An Inside Look

The Layflat Photo Album

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Layflat photo albums falling from sky into a stack

At the core of our photo book collection sits our bestselling Layflat Photo Album — an heirloom quality book handcrafted to let your most meaningful moments live on. Our community has loved this album for years, and it’s easy to understand why: with panoramic pages, thoughtful details, and archival quality, it’s a versatile and time-honored way to highlight the stories you tell through photo.

Follow along as we outline all the details that go into this fan favorite, laying out the many ways it can help you preserve the stories that truly matter.

The Exterior

Thoughtfully Sourced

Plant-Based Linen Cover

Close up of Layflat photo album’s linen cover in four different colors

In the spirit of making sustainable choices for a better world, our linen fabric covers are created with plant-based fibers instead of the plastic alternatives that are found in a majority of industry photo book options. Additionally, they’re both scratch and water-resistant — ensuring that they’re as functional as they are beautiful.

Made to Shine

Elevated Foil-Stamping

Dark blue Layflat photo album with gold foil stamping on cover

The Layflat Photo Album is known for striking foil-stamping on both the cover and spine. Each book can be stamped with your choice of four foil colors — gold, silver, copper, and white — and six text layout options. After personalizing the cover to be your own in the online editor, each letter is debased with heat into the book for a refined and textured finish.

Close to Home

Handcrafted in the USA

Close up shot of spine of an open Layflat Photo Album

Drawing on longstanding bookmaking techniques, the exterior of this album is hand-assembled with flush-mount binding in the USA. Each page is printed and connected together by hand into a book block, which is then mounted to the fabric-bound cover. This elaborate process typically took weeks, until our team pioneered a methodology that allows us to create flush-mount (layflat) books in mere days.

Chosen by You

Curated Color Selection

12 different colors of layflat albums laid out in color spectrum

Whether you’re looking to create a coordinated series or a single album to standout on any shelf, we offer 12 elevated fabric colors to choose from. All fan-favorites, the colors were voted on by our community, creating a crowd-sourced palette of hues that will invite attention for years to come.

Because Details Matter

Sleek Minimalist Design

Oatmeal layflat album titled Grace and James stacked in front of olive layflat, both featuring copper foil

Not only do the photos inside make no two albums the same, but the minimalistic layouts, color options, and foil-stamping choices ensure that every book arriving on a doorstep is both timeless and unique.

"This is an absolutely amazing product. The layflat binding was beautiful and the quality of this album means that it will stand the test of time." —Amanda L.

The Interior

Paper People

Partnering With Intention

Photos printed on different paper finishes from Mohawk

Since the beginning, we have worked with New York-based Mohawk to source our paper options. This family-run operation has been around for 130 years, making it the oldest paper mill in the nation. Not only are they seasoned paper-makers, but they are one of the most sustainably-minded paper producers in the world: sourcing non-virgin pulp, reducing water usage and waste, and innovating continuously in the recycled materials space.

Built to Last

Ultra-Thick Layflat Pages

Layflat Photo Album opened to center panoramic spread of two little boys playing in sand

Because it’s what’s inside that counts, we put extra care into the paper choices in the Layflat Photo Album. We offer a Matte (softer finish) option as well as a Lustre (shinier finish) option for the inside of the book. Both paper types are composed of recycled, ultra-thick paper — making them sturdy enough to hold the stories you tell.

End-to-End Awe

Panoramic Spreads

Wedding Layflat Album opened to panoramic spread of newlywed couple on wedding day

Our Layflat Album presents your photos with panoramic impact by lying flat to eliminate the interruption of a book’s crease or “gutter.” If you have a photo that’s coffee-table-worthy all on its own, put it on display in a two-page panoramic layout for seamless continuity.

Carefully Curated

100+ Tasteful Layouts

Wedding Layflat Album opened to Duo Square Large Landscape layout

When it comes to designing the interior of your book, we make it refreshingly simple to create a beautiful album. With over 100 elegant photo book layouts (including text options!) curated by our expert designers, you can rest assured that your unique pages will come together cohesively, showcasing your story in unforgettable fashion.

"These books are a work of art and the quality is amazing." —Coco in Cashmere

Made For the Many Stories You Tell

Whether it be your big “I do,” a recent trip, or simply a collection of favorites on your camera roll, the Layflat Photo Album is a time-honored accessory to any occasion. Not only is it a personal way to celebrate your own life, but it makes for an adored gift that will be remembered for years to come.

8 Layflat Photo Albums being used for different purposes ranging from travel to wedding photos

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