How to Download for Free & Print
  • Click the “Download Now” button below
  • On desktop, open the zip folder and decide which images you want to print.
  • On mobile, open the zip folder and save your chosen images to your device
  • Open your project gallery and upload the artwork you’d like to print.
  • Visit our Prints , Frames or Gallery Wall Sets to choose the wall art style that will fit your decor vision best.
  • Once you’ve chosen a product, select a size and finish, then tap “customize.”
  • Navigate to your artwork gallery, select an image to fill your frame or print, and crop and edit it to your liking.
  • Once the preview looks good to you, tap “add to cart” and checkout (or continue shopping to create any additional wall decor.)
Tips For Printing and Framing
Once you download the designs and plan out where they’ll go in your space, it’s time to follow these simple steps to ensure they look their best in print.
These downloadable images can maintain their full quality up to a size of 20 x 30” (horizontally oriented images), 30 x 20” (vertically oriented images), or 20 x 20” (square images). If you attempt to print them at larger sizes, our editor will show a low-resolution warning.
Our Large Format Prints and Framed Prints are printed on acid-free, archival paper in giclée quality using the more premium and less environmentally disruptive press printing method. This means that you can expect long lasting durability and impeccable print quality, as long as your image is above 300 DPI (dots per inch) at the size you’ve selected.

If you see the low-resolution warning pop up in the editor, this means that the resolution is lower than giclée standards at that size, and the print may come out blurry or pixelated.

Pro tip: To learn more about changing DPI, enlarging photos, and ensuring a quality print, visit our Guide to Enlarging Photos.
Like a certain section of an image and want to cut everything else out? The cropping function in our editor allows you to choose the area of the image you’d like to print and ensures it will fit in your large format print or frame while maintaining giclée quality. Cropping or rotating an image also allows you to turn a horizontally oriented image into a vertically oriented print and vice versa.
Gallery Wall Inspiration
Now that you have your favorite pieces downloaded, it’s time to build your gallery wall. Many of these designs were crafted to pair well — both within their collections and with one another. Here are some tips to bringing it all together and creating a gallery wall that will make everyone want to stop and stare.

Want even more tips? Check out our full Gallery Wall Guide with even more layout and style inspiration for your printable wall decor.
Layout 01
The Classic Grid
Keep it simple with this gallery wall layout that never goes out of style. With a classic grid, you’ll focus on clean lines and even spacing (calling all type A’s!).

Stick to the same size, finish, and orientation for all your frames and align them in a symmetrical grid on the wall. But even with this classic and organized style, feel free to get creative by mix-and-matching the type of images you frame — incorporating both photographs and art prints — to create visual interest.
Layout 02
The Asymmetrical
If aligned grids aren’t your thing, go for an asymmetrical layout. This type of gallery wall requires the least amount of planning ahead of time. To create yours, forgo set patterns and grids and simply anchor the collection with one centerpiece that all the other frames surround, however you’d like.
Layout 03
The Mismatched Set
Play around with various sizes and types of frames to make a mismatched gallery wall. This layout is all about breaking the rules, while still creating a cohesive, thoughtful look.

We love this style because it makes the seemingly different complement one another — a perfect example or bringing minimalism and maximalism together for a modern decor update. So go ahead, place a light wood next to black metal — and let your creativity take the lead