The Modern Wall Tile

From stories told through photo books to the shots we showcase on our walls, every meaningful moment deserves a place of honor in your home. The beauty of the Modern Wall Tile is that it’s made to keep a fresh rotation of photos on display by simply dropping them into a sleek, glassless frame.

With this everyday storytelling companion, you can forget the hassle of drilling and the pressure of choosing one photo to feature. Its lightweight and innovative design allow you to easily swap out the pictures on display, whenever the mood or seasonal shift strikes. Better yet — opt for multiple in a grid for an easy, low-commitment gallery wall.

Here, we celebrate the versatility of the Modern Wall Tile, delving into its clever design, premium materials, and user-friendly features that make it anything but your average wall decor.

Materials Matter

Real Wood in
Premium Finishes

At the foundation of each of our products are high-quality materials, and the Modern Wall Tile is no exception. It’s made of real basswood, both light in tone and light in weight, for a piece that’s easily integrated into any space.

Choose from three finishes around the frame’s front border to match you aesthetic: a clear varnish to maintain the natural wood look, or a black or white painted coat.  

Giving texture and warmth

Matte Press-Printed Photo

Included with each Modern Wall Tile is one of our bestselling Everyday Prints in superfine eggshell finish. The coveted matte texture of this high-quality print brings out the artful side of the moment you’ve captured — and it won’t get obscured behind the glass of a typical frame.

Effortlessly Gridded

Infinite Gallery Wall Potential

Line a few up above the mantel, or go for a big grid on a blank wall — the gallery configurations leave so much room for your creativity. Sets are offered in quantities of 1–16 Modern Wall Tiles, with bulk pricing for added affordability.

Convenience at its finest

Hassle-Free Hanging

Forget nails, anchors, and holes in the wall. The simplicity of the included adhesive strips on the back of each tile make them a breeze to hang. Want to move its position? We’ve got you covered with two additional strips to have on hand.

Flexible photo swaps

Easy Drop-In Access

A key feature of the Modern Wall Tile, the open photo slot at the top allows for quick and easy print swaps, without even having to remove it from the wall. Knowing how often many folks crave a photo refresh for their home decor, we intentionally designed this tile to accommodate that urge to redecorate, without the wastefulness of other products on the market.

Refresh on a whim

Print Refills

And speaking of those photo swaps, we make them easy to order, too. Customize a fresh batch of Modern Wall Tile Refills in a flexible range of quantities to update your tiles as often as you please.
“I love it. Creates a real HOME with pictures that are interchangeable. Easy and clean, no screws to install.”
– Cody M.
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