An Inside Look

The Hardcover Photo Book

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Green hardcover photo book with partial dust jacket titled Island Adventures

Artifact Uprising was born from the idea that everyone has a story to tell — both through the photos we take and the many ways we let them live on. Our flagship album, the Hardcover Photo Book, was created to do just that. With its premium quality, effortless design process, and ability to hold up to 200 pages of images, it’s the perfect vehicle for making your best experiences last.

Follow along below as we share some of the many distinguishing features of the book that started it all.

The Exterior

A Versatile Touch

Customizable Dust Jackets

Hardcover photo book with high desert landscape on cover

One of the signature elements of the Hardcover Photo Book is the removable and fully customizable soft-touch dust jacket. It’s available as your choice of a full or partial cover, both designed to give your favorite photo a front-and-center treatment.

A Book that Lasts

Hand-Bound Assembly

Close up image of hardcover photo book binding

As our flagship product, the Hardcover Photo Book first came to life through hand-bound assembly, and is still treated with the same thought and attention today. Each fabric-bound cover is wrapped and put to the book block by real humans before being baked to adhere the binding. This time-honored technique happens right here in the U.S.A., keeping the process close to home so as to maintain the deep connection with the books we create.

A Better Choice

Thoughtfully-Sourced Covers

Close up hardcover photo book linen cover in six different colors

The materials used to make our linen fabric covers are not only of an elevated nature, but they’re created with plant-based fibers as opposed to traditional plastic. The covers are attached to the interior book binding by hand, resulting in a premium composition and feel.

It’s All in the Details

Designed With Intention

Two different cover designs available for the hardcover photo book

Every design decision is made and included with intention throughout the Hardcover Photo Book. We’ve selected ten classic fabric colors for you to choose from, giving you a range of timeless options that result in an elevated look no matter the choice. These colors play beautifully with the dust-jackets, ensuring a bookshelf-worthy display with full or partial jackets alike.

"The colored cloth binding, high-quality color prints, and pages just begging to be touched... It's the perfect tribute to telling our story." —Heather, Nebraska

The Interior

Materials Matter

100% Recycled Paper

Close up of interior pages of the hardcover photo book

We care greatly about sourcing our materials with the utmost respect for Mama Earth. That’s why we selected paper composed of recycled fibers for the interior pages of this book. This premium paper option contains 100% post-consumer fiber, which makes it equal parts sustainable and beautiful.

No Story Cut Short

Up to 200 Pages

Woman flipping through interior pages of hardcover wedding photo book

The Hardcover Photo Book is perhaps our most versatile photo book, featuring the ability to add up to 200 pages and hundreds of photos. No matter the story you tell, this storied album is yours to make your own so it fits perfectly from beginning to end.

A Time-Honored Process

Press Printed Images

Interior pages of hardcover book showing woman holding happy yellow lab in her arms

All of the images throughout the book are press printed as an enduring alternative to modern shortcuts. This process renders photos through a series of tiny dots, rather than the common and environmentally harmful method of using silver halide. Because the images are transferred this way, they appear warm and crisp on the page — resulting in our signature aesthetic.

Your Story, Your Way

Endless Layout Options

Interior of hardcover photo books showing two different layouts featuring baby photos

When it comes to the interior layouts of this book, no design was left unexplored with our team. We’ve made it a priority to give you nearly 90 hand curated layout templates to fill your book with. From full-page photos to several text options, you can create your book with confidence knowing it will be beautiful… and beautifully custom.

"No matter how tech-savvy someone is, there's something special about giving them an actual book of treasured family photos." —Apartment Therapy

Made For the Many Stories You Tell

The Hardcover Photo Book is known as a “page turner” for a reason — it truly is the best way to encapsulate an experience, trip, event, and so much more. A few of our favorite ways to fill the book? With year in review photos, travel photos, photos of a loved one for a cherished gift, and with the favorites album on our camera roll. The story you tell is yours to decide.

7 different Hardcover Photo Books being used for different purposes ranging from travel to wedding photos

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