zoomed in on foil cover title of Softcover Photo Book

You asked, we delivered! The Softcover Photo Book now has the option for digital foil titling, adding a unique visual and textural element to a perennial classic. Choose it to add a bespoke touch to any story you want to truly shine.

Sized to Suit You

two different sizes of artifact uprising photo book

Choose between seven different size options in vertical, horizontal, and square orientations (5 x 5” to 8.25 x 11”). If you have more photos than you can count, the 8.5 x 8.5 “and 10 x 10” book sizes hold the most amount of pages of any book in our collection (300 to be exact!).

A Coffee-Table Classic

Modern & Minimal Design

Artifact uprising softcover photo book standing on side table

Designed to tell match the beauty of your favorite stories, both the interior and exterior of this book were created to complement and elevate any shelf, table, or space. The magazine-like look and feel give it a timeless appearance that you’ll want to return to (and show off) often!

Love at First Touch

Made With a Matted Finish

matte cover of artifact uprising softcover photo book

The uncoated matte paper that encompasses this book is not only elegant to the touch, but looks refined and delicate at every glance. The matted cover gives off a premium appeal that begs for the book to be opened and explored.

Something For Every Story

Three Distinct Books

Softcover →

artifact uprising softcover photo book

The classic in the collection, this book comes in seven different size options and three different orientations.

Mini →

artifact uprising mini photo book

This teeny tiny book packs a big punch in small pages, sized to be a take-anywhere book that brings out the best in even low-resolution images.

Instagram Friendly →

artifact uprising mini photo book

The first Instagram-specific book on the market, this softcover spinoff was created to put feed-favorites in print.

Out in the Wild

Created by Our Community

We love seeing the ways you’re bringing your photos off your device and into your life in the form of our Softcover Photo Books. Whether you’re printing travel photos, city guides, recipe books, or more — we’re endlessly inspired by all of the ways you’re putting your stories to permanence.

lancaster city guide by @roamandgolightly
softcover travel albums by @kcenglandphotography
Photo by @jessicalaurensmith of softcover photo books on coffee table

softcover wedding album by @rachelfranson
softcover travel books by @luciatran
book of self-published poetry by @thebrittanyouknow

The Color Series Photo Book

Completely unique and one-of-a-kind in the market, we created the Color Series Photo Book to be a home to the everyday, the extraordinary, and the reoccurring. This book was designed to live as a part of a series, lending itself to creating a lively volume of photo books that you'll want to display year round on your shelf or coffee table.

"These books are cute, fast and SUPER affordable. Plus, they are a perfect size—and price—for squeal-worthy grandparent gifts."

—Emily H.

Uniquely You

A One-of-a-kind Design

Different than any other photo book in our collection, the Color Series Photo Book brings standout design to the stories you tell.

Peek-Through Cover

Three different colors of artifact uprising color series photo books featuring the various shapes available for the die-cut peek-through cover

One of the defining features of this book is the circle, square, or landscape die-cut on the cover that highlights your first-page photo. Not only does it add dimension to the book, but it is a fun sneak-peek into the photos waiting inside

Vibrant Colors

all 10 colors of the artifact uprising color series photo book lined up in a row

When creating your book, choose from 10 vibrant colors (including four new options!) to give your book big impact. All of the colors flow together when creating a series, and they’ll be sure to stand out on any shelf.

Soft is an Understatement

Satin-Smooth Cover

zoomed in on soft touch covers of a stack of artifact uprising color series photo books

The paper that makes up the cover is both smooth and elegant to the touch, giving the book a quality that can’t be put down. The soft-textured feel enriches the experience of opening and holding the book, making it a unique and inviting experience!

An Elevated Title

Digital Foil Printing

zoomed in on gold foil titles of two artifact uprising color series photo books

Each title on the book is brought to life with digital foil printing — where raised letters create a unique tactile element. We were one of the first to offer this in a softcover book, making the Color Series Photo Book a novel part of our collection.

Take a Page From

Books By Our Community

From month-in-review series, to travel compilations, to seasonal collections — there’s no better way to relive your days than in a Color Series Photo Book. Take a peek below at some of our favorite book ideas, created by you!

artifact uprising color series photo books created by @diannamanstyle
wedding photo book by @lindseyashton on coffee table
month in review photo book created by @byleannajackson

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