An Inside Look

The Everyday Photo Book

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Woman at table flipping through Everyday Photo Book filled with kids' photos

We’re big believers that the seemingly everyday moments deserve to be celebrated just as much as the once-in-a-lifetimes. So with the small stuff as our muse, we set out to create a new kind of photo album — one meant to mark the extraordinary hiding in the ordinary. Enter: the Everyday Photo Book.

A little book with big impact, this display-worthy classic brings all of the premium features of our Layflat series to an album suited for occasions both large and small. Follow along as we flip through the pages, highlighting the elevated features, design, and materials of a time capsule you can make in mere minutes.

The Exterior

Plants > Plastic

Timeless Linen Covers

Plant-based linen cover of Everyday Photo Book

Similar to the other premium albums in our collection, the Everyday Photo Book is crafted with a linen cover composed of plant-based fibers — as opposed to the plastic often used by modern photo book makers. (After all, a book is often judged by its cover!) This fabric is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and colourfast — giving it an elevated look and feel.

A Premium Touch

Foil-stamped Title & Spine

Four Everyday Photo Books in different colors lined up showing spines with fifth book flipped to show cover

Because every story needs a title, this book has six foil-stamped layout options for both the title and spine. We still employ the traditional method of stamping the title, as opposed to digital foil printing — and you can feel the difference at first touch.

Assembled With Care

Handcrafted, Cover to Cover

Close up hardcover photo book linen cover in six different colors

Every aspect of this book is hand-assembled with care, guaranteeing your book will last for years to come. The flush-mount binding is assembled in a multi-step process through a time-honored technique, by real humans right here in the U.S.A. — keeping the moments that hit close to home, close to home.

It’s All in the Details

Designed With Intention

Zoomed in on flush mount binding of Artifact Uprising Everyday Photo Book

A little book with big impact, the smaller (7 x 7") size of this book allows it to easily be placed on any shelf or display space. And because of the compact nature, it’s the perfect option for creating a story series with individual volumes. Hint: see below to get inspired with some of our favorite ideas of what to create!

"The quality and style of the book is simply incredible!! I love the fabric cover, thick pages, lay flat design, and gold foil title. It's such a special book and my favorite coffee table accessory!"
—Kate K., California

The Interior

Simple, Curated Layouts

Make it in Minutes

Woman's hands flipping through Everyday Photo Book filled with wedding photos

We streamlined every little decision that brings your book to life, ensuring that you can create an album in a matter of minutes. With fifteen curated photo-per-page interior layouts to choose from, it's never been easier to mix and match designs for print-worthy results.

No Corner Cut

(Press) Printed With Purpose

Woman holding an open, pink Everyday Photo Book filled with couple photos

We remain true to the press printing method, which renders your photos through a series of tiny dots, rather than the environmentally harmful and often-used alternative of silver halide. This method allows us to formulate our own unique color profile on press, fine-tuning color curves to brings a warm and pleasant finish to every image preserved.

Little Book, Big Impact

Panoramic Layflat Spreads

Woman holding Everyday Photo Book with panoramic spread of two dogs running along the beach

Because even little moments can feel larger than life, the Everyday Photo book offers two-page panoramic spreads — paired with a flush mount that allows each crease-free spread to lie completely flat when open.

“I love this idea for surprising someone you love and making all those digital vacation photos into a book!”
—Kate Arends, Wit & Delight

A Book for Every Occasion

The Everyday Photo Book makes for an effortless and memorable gift that can be given on a recurring basis to create a personalized collection of books. Whether it be the snaps from a recent weekend getaway, your favorite photos from your feed, those beloved candids of your furry friend, or a seasonal series — there’s no better way to bring permanence to photo favorites.

5 different Artifact Uprising Everyday Photo Books being used for five different purposes

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