8 Photo Gift Ideas for Birthday Presents They'll Love

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hardcover photo book used as a photo gift idea for birthday present

In search of the perfect birthday gift? The most thoughtful thing we can give our favorite people is the gift of honoring those meaningful moments together — and reliving shared experiences through photo presents is the perfect way to do just that. So whether you have one photo or one hundred, we’ve compiled eight of the best photo gift ideas for a birthday they’re sure to remember.

For Your Partner in Crime

Brass & Wood Display Box

brass and wood photo display box

This twist on the tabletop frame is your ticket to unique photo gifts. The Brass & Wood Display Box is an artful display piece that's beautiful, practical, and complements a variety of decor styles. Pair it with a set of 25 or 50 prints, and they'll love flipping through the stack each time they switch out the feature photo. (Note: The display box stores extra prints in the back and makes it satisfyingly simple to switch out the main print.)

For Your Favorite Colleague

Walnut Desktop Calendar

walnut desk calendar with photo of children

The Walnut Desktop Calendar is one of our favorite office accessories. The rich walnut wood brings an elevated appeal to any workspace. Plus, each of the 12 prints will make for a welcome mental escape from the monotony of this month's budget report.

For the New Parent

Story of You Baby Book

hands placing photo of child in baby book

Be the envy of your next baby shower when you gift the Baby Book — an interactive photo journal for the little one’s first year and beyond. Best part? There’s no customization needed when you purchase this gift. It's set up with fun fill-in-the-blanks and other elements that let parents personalize as they go.

For the One

Modern Metal Frame

metal frames standing on mantel with photo of couple and child

Pressed for time? If you’re looking for a gift you can make in minutes, the Modern Metal Frame is right up your alley. This sleek frame makes a statement as a standalone art piece or as part of a gallery wall. Slip in one of your favorite photos of times together to give them the perfect reminder of that magic moment.

For Friends & Family

Photo Books


Softcover Photo Book

softcover photo book with travel photography

The Softcover Photo Book is a classic photo gift idea that they can’t help but love. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making it one of our most versatile gifts available. If sustainability is high on their priority list, don't forget to let them know that the interior pages are 100% recycled paper!

Gift It To: Your niece, nephew, or kiddo will love flipping through photos of themselves and their families.


Layflat Photo Album

layflat photo album opened to two-page wedding photo spread

The Layflat Photo Album is a gift that wows. We love it for its premium design, ultra-thick pages, and rich fabric cover. As far as custom photo gifts go, it's a true coffee-table-worthy heirloom that will last for generations to come.

Gift It To: Your mom (because you know she loves showing off those family photos).


Hardcover Photo Book

hardcover photo book containing photos of trip to Iceland

The Hardcover Photo Book is a timeless photo gift that holds up to 200 pages worth of photos. Use this one for photo presents that archive those epic family trips, your wedding, or just the year in review.

Gift It To: Yourself as your new favorite coffee table book!

For Your Trend-Forward Friend

Wooden Print Hanger

Wooden photo hanger with photo of couple on wedding day

Just about everyone adores the Wooden Print Hanger, but it’s an especially fitting choice for that friend whose home decor always steals the show. Pair it with a Large Format Print to gift them a complete wall decor look. Or, let them choose what to hang. It's a win either way!

For a Friend With a Big Life Event

Reclaimed Wood Quote Box

wooden quote box being opened by hand

Everyone has those little boxes in which they stow away their keepsakes — but the Reclaimed Wood Quote Box is one they’ll want to keep on display. An ideal way to store baby's hospital bracelet, dried wedding flowers, or momentos of any sort, it's our little way of helping house some of life's most memorable moments.

For the Wee One

Baby Board Book

mother reading baby board book to child

Bring joy to learning with a custom Baby Board Book that’s baby tested and busy-parent approved. By pairing words with recognizable photos, you'll help that little one on their road to reading and recognition. Use the three pre-designed theme ideas to create a book on the fly. Or if you have the time, you can go completely custom too. Either way, it's one of the best photo gifts they'll receive early in life.

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