4 Places To Wander In 2016

Travel always teaches. Those tip-toes into the unfamiliar beg us to be all-in. To say yes to things that scare us. And to find residence in the experience at hand. Join us in exploring four destinations alongside these camera-toting globetrotters for a first-hand account of where to travel and what to take in. No passport needed...

With Emilie Ristevski

New Zealand

Why New Zealand is a Photographer's Dream:
The landscape is one of the most magical I have experienced yet. There are endless amounts of stop-the-car-moments — so many roads, mountain, lakes, valleys.

Travel by:
Car! New Zealand is definitely a destination to explore by car and the rest of the landscape by foot. It is the perfect place to rent a car or campervan for a road-trip.

Lighthouse seen over a grassy hill A ship sailing over a body of water with muggy blue skies Coffee mug sitting on a rock at a camp fire

Most out-of-your-comfort-zone moment:
It definitely involved driving our camper van through a blizzard on dangerous cliff-edged roads.

Camera of choice:
Canon 5D mark II

A meal from the trip that you want right now:
Fergburger in Queenstown. Hands down.

Person looking over a lake housing a reflection of a mountain

Best spot to watch the sunrise:
One of my favourite sunrise moments was waking up in the mountains at Lake Gunn (pictured above). The night before, we arrived at dark after driving through Milford Sound. We took the first road and pulled into the closest free camping spot - which happened to be Lake Gunn. With no idea of what we would wake up to in the morning, we arose to the ground covered in frost. The first thing we saw was these snow capped mountain peaks. And for those moments, we had the beautifully still lake all to ourselves.

Snowy mountain scene Woman walking through icy cave Woman standing in tall grass looking into wintery valley

With Olja Ryzevski

South Korea

Residential rooftops

Why South Korea is a Photographer's Dream:
The country is still rather unexplored and has a lot to offer. Now is the time to go there.

Travel by:

Camera of choice:
Canon 5D mark II

Stone path leading up to an open residential doorway
Trees around a residence
Green house at a residence

A meal from the trip that you want right now:
The Vegan Cafe Plant — where you can eat the best chickpea sandwich and yummiest green smoothie ever.

One piece of advice for those traveling to South Korea:
Learn some Korean words like Hello „anyoung haseyo" or thank you „kam-sa-ham-ni-da" and enjoy the kind warm smiles from the great people there.

Unique architecture on a rainy day Aerial view of business people walking along a stoned path

Best spot to watch the sunrise:
Seoul Tower on weekdays (pictured below).

Densely populated buildings seen from aerial view

With Paulo Del Valle


Sky shot of a plane flying low over a body of water

Why Brazil is a Photographer's Dream:
It's a city with a mix of beaches, mountains and forest with beautiful landscapes everywhere you look.

Travel by:

Best spot to watch the sunrise:
Mirante Dona Marta (pictured above).

Palm Trees at a beach
Man carrying surfboard to beach
Valley view over two large bodies of water

Camera of choice:
Sony A7R II

Only in Brazil:
Can you can find the happiest people in the world having fun 24/7 despite all the problems my country faces.

One piece of advice for those traveling to Brazil:
Have a "Mate com limão" (tea with lemon) and "Biscoito Globo" (flour biscuit) on Ipanema Beach.

Musky aerial shot of a cross on a hillside

With Samuel Taipale


Man on a cliff rock with a tent

Why Norway is a Photographer's Dream:
Nature. You can experience multiple sceneries and temperatures within short distances. You are almost guaranteed to find places to take your shots in solitude.

Travel by:
Foot, Train, Car and Boat. We would head up North by train, but then use a car for traveling to different locations. You also need to use ferries quite often to get across the fjords and definitely want to have a couple kayaks ready for some adventures. But I think more than anything, Norway is a place for a hiker.

Only in Norway:
Can you can drink the same water from the tap that is elsewhere being sold in fancy bottles.

Car driving through a green area Two canoes in a large body of water
Boat riding through a valley
Man standing on cliff high above

Camera of choice:
Canon 5Dmiii

Most out-of-your-comfort-zone moment:
Setting up a tent on a windy spot called Trolltunga.

A meal from the trip that you want right now:
Fresh cod fish from the ocean, that has been fried on a pan with butter on it served with new potatoes and fresh salad. It's pretty hard to beat...

Person walking a thin rope across two cliffes
Man jumping on cliffe
Man seen standing on a rock between a cliffe

Best spot to watch the sunset:
Sunset is pretty magical while sitting in a kayak in the middle of the quiet and calm fjord.

One piece of advice for those traveling to Norway:
If you have made plans to visit Norway, it's always good to add a few extra days to your calendar. In the end, you will still feel like you should have stayed longer.

Woman sitting on a rock in front of water

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